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  1. Auction finished and trade completed. Can be closed. Thank you
  2. Hello. I'm auctioning this FSB with lots of goodies. Collection at Indy Shore R22. Starting Bid: 8s Minimum increment: 50c Sniper Protection: None Estimate of goodies inside FSB: Over 15k of meat and some fish. Over 7K of Veggies. Over 3k of Spices. Over 1.5k of Nuts. Over 1.5k of Cheese. Over 800 of fruits. Over 600 mushrooms. Small amounts Flour and Dough and some more stuff that i overlooked.
  3. rare plate sabaton both of them rare plate gauntlet rare plate leggings Cod to Ksss
  4. hey, rare plate leggings fragment rare long sword blade fragment COD to Ksss Thanks.
  5. some sold, still left to grab.
  6. Hey, CoD to Ksss Long Bow - Wiillow - Q 85 - NIM 96 (+3 CR) - COC 85 - 2.55 Silver thanks.
  7. [14:45:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you.
  8. Nomads Market

    Hey, I'm selling complete almanacs, don't have spare reports, sorry.
  9. Hello, Got some tools for sale. Prices: Coc/Woa: 80-89 = 50c Coc/Woa:70-79 = 30c Coc/Woa: below 69 = 15c Leave your order here, don't forget to leave your in game name for COD or send me pm in game Ksss
  10. Nomads Market

    after long break, my services are back. Stock update, new things added for sale: bulk, almanacs , improved pizza, endurance sandwiches, acorns, maple sap
  11. hey. Cod to Ksss string of cloth, BOTD80: 30c spindle (oak), BOTD92: 1s 1c Thanks
  12. Hey. Cod to Ksss shovel, BOTD81: 36c Thanks.
  13. Hey. Please cod to Ksss press, oakenwood 2ql COC83 - 65c thanks.