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  1. i have a deed that im building has farm lands and horse breeding and im making a good go at a castle pm me we can chat
  2. Ramps

    ramps from one lvl of a house to the next would be sooo great cuz you could drive your carts or wagons up inside the house not having to unhitch and haul them up with no animals to then move them around on the higher levels
  3. Dead Guards

    inside gates of settlement or out guards just lying there dead no clue to why
  4. just bought a rune and tried but failed to attach and he offered to come and put another on did not ask for more money but i tipped him for his efforts with a silver coin since he came from Xan to Cel right to me! wonderful service and kind ppl definatly recommend 10 out of 10!
  5. mine says Update failed (Error: Could not copy graphics jar to Graphics jar back)
  6. this fix is to complicated for me i hope that the Wurm team is fixing this issue i wont keep trying to do this im afraid ill mess something up. im in Montana USA and i cant update here either.
  7. i agree then others could name their animals with out having to ask the deed owner to do it for them. since i live on a deed with others and im not the owner i cannot do any naming for myself i can brand but and manage but not name those that i have branded.
  8. hi im trying to make this delivery and i cannot find where to bring your dirt
  9. i have two bricks one has 10.00 dmg do you want them? please message me in game Susanna
  10. I'm back playing again and we have retrieved my cart the lovely sailors of Wurm have kept up the repairs for me and now my first ever item that i made on game is mine again thank you all so much. It's great to be back with such wonderful players who care about each other and their items.
  11. Yldrania thank you for helping to save my cart I'm able to play again and we just retrieved it for me I'm very happy to have it back as it was quite special to me was the first thing i ever made by myself on game!!!! I would also thank any who helped keep it repaired. I'm so glad to be back on Wurm and look forward to lots of fun.