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  1. press, oaken ql39 c78 15c Sickle ql52 coc89 20c fruit.press ql27 coc70 10c Bee smoker ql29 15c please COD to Kaito. Ty.
  2. This was the thread I was directed to this morning in CA help and this is WO. I will move this according though. Thank you.
  3. I've been back on a little over a week now and at the beginning everything was running fine. Now that the server has been running 11 days however, I'm having a good 5 seconds of refresh before I can do anything. Carts and boats are nearly undriveable. I've been seeing others complaining in the chat about this as well. Can we get a server reset? Thank You! For reference: -my client has been fully closed between sessions. -I have verified there is nothing running in the background. -I have confirmed there are no internet issues on my end.
  4. Purchased. Please close
  5. please COD to Kaito Fine fishing rod Lantern Butcher knife And leggat. Ty
  6. Cod to Kaito pls Rake c66 Sissors w65 c80 And chisel
  7. Please COD to Kaito 59c rake W57 c61 file The remaining hatchet W68 c50 needle W62 c54 awl The last pickaxe And the w52 c52 hammer. Thanks!