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  1. 150 Support Beams all packaged up and ready to be shipped via wagoner. 10.5s for the entire crate Contact Facehugger on Cadence or here
  2. Hello! Are you still looking for someone? My IGN is Facehugger. I'm looking somewhere to safely train nature skills.
  3. Hello! I am looking for a village for me and a couple of alts. I wanted to train a Fo priest and possibly level up nature and cooking skills so I can become a master brewer. I haven't played this game much recently, but my highest skill is Forestry at around 52. My ign is Facehugger and I run on Eastern Standard Time. I am usually online around 6pm-12am. PM me if you are looking for recruits. Thanks!
  4. Yeah no idea why this hasn't been reverted. As far as I'm aware most of the staff that work on this game get paid so if they aren't in crunch time to get this fixed and working a decent amount of hours each day then the management must be extremely poor. This is a developed game sold publicly with a subscription model that customers are paying for but the staff here seem to treat it as though they're volunteers for a minecraft server.
  5. What you are suggesting is a much different case than EVE. In Wurm pretty much every bit of character improvement and grinding is done through PvE actions and can be done completely on PvE servers. Even training fight skills which is critical for PvP is done through fighting animals and monsters. PvP is in a way kind of like the endgame of PvE. You don't get much out of it except for the occasional loot or affinity and the majority of the game is preparing yourself to PvP through PvE. When you start to mix PvP with PvE you start to kill off PvP by reducing the benefits to being on a PvP server. PvE areas essentially become safezones because like I said earlier most of the gameplay on PvP servers is preparing for PvP. Think about it. Kingdoms need to spread their influence and gain hold to build deeds and have claim to certain areas for safety and resources. PvPers need deeds for safety and to actively skill and create resources in. Kingdom spread and active deeds are obviously needed to create territory struggle, conflict, and conquest. Territory struggle, conflict, and conquest is needed for a good PvP environment, otherwise it's just people just running around and murdering others when they feel like it. So if you were to provide PvPers somewhere to safely store their items in and skill and gather resources, there would be no reason to build deeds or gain any influence in the areas that are PvP, and people can already duel each other for simple kills on PvE. Not to mention having PvE and PvP zones on a server would completely remove the hassle of transporting things over from PvE to PvP chaos had. It would also create a huge opportunity for unwanted griefing by having the area where people are able to destroy and steal things but also killed for it as punishment be one step away from the area where stealing, destroying, and killing cannot be done and bypassing it is against the rules. PvP would become non-existent. The quality gap you proposed wouldn't matter as this wouldn't have really any effect on grinding things out for PvP. Instead the quality gap would actually be terrible for PvE players who don't have PvP as their endgame and work towards building unique structures and crafting the highest quality gear and items instead. PvE players would have no interest in playing somewhere where they were capped in safezones and were forced into an area of the game that is PvP to actually play PvE because they only want to play PvE. The map you suggested would basically just force PvP players to play PvE and PvE players to PvP and ruin the part of the game that they want to play. There are both experienced PvP and PvE players in this thread that are trying telling you why this is such a bad idea, and some them have played for over a decade and have know the exact reasons why it succeeds or fails and have personally seen the game die and come back to life because of these reasons over the years. You are arguing with them with the very basic knowledge you have from playing PvE on this game for about a month with no knowledge on how PvP works and don't seem to quite grasp why none of what you are suggesting makes sense. If you are looking to make money to buy items, then I really suggest you just try playing PvP for a bit. There are so many people that would be happier on PvP and don't know it. On PvP servers your entire kingdom is working towards a common goal instead of people just working towards their individual goal. People will literally just make you things for free that cost several silver on Harmony Cadence and Melody because it is important for everyone to have people well equipped and highly skilled. Then you can go gather things for crafters and builders and fight in battles to succeed in the war effort if you want. There isn't really much of an economy here because of this, and wanting to create a brand new server to trade with PvPers because you need money to buy items is way more convoluted than just joining them. You also pretty much never get killed unless you go near enemy territory. There are numerous allied deeds you'd have to pass by to get deeper into a kingdoms territory in most cases. Any single person who walks near them would be extremely lucky to not end up dead, and a threat that couldn't be handled this way would have the entire kingdom notified and people coordinate against them. Hell I literally go AFK for over an hour sometimes when I'm in the southern part of the map just out in the open. The two times I was actually killed since server launch was when I wandered too much off the border and the people who killed me left my stuff behind because they are simply looking for PvP and want people to stay on the server.
  6. I actually wasn't sure what system was in place for currently existing artifacts to keep people from logging off with them so that bullet point wasn't based on any knowledge I had on current artifacts. The idea in my head that I had for player artifacts was sort of to have kind of a "demi-artifact" that wouldn't be the same as normal artifacts in terms of functionality. In terms of my idea players would be able to keep the artifact that they create. What I suggested there was having the player artifact be dropped at the feet of the person who logs out with it so that they wouldn't be able to be held onto indefinitely by someone who is offline. The other bullet I listed of having a player artifact be rediscoverable through hitting as rarity roll was more of a failsafe that could be put in if an artifact got deleted due to a bug or something or if the artifact needed to be damageable for balance reasons. Otherwise they'd pretty much exist as a sort of permanent world feature that could be moved from place to place, or lost in the woods and refound a year later, but ideally never be destroyable. Having them replace fantastic items is an option I also thought of. The only thing with that is that it wouldn't create much of a backstory for the artifact and any item of legend needs a good backstory like the one armyskin posted. I absolutely love how pvp servers just form their own history, tales, and legends overtime. I think it'd be really cool to nurture that kind of thing more through certain game mechanics.
  7. Having more threads can't hurt in case the other ones get missed. If its at all possible can the devs give me any relevant source code to look through? The fact that people are leaving over this really bothers me as this is the first time I'm able to play the game with a decent amount of people and I don't want it to die out again.
  8. I can't help but notice that only the sheep are facing in that direction. Someone said that JK is full of like mainly sheep. Do mobs migrate towards one another? The bison in that pen are also facing in a different direction. Edit: sorry just noticed all the sheep in the corner lol
  9. So I've had an idea for a game mechanic since I first started playing years ago with the mindset of a long time dwarf fortress player. I'm not completely set on how it could be implemented because I'm not really the best when it comes to balancing parts of this game, so if anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them. I think it'd be really interesting for certain players to create an item with a sort of "legendary artifact" type rarity. Here would be the goals I'd imagined you'd have in implementing this. Player made artifacts would be similar in design to the artifacts we have now. They would be less notable and powerful, but more customized, numerous, and player driven. The point would be to have a sought after item with an interesting history and reputation attached to it along with having another way for players to be immortalized in the game in some way. These items should be good to have and likely be the best item of that type on the server created by another player but completely unique and really not that much better or different in functionality than a well made item of that type in non-artifact variety. They will be more difficult to acquire however. Player created artifacts would need to exist in a way that adds legend and importance to them. Here are some thoughts and ideas I had. The item could receive a unique name entered by the person who created it. (Ex. Artifact Forge gets named Crematory of Evil) This will not be able to be changed. To help fix issues with bad names entered there could be a 24 hour grace period for its creator to rename it and admins can possibly also step in later if it is named something disgusting or horrible or a spelling mistake still exists for some reason after that. The artifact could have an examine text that shows the player who created it titled with any titles they may have in the skill used in its creation, what wurm date it was created, and any other potentially unique circumstances behind its creation. The artifact could be inspected to bring up it's history in a detailed interface showing interesting statistics relating to the item (Examples: Notable users of the item, animals groomed with a grooming brush artifact, notable kills and number of kills on a weapon artifact, etc.) Players who get notable use out of an artifact might also be allowed to add a single message of their own to this interface to get passed on and seen by its later holders and wielders. Players could also not be able to log off with the item. They would either need to put it in a container or somewhere or it gets dropped at their feet. They probably should only exist on PvP servers where players can be killed and places broken into. Most items probably should not be able to be destroyed, be damaged and or decay. In case of any unavoidable circumstances where it does get removed from the game it will be able to be found again with the same original creator, name, and format, possibly by a skilled person hitting a special rarity roll. Certain artifacts might still need to be destroyable for balance reasons like lockpicks but could also still be immortal, take longer to damage, and still be able to be acquired again by a skilled person with a special rarity roll. Possibly only one artifact variant of each item should exist for each item in the game per server. I'm not sure whether or not raw materials and such should be artifacts, and whether this would mean that they are just eye candy trophys for a deed or if they can actually be crafted into artifact items. Probably only one artifact should be able to be created per player. Player made artifacts should probably be the best performing item a player can craft, but they won't be nearly as spectacular as the artifacts we already have relating to the gods and will be more numerous. They should either be the same or only marginally better than a fantastic item but maybe only the same as a normal item if used for combat. They won't have any real specific or unique mechanics or properties in the same way current artifacts do. A legendary grooming brush is still a grooming brush after all and a artifact weapon or shield created by a mortal should not be on the same level as those created the gods. Advantages over fantastic items in this case would be that they are created at 99QL and wouldn't be able to be damaged or reduced in quality. This also means that they won't be good for training in most cases. It might be necessary to have a unique material for artifacts, or have certain artifacts default to certain materials to avoid disappointment and taking up a slot in creating an artifact with a crappy material. Enchantments should probably be able to be added with the same decay rate and could also be dispelled. The item will be completely shatter resistant. That brings me to the most difficult part to come up with: How an artifact gets created. Here are some thoughts and ideas. The main difficulty would be deciding on a creation method that balances the uniqueness of an item's way of creation with keeping a high amount of customization to an items backstory. Having the creation method be a random chance adds a lot of excitement to every crafting job in the game because you or any other player can create an artifact at any time. I don't think any circumstances necessary should be for someone to be the best at something on the server or to be the first in doing or achieving something. While it might make sense for the world's best blacksmith to create one item as the magnum opus of their craft, that would mean taking the excitement from everyone and giving it to a few people that grind the most hours. Having a high skill level could potentially raise someones chances though. The circumstances for creation could potentially be a a completely random set of things happening at the same time like planets aligning, wurm time and weather changes, gods or kingdoms having a certain amount of influence on the server, deeds being drained, a high amount of wounds of a certain type inflicted on multiple people, terraforming changes, and deaths of a certain type of animal, kingdom, or god follower, and probably a lot more. These things combined together and happening on different parts of the server could raise or lower the chances of creating an artifact depending on the player and the god they follow, the kingdom they belong to, their skill levels, meditation path, and any other things currently in the game that can differentiate a player from others. Inspecting an artifact will list these circumstances forming together as the reason for the item's creation. The factors that compete with one another could be kept secret at first, but looking at the reason for the creation of any artifact will reveal any relevant factors and connections between them. The ways each factor can align in different ways with each other could branch out into a complex web to make sure every item has a unique reason for creation, and so it would be too difficult for any player to keep track of every possibility. Strategically causing these things to happen in order to create an artifact would not be very effective as they only give you a chance to create one at the least or raise these chances slightly at the best. It would take a large amount of effort to make any one of them happen on purpose and any other criteria being met and thrown into the mix can nullify any efforts you make. Even with the maximum amount of good circumstances happening chances would still be low so it'd make more sense to have it happen one day by accident when everything just happens to align a certain way. Players with a high amount of dedication, resources, and time probably still will try to utilize these methods which would be another unique way of adding backstory to an artifact. Libila's followers going out at night with an eclipse involving Jackal to murder and sacrifice animals and destroy nature to try to create and have claim to an artifact scythe because they have the highest chance of creating the very item that is the symbol of their god would be very interesting, especially when it lists all these actions as the reason for its creation to anyone who obtains it throughout the server's lifespan. The purpose for these unique circumstances' existence would mainly be for the item to have a certain story behind it, and not as a strategy needed to be enacted by players. Artifacts might also instead be tied to the Valrei system in a similar way to how players gods were. This could fill in the concept for immortalizing players the old one had without the immortalization being something that throws everything out of balance. It would also help shape the feel of religion and the influence of gods granting their followers certain boons which also helps fuel an artifact's backstory. As far as I've seen it took a good amount of time to accumulate a pantheon of player gods compared to how many players had the ability to work to become one. This probability might also work well for artifacts if raised a bit. The chance of creating artifacts should probably be calculated in a way that it would take around the maximum lifespan of a server for an artifact of every type of item to be created or less if resets are a possibility or planned. There should always be a good amount of artifacts left to create to keep things exciting unless the server becomes ancient and full of history like chaos. Chances likely would be that not every item will have an artifact variant over the course of a server unless it becomes really really old. All these bullet points are simply ideas I had for such a feature and isn't a fully fleshed out way to implement it so let me know what you guys think of my suggestion and if you have anything more to add please do so.
  10. I have discovered what I think is a bug that would allow someone to be killed repeatedly on PvE servers after they accept a duel. I opened a support ticket and have been directed to make a forum post by CM Tanzanite. Steps to reproduce: 1. Right click a player on Harmony and go to Sparring -> Duel 2. Have the player accept the duel you have initiated 3. Kill that player and have them respawn. 4. Kill the player again after they respawn. Repeat ad infinitum.
  11. Mycellium doesn't need mycellium to spread. It also forms from altar influence in kingdom lands. If someone builds an altar anywhere close to an orchard which is very likely to happen it is going to spread. You also can't travel by boat to Defiance or transfer items there. Speaking strictly from game mechanics, the only real reason for mycellium making things unharvestable would be to enact penalties on Hots players in Forestry. If this is intended, then it makes more sense to make it so this penalty applies anywhere on the map, since it isn't intended for a kingdom's own homeland to be inhospitable for them to create a need to avoid it. The part about this mechanic that bothers me isn't simply the fact that it's harder for me to do forestry. The problem is that it causes I and many other players in my kingdom to feel the need to stop the spread of mycellium and see it as a bad thing. To me the intended mechanic of mycellium is that other kingdoms should want to stop the spread of mycellium, but Horde of the Summoned players should be looking to spread it everywhere like wildfire. It's supposed to be a rot that washes over the land like a plague that indicates the increasing influence and power of an evil kingdom. It just doesn't fit for Hots players to also feel the need to stop the spread of their own religious and kingdom influence in order to preserve nature.
  12. I wasn't complaining? I was making a suggestion.. in the suggestion forum.... I am currently making a tree farm, but I have to put it away from kingdom and altar influence due to mycellium's ability to spread. My point is that I shouldn't have to avoid something that is supposed to be a kingdom benefit. Whitelight kingdoms already get superior healing spells and skilling enchantments among other things. They also get access to a larger choice of gods to follow and a kingdom where stealing and murder isn't mechanically welcome. There are plenty of downsides being a blacklighter already gives. The lack of ability to harvest most things in our homeland creating a need to avoid it in certain scenarios isn't needed to counteract the benefits of mycellium.
  13. Currently when you try to harvest from anything in season that has been "infected" by mycellium if you click the harvest option nothing happens and no error message is given. Mycellium is sort of like the physical indicator of Horde of the Summoned kingdom influence. It is meant to be an infection that is nothing but beneficial to blacklighters but a plague to other kingdoms. If you are a blacklighter, there should be no downsides and only benefits to having it making you want to spread it everywhere. However it is impossible to harvest anything in it even for blacklighters which makes it unwanted for a forester like me due to the fact that it renders huge portions of orchards completely unusable. This also applied to harvesting things like mixed grass and flowers which is less important but still should be doable in my opinion. Before you say that this is justified due to Libila being anti-nature or something, just remember that fruit trees have a huge role in Alchemy which is very much associated with Libila. I also think that there should never be any reason for a blacklighter to want to get rid of mycellium. I think it makes sense for Libila to allow her followers to have a blessing which allows them the ability to harvest what they need from infected lands while rendering it a wasteland that needs to be cleansed to whitelighters.
  14. With the steam servers up and many new players being added to PvP I think it's time we fixed this. First thing that comes to mind with the parent skill Thievery is stealing which the wiki makes clear is a big part of Hots and what often attracts new players to the faction. I've had to tell a couple new players already that the stealing skill has been broken for nearly 4 years and still hasn't been fixed. It isn't a good look for the game.