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  1. Hello. Please COD to Ksss sickle, BOTD83: 48c scissors, BOTD77: 25c leggat (oak), BOTD82: 42c custom request : small bucket low ql with botd 70-80 Thank you.
  2. Hello. Please COD to Ksss clay, BOTD70: 15c spatula (oak), BOTD75: 22c and custom as you dont have any for lower cast - clay shaper oak botd 70-80 Thank you.
  3. Hello. Custom order this time. iron lump 50ql, BOTD70 water botd70 Please cod to Ksss Thank you.
  4. best enchanted items

    Hello. Please COD to Ksss spindle, oakenwood 70ql WOA66 - 25c Thank you.
  5. Great services, ordered more times then i remember, fulfilled quick, awesome prices with great discounts.
  6. Hello. Please COD to Ksss file, BOTD78: 27c knife, BOTD80: 30c trowel, BOTD79: 28c Thank you.
  7. Hello. mallet (oak), BOTD79: 28c Please COD to Ksss Thanks again.
  8. Hello. I'm thinking of starting bulk business. I'm currently low in skills in all categories. Its very hard to scrap information from wtb wts sections as it doesnt provide enough information with bulk QL like low ql and high ql with each item. So my question would be, what quality is required for certain item to sell. Averages prices that do sell would be great with QL , like Low QL and High QL prices. I do understand some bulk items like dirt QL is not questionable. The items that i consider to sell per thousand or per hundred which is more popular in quantity, if any of these items doesnt require quality it would be great if told, as im still new to WO. I hope that i wrote my question in correct forum area. Stone Bricks - Planks - Shafts - Wooden Handles - Logs - Mortar - Sand - Tar - Concrete - Small Nails - Large Nails - Iron Ribbons - Rivets - Raw Meat - Fur - Hide - Leather - Butchered Animal parts like hoofs, eyes , horns , etc. -
  9. Hey again, small anvil, BOTD77: 25c rake, BOTD78: 27c hatchet, BOTD79: 28c hammer, BOTD79: 28c butchering knife, BOTD77: 25c shovel, BOTD79: 28c carving knife (iron), BOTD79: 28c pelt, QL100 BOTD79: 28c whetstone, QL100 BOTD79: 28c grooming brush (oak), BOTD75: 22c large anvil, BOTD77: 25c Cod to Ksss Thanks.
  10. Hello. stone chisel, BOTD79: 28c pickaxe (steel), BOTD77: 25c Please COD to Ksss Thank you.
  11. looking to sell this. If your interested leave your offer here. Thank you.
  12. .
  13. best enchanted items

    Hey. Please COD to Ksss hatchet, iron 70ql WOA67 - 30c
  14. Hey. Please COD to Ksss QL 61 Shovel w66 (34c) QL 21 meditation rug c69 (23c)