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  1. There's a new highway connection at starting point: 1506, 416 turn: 1455, 415 end: 1455, 362 Can you please add it? Thank you.
  2. Hi. I can't connect to Deli from the last hour and half. I have the same error as Substr The server seems to be online (as in But I can't login because the server is closing the connection Are there someone working on fixing this?
  3. Same error here for Deli
  4. New highway from 1504, 415 to 1505,363 It inlcudes two briges and some blessed lamps
  5. New highway to connect my deed (using existing old roads) [1505, 415],[1599, 416],[1606, 431],[1673, 431] A new connection also: [1599, 416],[1598, 363]
  6. New deed The continental = 1505, 401 I'll be joining it to the near highways soon
  7. Damn. When I returned Wurm, I joined a village on Xana Then I fleed to Cele due to Xana lag. If all servers are gonna have this unplayable lag on AWS, I don't know where to flee now
  8. No, I think it's a general issue, at least with Cele
  9. After last update, when mining stones, instead of the normal pile of rocks, it appears the boxed type, as it will have mixed objects Maybe is related to the change of the shards name from rock to stone.
  10. After update

    Same for me here. My mine seems a mirrorred room Added log
  11. I've logged in Cele and it's all OK. All stuff made between the reboots are still there, so no time or mats lost. Thanks to the Devs and Admins for their work.
  12. I've built a highway connecting my deed (Tarraco Nova) with the highway going on Misfit Bridge to Thistledown. I've reused some existing older roads, so It haven't been a huge work. The segments are: 383,654 to 383,742 383,742 to 370,742 370,742 to 366,816 366,816 to 380,816 380,816 to 380,883 380,883 to 421,883 421,883 to 417,965 Thanks
  13. Now it works with the previous settings
  14. I've lowered all graphics settings but still same error, the one that you got before
  15. Same here, with the "Unexpected crash while playing The error was: <class.Q6vurolS1V cannot be cast to class.kun1W9myRF> " as VirusMD