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  1. Please add our deed to the new map Deed= Hope Springs coords of our deed marker: 705, 7166 The size of Hope Springs is 40 by 89. Thank you :)
  2. Official protected highways use a marker at each tile corner which will protect all 4 tiles around them. These markers are called Catseyesand Waystones. Official highways are used by wagoners to transport goods as well as for general transportation purposes. That explains A lot lol thank you ?
  3. https://imgur.com/a/tRMZmH9 The tile in the Center under the red arrow is the Clay tile. I have over the required level to flatten the clay tile but I cannot accomplish this. There is one square perimeter around the clay, as you can see, I have nothing, not even grass * I cultivated all the surrounding tiles to make sure I did not miss something. A friend came down to check if he could flatten it as well and could not. I keep getting the message [22:36:55] Some corners can't be modified. I am unsure if this is a bug or if something obvious is missed here I could be missing something quite simple. Thanks in advance
  4. https://imgur.com/a/hi7jKtF The large nails I pulled into my inventory from a large crate turn to the *Nails* when placed into the inventory. I tried this several times it seems that every so often they just switch over to Nails not listing size. I logged off and back on with them still in my inventory and they went back to Nails no size specified. It is actually happening every time now and the only difference in inventory is the quality of the nails, that separates the small from the large still not recognized by the crafting window on Loading starting materials so I had to load them manually. Once placed back in the crates or bsb they do show the size.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I had upgraded the pole with the button as it told us to do. CoC did transfer to that pole... the POLE was not rare in any way just enchanted and that enchant did not transfer once the willow shaft was added. I guess I just need to get another one build for him because it broke that one no COC on it at all now.
  6. I still have no replies on this topic, I really need to know what to do here, did we just lose 2s on the loss of the coc? I was told by the person replying in the game on the ticket that I should put it here so I did.
  7. "Legacy fishing rod If the fishing rod does not contain an empty fishing reel slot, it is a legacy version. It will not work for fishing, you need to upgrade it with right-click > Upgrade. Doing so will turn it into a fishing pole with a basic fishing line and wooden fishing hook. Any enchantments on the rod will transfer to the upgraded pole. A legacy fishing rod's examine text reads: A long pole with a string and a hook made of wood and a small stone as a sink." My hubby's fishing rod was upgraded tonight but before I upgraded I viewed and copied down the message * [22:04:06] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] * Right after we added the willow shaft to it to complete the upgrade to a rod with reel, it no longer had the enchantment on it. We both expected to see the coc still in place but it is not. Also, unless we are doing something completely wrong there is something wrong with the fishing we each only caught one fish and could not duplicate the success I even went back and tried different places and only caught one fish hours into that, only catching one single fish it seems that it has gotten much harder even when we were clicking on the bobbers it wouldn't do anything the fish would run on the line until the timer was don and it would get away if we landed one on the line that is... lucky we got 2 all together in that time.
  8. I have actually done this it's now locked behind high walls and a gate I am the only one able to access it. I surely do not exempt myself from blame here I had a gut feeling I should surround it and lock it down but did not want to offend any of our friends in here so, I figured I would let it stand that it won't be touched since it's on the deed. Lesson learned. This post was just to get the word out there for sure lock up the source and I am collecting it now as well ? Thank you kindly for the suggestions.
  9. I do not know where to place this post so I put it in this section. We have been playing Wurmonline for just over 8 mos now, and enjoyed building our deed and meeting such nice people in the game. Thing is, recently went to check for collapses in our mine and discovered something rather disturbing. I am now learning from older posts on here that the information I had been given earlier in the game about the Source spring on our deed was False. It is now behind a fence with a lock only I have permissions to access. This was done because since the purchase of our deed we have been saving the source in the spring to start a priest. Now, the 2.0+ source went missing... when we had checked in on it my hubby had noticed that what we did have and thought was safe there, is now gone and appears that only within the last 8 days it has regained. We were told the source spring would be safe and did not need to be locked up under a gate and fence because it was on our deed. Now, this we are learning is false. It is now locked up as I said but the thing is the mine itself was locked and only certain people had access. We were hoping to stop anyone else from losing source by posting here and letting them know that if you are told its safe just because it's on your deed, it's not. Thanks ~ Elenonia Mayor of HopeSprings.
  10. Got it thank you so very much =-) again great service!
  11. Please COD this - hatchet, BOTD86: 66c to Elenonia Thank you ?
  12. thank you so much! ? great service!!
  13. pickaxe (iron), BOTD84: 54c Can you COD this to Elenonia please
  14. Both designs have their place I think they are both amazing, however, I agree with the fact that Beardedmans has its place in Chaos. Both deserve kudos for submission. Our o votes go to Renate.
  15. I do not know what exactly was the cause of any of this. After removing everything and reinstalling Java 6 times finally i was able to grab the launcher from the website. Unclear on what the issue was if indeed it was java, I do not see how that would make it so I could not get to the launcher on wurmonline.com. It is, however, working now.