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  1. Yep, we are back in force! - Unique hunts every Sunday, which have been tuned down just a bit to not require 20+ players to take them down... More mini pets have been sighted in game too, with eggs dropping from the Goblin Leader a couple weeks back. Someone has a tiny cow which is ADORABLE!
  2. Not trying to necro... but I found this weird graphical thing when I logged in today- the "bralet" looks intended, with the little fastening at the back - could this be on its way to implementation?
  3. Still looking to buy meats! Because animals are delicious.
  4. I am looking to buy the following at 60+QL, can be filleted or not. (assuming all is 0.30 weight from bulk storage) ~100 each of bear, beef, canine, feline, game, insect, lamb, pork, seafood. Delivery preferred, I'm at i-22. Can pick up from coastal areas on Harmony on a weekend. May be interested in larger quantities! Open to negotiate on price.
  5. Updated - now selling CCFP food! And a price drop.
  6. Bump, added loyalty discounts for returning customers
  7. Thanks for the positive comments! Back open for business in time for the weekend - if you're planning your grinding sessions, get your extra 10% skill to go with it
  8. Hi Anarres, Since the server conveniently just fell over, I have tested as you asked - the longer affinity timer on new food (post 'ingredient fixing') is still fine, those that were shorter than expected are still the same way. I am all experimented out, but since I originally transferred chopped things into an fsb where there was none (thereby causing the bug), and putting 'broken' chopped things on top of a fresh chopped one sorted it out, I would reason that putting a fresh chopped one in an empty fsb and then transferring chopped on top of it from another fsb may have the same effect - and a solution on older servers. Given past reports, I expect this can be reproduced and tested if others have more resources available and don't mind spending a little time on it. I really hope this can be at least documented as a known issue, if not fixed entirely. Thank you!
  9. I found a solution! Only a minor faff to sort your chopped ingredients out if you're suffering from this - edited original post with fix info.
  10. It would be really handy to have this in the known issues list! I just hope I can fix it...
  11. I'd question the "pre-chopped" FSB-stored ingredient thing, as I fry all of my chopped things before adding them into a meal anyway. I've not done extensive research into whether chop+fry = higher complexity than unprocessed+fry or if the game "remembers" the previous state of an ingredient at all; I mainly chop to increase QL. Having said that, I think I did transfer ingredients between FSBs just before this problem cropped up. Have I somehow ruined all of my ingredients? I'll test it later pulling things in and out of the FSB, and with some freshly chopped ingredients too. EDIT: I also just found this: Which, thinking hard about it, I might have done with some of my chopped stuff -> pans this morning. Maybe that's it.