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  1. New highway: [1140,623],[1140,612], [1163,612],[1163,615],[1174,615],[1174,593],[1166,574],[1164,531],[1181,513]
  2. Guard towers [698, 875] Knightmares 346 (Knightmare's Escape) [778, 768] Zerrock 274 (Frostgard's tower)
  3. New found momument: Fist of Strength : 1703,243 Guard tower: 1625,314 Noxious 762
  4. Returning customer here One set of 90 ql studded leather armor with AoSP 100+ (9s90c). Please CoD to Jonathon. Thanks a lot
  5. Guard Tower: 989, 716 Smokie 626
  6. New monument: Luck Foundation: 1649,392 (the entrance to the tunnel is there, the exact position should be 1671,380)
  7. New highways found [954,1246],[954.1324] [944.1324],[944,1476]
  8. New highway found [378,334],[378,385],[502,385]
  9. Hi. Ajala sent me the books. I've transcribed them all and sent them to Lisimba Thanks for all
  10. Rough and clumsy, but pretty sharp scissors. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. You need to polish the scissors with a pelt. Starting bid: 25 silver Increment (minimum): 1 silver Buyout: 50 silver Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  11. Please add a new highway I've located [1319, 362],[1319,461] Thanks
  12. Removed files with game off Starting game, all works fine (the issue only happened twice in the last 6 months) If it happen again, I'll check that window* files. Thanks a lot
  13. Console log from that session posted I logged from other client instance and then disconnected the current one, but I kept a coy of the existing console.log
  14. Hi The client is not showing wikisearch, character and crafting window. Other windows worked (cooking, backpack, inventory) It has happened a couple of times before and it's solved by restarting the client (but the quit window didn't work so I have to start a new instance and login on the new one) On console log it states: 09:49:34] Invalid position data stored for Character [09:49:34] Invalid position data stored for creation [09:49:34] Invalid position data stored for wikisearch Using the Live client, tried to change window size, change it to another screen, refocus it and nothing happened. Issue while using keybindings or clicking on the button