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  1. sorry retro. to be honest those threats were hollow. i was never going to remove your pee-pee. but please please please please please consider removing them or something. you said on stream that your immersion and enjoyment in wurm comes from the history other players leave behind. Mine comes from the religion system. I don't know if other people feel the same way. I just love thinking of the idea that my god is up there on valrei doing battles and rewarding their loyal followers, and much of what I do in wurm has some sort of to deal with them. It just doesn't feel the same anymore when the majority of the gods are just other players with no meaning or themes put into them. The original 4 just don't feel important anymore. I want this more than a tantrum throwing child wants that video game in Toys R Us. I am willing grind out a hundred thousand bricks and mortar for you on freedom. retro help me
  2. Player gods suck and should have never been added. Horde of the Summoned is full of heretics that have forsaken Glorious Libila to instead worship whitelight pretender gods that are just player accounts that get passed around more than your mom. Retro remove them or I will remove your pee-pee.
  3. No response and still not fixed after my hiatus. A dev response to this would be appreciated.
  4. bump please let me know if this is being worked on
  5. On any pvp server when you attempt to steal something you always get the message "You cannot take this item as it is in use.". This happens after meeting all the requirements such as turning off faithful and lawful. As far as I've seen and heard from other people it only happens when you try to steal from the same kingdom. It has been broken for a pretty long time. Steps to reproduce: 1. Meet the requirements to steal by turning off lawful and faithful if you follow a god that doesn't allow it. 2. Turn on stealth. Not sure if this affects stealing or not but either turning it on or not both produces the same error 3. Attempt to pick up any item that has the "steal" option. 4. You will not be able to steal even though you should and will get the message "[19:40:50] You cannot take the *item name* as it is in use.
  6. Oh hey. I want to apply but it seems your website is down. Will it be back up?
  7. Whales are mammals. Mammals produce milk. Allow us to harvest barrels full of greasy whale milk.
  8. Oh hey everyone. I'm looking to join the most highly populated settlement their is that's willing to recruit. I've been playing mostly alone or on dead servers and I just started trying freedom out and I would really like to be apart of a densely packed bustling city that's full of a lot of different active people and has a lot of people working and collaborating together. I'm also going to become a Vynora priest and I'd really like to be able to do sermons with 6+ people as much as I can. I dunno if there's any settlements like this on independence. But if there is please let me know. I'd preferably want to be part of the most busy one on the server.
  9. I just started playing this game and I started on Affliction a week or two ago and its great. I really think more people should try Epic. At first theserver looked completely dead and I hardly was getting any replies in the kingdom chat, but eventually I found someone that moved from elevation and was looking for a place to setup a deed. I showed him the abandoned ruins of a really good spot I was squatting in and he made me the co-founder and we are going to build it into something nice. = Everyone here is really friendly and I feel a sense of community that I don't get from other games. I think people look at the population of around 30 people over 4 servers and would rather play on something like Xanadu, but each server only has one alliance it seems with elevation having 1 per kingdom so the communities may be small but very tight-knit and there's always people to interact with. Another reason I really like epic is that due to the population change it has a lot of ruins of huge deeds from the past. I know people may think this is a sad sight and not a good thing but I absolutely love exploring and sometimes looting ruins and trying to uncover bits and pieces from the past. I haven't tried to new archaeology skill yet but I would assume that there would not be a better server to try it on. The epic cluster is also the only part of this game where there can be an entire server for an enemy kingdom. I've done missions on desertion with another guy and I gotta say its really cool feeling like you're on an entire server that wants to kill you and accomplishing things for your own kingdom. One thing I've got to say though is that if its possible you guys all need to absolutely respond to people in kingdom chat. I know it may be bad because of the whole thing with spies but I would think that the first thing people would do when they join is say hello to the people on the server. If no one responds and there's no one in local it actually makes people think there is absolutely no one to play with. When I joined I thought only 1 or two people max were on at peak which I ended up seeing was not the case when I joined the alliance. There was also another noob with me when I joined and he was trying to talk to people in kingdom chat as well with only 1 person saying stuff at most. I haven't heard of him since then so I assume he must have quit the game or joined another server. But yeah Epic is great and it doesn't feel pointless to play on like some make it out to be. I'm actually having a lot of fun here and I love all the people.