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  1. add RTX

    Yes please, Wurm deserves better dynamic lighting.
  2. DUSKombat - Full Combat System Rewrite

    Does this in any way change the effectiveness of shields, like small, medium, large, metal, wood?
  3. Hi there, I've been on a couple servers now where rift jewellery has been distributed to players and I've noticed artisan rings are missing the examine text stating what skill they provide additional experience in. I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on this as I've not been able to find any discussions on the matter.
  4. Pretty awesome server. Very young but brimming with potential, an excellent map with an excellent selection of mods and some really decent, down to earth players. I hope I can make it to the event on Saturday, my niece is having her 1-year old birthday party and the family is having a barbeque, and I don't want to miss out on some of that sweet PvE action. -Thimble
  5. Can anyone confirm or deny whether these buffs are still in effect despite not meeting the conditions that require them? I've had this bug since I started playing WU last September
  6. Is there a chat or console command to open the friends tab when its closed? Quitting the game seems like a really silly fix.
  7. As someone who enjoys community and helping others, I would like for there to be a client mod that alerts users when a message has been sent over CA chat, just like the PM message alert.
  8. Ah, false alarm. For some odd reason I'd gotten into the habit of hitting the windows key to prompt the app search on win10, then type 'wurm', but the launcher that popped up was using was a web link by steam. I made a shortcut on my desktop for the wurmunlimited.exe in the directory with text file and now it's working fine again. Cheers for the support all the same.
  9. I've been using this method for the last 4 months but suddenly last week it stopped working and I've been using the old method of ending steam task. Is this method not working for anyone else, or is it just me? Perhaps someone might know what's changed?
  10. If I build a structure in a mine can a tile in that structure collapse?
  11. Hi there. A few days ago I swapped my wurm map for a new one. This worked fine. I deleted all creatures from wurmcreatures.db. New creatures spawned in fine. I found guards were unresponsive and NPCs would reset every time the server restarted, so I removed all guards from wurmzones.db. This fixed this issue. A day later the server began to crash every 15~ minutes or so. I deleted all item hooks from wurmitems.db > Items, since I believe they were left over from old missions and the NPCs they were bound to no longer existed. Unfortunately the server is still crashing, and after having read the server console I now believe this is in response to non-existing items taking decay hits. My initial action was to delete these items from the database, however I receive the error "database image is malformed". I've performed the pragma integrity_check; which yields the following "*** in database main *** On tree page 5746 cell 65: Rowid 82971 out of order On tree page 5746 cell 64: Rowid 82964 out of order On tree page 5746 cell 63: Rowid 82957 out of order On tree page 5746 cell 62: Rowid 82950 out of order On tree page 5746 cell 61: Rowid 82943 out of order On tree page 5746 cell 60: Rowid 82936 out of order On tree page 5746 cell 59: Rowid 82929 out of order On tree page 3643 cell 1: Rowid 82918 out of order" "wrong # of entries in index sqlite_autoindex_ITEMDATA_1" "row 2581 missing from index sqlite_autoindex_ITEMS_1" I must confess I am at a loss for what to do. Some users have claimed that exporting their database files and then importing them into a new database has fixed this, but importing into a new database seems to cause an error.
  12. Started a new server and I'm finding that all deities have the same spell list in game, even the default gods. I've checked the wurmspells.db and it shows it should be working as intended... but it isn't. Can anyone think of why this might be? My server has a single custom deity who's skill list has been changed by Spellcraft to include BotD, LT and all the lurker spells (and I mention this because I don't know if there's a restriction on how many high-end skills a deity is allowed). I'm searching for mod incompatibilities now.
  13. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    I'm not able to see ores underground that haven't already been revealed. Boo Desolation, boo.