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  1. i almost started to setup an alt on xanadu.
  2. That could be hard-coded in the site, rather than a realtime status report.
  3. I hope they don't have to do a rollback.
  4. Thank you all for the information. I really appreciate it. Very useful stuff. - Vooch
  5. Hello everyone, I am a new player in the game. When I arrived in Freedom Markets, I headed South to Dobra, walked East along the mountainside and saw 6 colossus statues. I was amazed, so I swam across the water and to my surprise, the area was abandoned. After talking to some locals and reading the forums, I learned the area was called, "Festival Cove" and was run by someone popular named @Willow. So a couple days ago, I setup a settlement called, "New Festival Cove" in hopes of restoring the area. My goal is to recreate Festival Cove in its former glory. If anyone has any screenshots of Festival Cove, I would appreciate them. Please attach them to this thread if you can. I also need some help in understanding what is an Impalong. Apparently, there was a few of them in the area ~2012. This weekend I'll be in the area tweaking the permissions. If anyone has any suggestions on tweaking permissions (eg. allowing people to drop items, loot monster corpses), please let me know. I would like for the area to accommodate any visitors easily. I am also recruiting citizens to help with the restoration project. We got our first citizen yesterday on our second day! Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you, Vooch