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  1. New stock of animals. Molten hellhorses 5 speed for sale also. Stock: 5 Speed Horses: skewbald pinto x2, piebald pinto x1, black silver x5, Ebony Black x5, Gold x3, white x1, blood bay x2, appaloosa x1, brown x2 5 Speed Hell Horses: Molten x4, Shadow x5, Nightshade x8, Incandescent x3, Pestilential x3, Cinder x1 Champion Deer x3
  2. at the moment, no new pizzas being made. will resume in future.
  3. Hey. Pale mask and snowman stattue sent, for the other 2 items i'm looking for a better offer. thanks.
  4. sent everything that was left, done free delivery for you. enjoy and thank you. this can be closed.
  5. you dont need to tame to load, make sure that who tamed it loads it. the only problem that animal refusing to be loaded is it got hurt - must be in full health, or it has equipment on it
  6. @Shenzai sent you pm regarding this. @Salis bsb have to be collected or delivered, large crates can be sent via wagoner on the same server or can be picked up or delivered by ship
  7. Thank you for bidding Congrats to @Jberg
  8. A new one born from hell with interesting name, ready to serve a new master 5 Speed Male Hell Horse named "Hal" Nightshade Starting Bid 5s Minimum Increments 1s No reserve No Buyout
  9. Hello. SUPREME Longsword, Iron 89.05QL - 96N 79LT 102C 96M - Tin Vynora Rune (+10% Rarity imping)SUPREME Large Metal Shield, Iron 91.42QL - 101 CoC - Lead Mag Rune (reduce the quality change when repairing damage (10%) Both COD to Ksss , thank you!
  10. winner is @Jaz! thank you everyone for your time
  11. winner is @eldarian ! thank you everyone for your time
  12. hey, thanks for the order! Sent - [23:04:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.