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  1. if logs are full weight 15c each, all stone bricks / tenon / stone slab 15c each. cod to Ksss
  2. hey, just bit of them left, nothing serious to begin with. stone and sandstone shards are available in decent numbers.
  3. @Rhiannahey, at the moment pizzas are on halt, but will resume in near future. sorry about that.
  4. 3 rare chain gauntlets 1s each, rare oak shield 1.5s, rare steel helmet 4s. cod to Ksss if you accept
  5. WTS Gems

    still some left, pm to get yours.
  6. hi, would like to buy these off you. rare steel helmet 3.5s, rare small anvil 3s, rare chain boot 1s, rare small axe silver 2s, rare oaken shields 2s each, rare cloth sleeve 1s, fishing net 1s, rare peg/rope 15c each. COD to Ksss
  7. Selling Battle Ready Set Forget about those sneaky trolls hiding in the trees to ambush you, frenzied hell hounds attacking you from behind. Go with pride to rifts and unique slaying in fashion. Personal review: This set has good defence that it is steel and by combining shield, small maul at first you might think is weak weapon, but once you start killing and filling bloodthirst you will start swinging very hard. In time you will get higher fighting and shield skill, with those high skills you can withstand champ trolls without worrying. This fine set includes: Weapon - Rare Small Maul 90ql, it has fastest swing time(3s), Nimble 102 will let you hit more accurately, Circle of Cunning 102 will let you gain more fighting related skill, Acid Imbued - this changes your weapon damage to Acid, Bloodthirst is seeded - your damage will grow with each kill. Rare Large Shield 90ql - Its made from oak it will reduce damage taken onto shield, It has Circle of Cunning 95 Enchant for more skill gain once you block. Its painted Black - RGB6 Jewelery 60ql - is enchanted with Corrosion 90/91/99, your weapon will deal extra damage with these enchanted rings/amulet. Armour - Steel Set 80ql it has one of the greatest damage reduction in the game, good glance rates. Set has Web Armour 82/83/85/86/89/92/93/94/94 - whenever opponent lands a hit on you, their next attack will be slowed. Its painted Black - RGB6 Don't wait, get yours now! PM me Qualities & Enchants: