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  1. Not trying to necro... but I found this weird graphical thing when I logged in today- the "bralet" looks intended, with the little fastening at the back - could this be on its way to implementation?
  2. Still looking to buy meats! Because animals are delicious.
  3. I am looking to buy the following at 60+QL, can be filleted or not. (assuming all is 0.30 weight from bulk storage) ~100 each of bear, beef, canine, feline, game, insect, lamb, pork, seafood. Delivery preferred, I'm at i-22. Can pick up from coastal areas on Harmony on a weekend. May be interested in larger quantities! Open to negotiate on price.
  4. Updated - now selling CCFP food! And a price drop.
  5. Bump, added loyalty discounts for returning customers
  6. Thanks for the positive comments! Back open for business in time for the weekend - if you're planning your grinding sessions, get your extra 10% skill to go with it
  7. Hi Anarres, Since the server conveniently just fell over, I have tested as you asked - the longer affinity timer on new food (post 'ingredient fixing') is still fine, those that were shorter than expected are still the same way. I am all experimented out, but since I originally transferred chopped things into an fsb where there was none (thereby causing the bug), and putting 'broken' chopped things on top of a fresh chopped one sorted it out, I would reason that putting a fresh chopped one in an empty fsb and then transferring chopped on top of it from another fsb may have the same effect - and a solution on older servers. Given past reports, I expect this can be reproduced and tested if others have more resources available and don't mind spending a little time on it. I really hope this can be at least documented as a known issue, if not fixed entirely. Thank you!
  8. I found a solution! Only a minor faff to sort your chopped ingredients out if you're suffering from this - edited original post with fix info.
  9. It would be really handy to have this in the known issues list! I just hope I can fix it...
  10. I'd question the "pre-chopped" FSB-stored ingredient thing, as I fry all of my chopped things before adding them into a meal anyway. I've not done extensive research into whether chop+fry = higher complexity than unprocessed+fry or if the game "remembers" the previous state of an ingredient at all; I mainly chop to increase QL. Having said that, I think I did transfer ingredients between FSBs just before this problem cropped up. Have I somehow ruined all of my ingredients? I'll test it later pulling things in and out of the FSB, and with some freshly chopped ingredients too. EDIT: I also just found this: Which, thinking hard about it, I might have done with some of my chopped stuff -> pans this morning. Maybe that's it.
  11. Interesting. I'd be really interested to know if you've found the same thing if you've cooked today on the new servers? (assuming you're doing cooking there) I could handle it if it's a one-off bug, but after cooking 4 5 meals with the problem I don't want to take a chance on wasting more, already scarce, ingredients.