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  1. I agree with this!! it is really weird watching a dog park and not he him. Freaked me out the first time! thought I had some how messed up the install some how.
  2. I like this idea. Or even grinder wheels like in Skyrim.
  3. I would like to (if I may) encourage the dev team to do this. It would add I new level of realism and beauty to the Wurm worlds. I don't know if there's any similarity in the Wurm programming to Minecrafts programming but, if there is I could suggest some Minecraft mods that might give some help to this idea.
  4. I'm putting in my vote here, too. It really irritates me that the male NPC has a dress on and I (a female) can't even make me one. Maybe some clothes like the ones on Skyrim or Tamriel.
  5. I agree with this idea. I'm a female and it really irritates me that the male NPC is wearing a dress and I can't. and I'd like to be able to changed my avatars hair do now and again.
  6. I want to put my vote in on this idea. Especially the part about blacklisting the fantasy mobs.
  7. Did this ever get done? Truthfully I think once a animal is tamed it should stay tamed (to you only! Unless you sell it.). But I mostly like the blanket part which I still don't see either.
  8. I vote for this idea too. Especially the dyeing part.
  9. This sounds like a really good idea to me too!!
  10. I really like this idea too!!! Especially if you do put roses on them.
  11. Scadouge, do you still have that Tamriel map? Your google drive link is no longer working and I would really like to have it. Or, play on it, if possible.