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  1. What fine carpentry is required for cupboards? Wiki used to say but now it doesn't, and the only number I can find is 50, but I'm sure it was much lower, like 21 or 41. And is there a more ideal container to build lots of for storing hundreds of tools for enchanting? I usually have 10 cupboards, each filled with 100 pieces of studded leather, but I think metal tools like rakes take up more space.
  2. Excellent server, very active. Solid list of mods and a very engaged and friendly GM.
  3. /me cuddles Cuddles Thanks! I thought this might be the case. Bit of a long shot asking, but you wouldn't happen to know what either of the two mods were? Any information I could forward to the server owner could be very useful.
  4. Anyone experienced this before? Despite the item weight dropping, the weight seems to persist even when dropping the item on the ground. To elaborate; before the bug occurs I can hold 9 stone bricks, but every time it happens the game behaves as though I'm still holding the item. This continues until I can no longer hold any more stone bricks and have to restart the client in order to fix the bug. I've not tried this without client mods but I have friends who don't use client mods who claim they also experience this bug. When I mouse over my inventory, equipped and total weight in the character window, when I have no items on me, it reads 0.00 total weight, however my character is still weighed down.
  5. The server I play on is using the treasure hunting mod. It seems as though if players or the mobs released from them move too far away from the treasure chest, the kills aren't registered and the chest doesn't unlock. I've had this happen countless times and it's upsetting having to bother a GM, sending proof of clearing mobs every high-level chest that involves fleeing. Am I missing something, or is it actually a bug and if so, could this be fixed or looked in to? I really-really enjoy the mod but feel like such a bother.
  6. If your horse is facing north and you're being attacked from the south, but your character is facing the enemy at the south, is the enemy considered attacking you from behind?
  7. When becoming a champion does it set your faith to max or just 100? The server I play caps at 500 and I think it'd suck if it brought my faith down from 200 to 100.
  8. add RTX

    Yes please, Wurm deserves better dynamic lighting.
  9. Does this in any way change the effectiveness of shields, like small, medium, large, metal, wood?
  10. Hi there, I've been on a couple servers now where rift jewellery has been distributed to players and I've noticed artisan rings are missing the examine text stating what skill they provide additional experience in. I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on this as I've not been able to find any discussions on the matter.
  11. Close plz :)

    Pretty awesome server. Very young but brimming with potential, an excellent map with an excellent selection of mods and some really decent, down to earth players. I hope I can make it to the event on Saturday, my niece is having her 1-year old birthday party and the family is having a barbeque, and I don't want to miss out on some of that sweet PvE action. -Thimble
  12. Can anyone confirm or deny whether these buffs are still in effect despite not meeting the conditions that require them? I've had this bug since I started playing WU last September