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  1. friendly person, took my custom orders several times. happy with the service
  2. yes all of them Rare lump Copper, Iron all bricks and all sprouts
  3. Rare Sandstone bricks : 10c Rare pottery brick : 10c Rare lump Copper, Iron, 10c each Supreme mortar : 30c Rare tenon : 10c Supreme sprouts lavenderwood : 30c Rare sprouts Oleander, Linden, Camellia, Hazelnut, BlueBerry, Olive : 10c Black dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 81.87 weight 0.28 : 14s (50c per 0.01kg) White dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 93.13 weight 0.15 : 7s50c (50c per 0.01kg) White dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 85.75 weight 0.32 : 16s (50c per 0.01kg) Green dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 84.78 weight 0.17 : 8s50c (50c per 0.01kg) Red dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 82.44 weight 0.07 : 3s50c (50c per 0.01kg) Red dragon hatchling drake hide leather qt 85.62 weight 0.12 : 6s (50c per 0.01kg) Left layered shoulder pad : 50c you can combine drake into one All to Ksss
  4. looking for several merchant contracts and 1-2 large magic chest. contact by pm on forums or in game.
  5. @grinnil35 sent you 17 of them, had no more in stock. i might do more of them later once i come back from break. [20:42:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Mousepad in less than ten minutes.
  6. Key stop working

    Key mailing or crossing with them is buggy. still feeling bitter on the current state, many people have sailed and had to log off for the night with the key not working. Make pens, add your fsb/bsb there. Lock the pen gate, send payment to buyer, once they paid give permission to the gate. OR Have merchant with keys selling, if your letting them buy pre-orders you can sort this with having private merchants, make a tiny house give permission only to enter for the pre-order customer to the house to buy the key, this would be costly... but its a workaround for special orders. Would be nice on fix for carefree mailing keys.
  7. Update, new animals in the market Currently in Stock: 4 Speed Horses: Black silver x2 Skewbald pinto x1 Piebald pinto x3 Appaloosa x2 Blood bay x3 Gold buckskin x4 Black x2 Gold x2 Brown x1 Chestnut x2 White x2 4 Draft Horses: Chestnut x8 Brown x1 Black x1 Ebony Black x1 Gold 1x Blood bay x1 4 Draft Bison - x4 4 Speed Hell Horses: Ash x6 Incandescent x2 Envious x1 Champion Deers x4 Champion Lion x1 Pricing by colours: 4 speed horses : Piebald Pinto 25c, Blood Bay 25c , Gold 25c, Brown 25c, Black 25c, White 25c, Appaloosa 50c, Skewbald Pinto 50c, Black Silver 50c, Gold Buckskin 50c, Chestnut 50c, Ebony Black 50c. 4 Draft horses: Standard price for any colour - 75c 4 Draft Bison - 75c 4 speed Hell horses: Cinder 75c, Incandescent 75c, Ash 75c, Envious 75c, Pestilential 75c, Nightshade 1s, Shadow 1s. Champion Deers 1s Champion Mountain Lions 1s
  8. Hello. Auctioning 4 Speed Hell Horse named "Zara" - Incandescent Female. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted Animal can be collected at Indy R22 shore location, easy access with boat. Winner will get permission to access pen and take the animal at your convenient time.
  9. good post from the past. i made tons of pizzas for sale and for myself this year and the post was made after i started pizzas/meal and never had this happened to me or people i had talk to. everything is from fsb prepared, chopped stored. It was not a issue for making thousands of them. it all began recently.... is this is a recurring bug i have no idea or if it is the case... but either way it should not be that way if it is. to much time is invested in the current stock. Last time i remember i had good pizza/meal timer was before coffee update. if this will help anyhow
  10. I've noticed that my newly made affinity meals timer in pan are 10 times less then normal. As there was no food update explained by in game support. My "old" affinity meals and pizzas are not effected, only the recently made ones so reporting as it might be just that my toon is bugged or might be for more peeps out there. Using this website to make affinity meals: http://wurm.azurewebsites.net/ My passive is Chain armor smithing, target is woodcutting. ingredients: Chestnut chopped Basil chopped Belladonna chopped Corn chopped Cucumber chopped Garlic chopped Lettuce chopped Nettles chopped Oregano chopped Parsley chopped Pea Pod chopped Potato chopped Rosemary chopped Sage chopped Sassafras chopped Thyme chopped Tomato Ground Nutmeg Hazelnuts minced Fowl Pinenut Walnut Now your thinking i made a mistake in that, but no. affinity target came out as woodcutting. As usual for 18 ingredients i get 3hrs+ timer. However this time i had 28mins. I tried to make few pizzas the beefy ones that i get 10hrs+ frome ach bite, i got 1hr of affinity timer. "fix cooking affinities" is enabled 2-3years ago. so thats not a problem. Made Food coming out is around 94ql, ingredients i use are as per requirements on website chopped/minced and so on they are at 90-100ql range. I think i covered everything i could possibly think of, if not... request more information in this post
  11. @Tilda won Molly @brattygirlwon dog i will contact you both shortly. Thank you everyone for bidding. This topic can be locked.
  12. @Shenzai hi, ive checked everything i had left from arch, but don't have any pieces left to offer for sale, sorry