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  1. It's not insincere flattery, though. It's verbal reward for doing things in the game. For instance, in Homescapes and Gardenscapes, although Austin the butler goes overboard in praise, he only praises when you win the game. When you lose, he offers words of encouragement. So it's like getting a reward, only the reward is kindness from a character. I have tried to get my friends and family to play this game with me, and I hear from them things like it's too tedious of a game and it's lonely. At the same time, they say it's peaceful and relaxing because it's reminiscent of walking through a forest. I've read article after article online saying the exact same things about the game. Plus, although I wouldn't know what it's like in PvP, I have read that the PvP aspect of the game is basically like hanging out waiting for jerks to try to mess with you or kill you. NPC characters can give a game the feel you intend for it to have, and people are more likely to play the way you model with the NPC characters. So, I don't know, maybe you like there being zero reward for lots of work and living in a world where people are constantly angry with you, but I think more people would play if we could stop saying "Other games already do that." Yeah, other games do things that people actually like. There is no harm in using the tried and true methods others have used to make the game more enjoyable. If every suggestion for making the game fundamentally better (rather than just adding new colors or something) is met with "other games do that already," then Wurm will never be able to get any better in any significant way. I don't want new graphics. I want to add to the enjoyment of playing the game. I like interacting with NPC characters if they're nice. In fact, I still fondly recall many NPC characters from other games I've played in my life years and years ago, as if they were real life friends. They can make a game. Yeah, if they're just there to distribute quests, then it's boring and pointless. But if they're your friends who encourage you and help you, then that's a whole different thing. I think other people must like them, too, or games that utilize those methods wouldn't be so popular. If you don't like them, you don't have to talk to them. I don't do any of the stupid quests that are already in Wurm, because they're pointless (why am I killing 100 chickens?) and there is no real reward for doing it. But I'm not saying to you, "I don't like it, so they shouldn't be in the game." If you don't like it, don't do it. I want more people to play with me who are actually nice, kind people that would prefer to help others than go around harassing and insulting them. But those kinds of people won't play if the environment isn't conducive to that mindset. Also, there is no reason at all Wurm can't implement pets. We can lead animals around on a rope already. It's a slight change to what's already there. And if you can have pets, why not pet people? This is not a technological feat I'm requesting.
  2. Are golden feathers useful for anything besides sacrificing them for karma? Or...fighting the immortals (whatever that means)?
  3. Instead of, or maybe in addition to kids, there could be spouses. Mail order brides (or grooms). I've seen this in another game, Project Gorgon, which allows you to marry and have sex with NPC characters. I don't know how it works, because I haven't done it. But if an NPC can be your companion, why not an adult that can help you in battle and possibly have sex with you as well? I don't know whether this community would be outraged by introducing the idea of sex to the game. I know Project Gorgon gets some pushback about it. Or there doesn't have to even be sex for people to think about the potential for sex with their NPC spouse, or even love and comradery, which would still increase those positive feelings.
  4. I keep trying to think of things that will increase the amount of happy feelings while playing, so all of my friends will play with me, without altering the fundamental nature of the game. Those feelings are oxytocin and dopamine. Increasing oxytocin can have the added benefit of encouraging people to be friendlier to each other, which would further increase oxytocin. Like petting your dog makes you more likely to turn around and be nice to a human a couple minutes later. So I have a few ideas. Maybe there are others. I've already suggested adding cute pets that respond happily when you pet them. So that's one. Another is adding NPCs to the game. Or maybe even having the ability to interact with tower guards. I have a few ideas for things NPCs can do to increase oxytocin. One is that they can give you quests to do and thank you profusely for doing them. I'm thinking of like the old Ultima games. Like they need a meat and a vegetable to feed their starving children, so you have to go get it for them. This kind of thing would boost both oxytocin (the love drug) and dopamine (the satisfaction of accomplishment drug). If you complete the tasks they give, they might even give you little rewards or ranks or maybe you become known throughout the land as a benevolent person. They can praise you. Now I'm thinking about Austin the butler in Gardenscapes and Homescapes. He'll say things like "That was such a great win, I had to call my mother and tell her about it." Or "I don't know why they don't report your wins in the newspaper." His praises are absurd, but they work. They can talk to you. I think this is cute in the short run but gets less effective over time as people hear or read them over and over. However, just saying random things every so often will endear people. Like the guards could just say, "I love the sunrise around here." Or "I'm here to protect and serve you." Another idea is to have kids that follow you around that you have to care for, feed and whatnot, like a pet, only a human. Caring for another person invokes positive feelings. It can also be a bit of a drudgery if it takes too much effort with no reward. Maybe they can be the NPC that follows you around and praises your every accomplishment (like the opposite of real children). All you have to do is keep them fed, which is relatively little effort. Also, it would be a good use for all of the toys in the game. Maybe giving the kid toys makes him happy and he thanks you profusely.
  5. There's another one. I try to think of suggestions that would make the game more enjoyable to play to attract more players, and this one isn't one, so lower priority, but still. Animals wander into the ocean and drown. Sometimes on a square right next to the land. What's that? When they start to go down in stamina while swimming, they should be able to locate the nearest land tile and swim up to it. I have a dock on my property. Cows, horses, sheep, and chickens spawn near it. They wander off the side of the dock and swim around. I've found them dead out in the water. So a few times I've gone out to try to save them. I can't get most of the animals up onto land with me when this happens, because they won't be led in the water. I've checked their health at these times, and they're drowning. Other times they just walk up onto the land from the water by themselves, so I know they can do it. They simply don't. It's just a bit disturbing to see them drown for no reason.
  6. I was working on a bridge. I disembarked from my cart and fell to the ground, but the game still thought I was on my cart. When I moved, it was as if I was moving on the cart, but the cart appeared to still be above me. I logged out and logged back in. It showed me as on the cart on the ground below the bridge. I decided to drive back up to the top of the bridge again. Before I could get back up to the bridge, though, I fell off my cart. Then I tried to get back on my cart, but when I would try to embark, it would say "You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that." I thought I would go back up the hill to the bridge and see if my cart was "really" there. Sometimes things appear to be in one place, but they're really in another. When I tried to walk up the hill, instead of going up when the road sloped up, I ran under the ground. My character will only go level, not follow the terrain. I logged out and back in. Updated my graphics card driver. Restarted my computer. And tested my character on a whole other computer. Even on the other computer, I still run under the ground and can't embark my cart. I'm on Xanadu. Not sure what other information you might need.
  7. Really good idea. "Along with a creature count limit not of 1, but similar to how the branding or Care For limits work, possibly based on skill." Yeah, I would definitely prefer that if possible. The only reason I thought they didn't do that had something to do with PvP, like maybe it would screw up the fighting if a person could take a mob of animals into battle with them. On the other hand, it would give animal taming a huge boost as a skill to learn if that were true. Since I don't play PvP, I don't know the pros and cons. But, yeah, for me being able to tame several animals at once would be much better.
  8. I have a few suggestions related to the animals. Water animals should stay near the water. I'm finding seals and crocodiles out in the forest with no water around, which is weird. Also, they should be able to "graze" in water tiles. I don't know how they currently survive in the wild, but people on here told me I have to feed my seals fish or leave sheep in the seal pen for them to eat. Not sure why seals are eating sheep. I would like to have an animal companion that doesn't need to be led around on a rope and constantly kept tame. See, the thing is that you can only have one animal tamed at a time, so when you tame some other animal, your pet becomes untamed. We need a separate slot for a companion so that you can have one animal always "tame" even when you tame another animal. At minimum pets need an option to pet them. Everyone I've talked to has wanted to be able to pet their dog or whatever animal they've tamed. It would be nice if they responded positively to being petted, too, like if the dog wagged his tail or ran around in a circle or something to show he likes it. Also, the game needs domestic cats. I keep a wildcat in my house. You could keep a lion, I suppose, which would be a cool companion to have if you didn't have to worry about them becoming untame all of the time. I think it would be nice to have cuter and more interactive pets, like dogs and cats. As an example of what I mean, the deer are the cutest animals in the game. They not only look cute, but they have cute mannerisms that endear you to them. They twitch their little ears and hop when they run. They're adorable. How about some equally adorable dogs and cats? I think you can now keep your tamed animals from helping you in battle when attacked. If so, that's super, because I'm always afraid I'll accidentally get my tamed animals killed on the way home. I only say "I think" because I keep forgetting it's there when I need it, but I think I remember seeing it. It would also be useful for a companion because if a dog or wildcat or lion (or possible future domestic cat) is your companion and you're fighting a troll, your companion will probably die in that battle. I lost a few animals that way when I first started playing.
  9. I just started breeding seals. I put them near a large lake on my deed and hoped they'd fish for their own food. A few days later I found one of the pregnant females wandering around starving. She was about 15-20 tiles away from the lake at this time. I went around and found all of the other seals, which had also wandered off and, while not starving, they all ate a fish. Was she starving because she wandered too far away from the lake to find fish, or do they have to be hand fed even if they have a lake nearby? How do they survive in the wild if they can't get their own food?