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  1. Thank you, to everyone, for fixing this tonight.
  2. I'd like to know why this Yaga map is useful. When i look at it, it does not show New Festival Cove, Independence, on the map, even though it has a history in Wurm. Please advise.
  3. Thank you, @Keenan. You rock!!
  4. Well, @John9992or, the winner of this auction, I'll buy two of the kingdom flags for 2s and two of the kingdom banners for 2s each. if that helps you or another bid. I'll bid 20s for the wagon, but no more. So, mix-n-match, I'll buy these pieces at these prices and reduce costs for anyone.... Of course, I'll either need these mailed to me cod or delivered to New Festival Cove at zero coast. - Vooch
  5. Lunalong 2021

    @Dracaa I will be there! Blacksmithing 84 as an mper. https://niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Vooch My priests are not so good yet, so I cannot offer them as viable priests yet. I wish you the best during this event! -Vooch
  6. Sounds like everyone wants the Fisher Price Toys at https://www.fisher-price.com/ where the cow goes mooooo and the sheep goes baaaaa. I don't think this game is designed for Ages 4-6. However, if the cows go moooo and the sheep go baaaaa, that's fine with me. Cows that go moooo with a cow bell attached to them... perhaps the cow bell sounds only work/sound while leading one, that would be better...
  7. I would love to do a "Cow with Cowbell Race" around the fighting arena... just imagine all those riders with cows cowbelling during the race!!! Yeehaw!
  8. I'm on toolbelt slot number 1. I would like for a field to be there that I can rename to whatever I want. In this case, I chose Blacksmithing. Perhaps "Name of this toolbelt slot..." is greyed out for unnamed toolbelt slots. When I scroll to toolbelt slot number 2, I would like to name it Leatherworking so I can put the leatherworking tools in there.
  9. When the cows are equipped with cowbell, and they walk, do we hear more cowbell?
  10. I love the idea of more paving types! I could use about 6 more different variations for my docks.
  11. Bulk storage bins had the recent improvement of a "Filter items..." search bar at the bottom of the dialog box. Please add the same feature to Large Magical Chests. Thank you, Vooch
  12. @Middi If you can deliver the rest to New Festival Cove (Indy O16), I'll buy the rest at 4s each, since they weren't selling. I think many people might like these as gifts at NFC Impalong 2022. If you can donate them towards the event, even better, but not required. Thank you, - Vooch
  13. 21s on the wagon... delivered
  14. Supreme Compass 2 - The Revenge? LOLOL If you get 1.2 gold for that, it'll only make mine worth more to giveaway at next year's NFC impalong! @Gerboa, my friend, was kind enough to donate the supreme compass at NFC Impalong 2020, after buying it at auction for 1.2 gold, along with a full set of archwood sailboat and some other things. So far, no one has won that supreme compass and it has become legendary status and future bragging rights towards the minds who have grasped for it. I believe the greed for it forces people to go crazy and end up with a couple irons or copper in their satchel at the end of the contest. Since there is an option to cash-out early, (the wise ones do it), the odds of winning it are under 5%, even if there's only 20 chests. Good Luck, Sir! - Vooch
  15. Hello all, Thank you to those who attended! I hope you had a great time! I updated the priest list, imper list, gift list, and donation list for historical purposes. Over 400 items were given away this year! A new record thanks to all of you! You can view it in the spoiler section of the first post to this thread. @CalebXephrime - Thank you for the kind words! @Etherdrifter - Added you to priest list last week, but I didn't get time to respond. @Shrimpiie - I was late to adding you to the imp team. I uploaded the imp team update for historical purposes though. Thank you for coming, again! @Morrowen- Thanks for coming! You did a great job and we now have a new building at NFC... "Pizza Palace by Morrowen" @reddragon6450- Also, a shout out to Reddragon for serving drinks during the impalong! @Spacy- - Thanks for coming and the tremendous feedback. We'll be working on everyone's suggestions for improvement over the coming year. There's so much to do now! @ChampagneDragon- Thank you for the wonderful pictures! @Jingerjas Thank you for the feedback. Noted! @Jingerjas You can thank Hvergi for that rare two handed sword donation! Hvergi donated a lot of items and also created events! Keep sending the feedback, via this thread, PM me, or via our discord channel on the first post to this thread. Love you all, Vooch
  16. After last year's first New Festival Cove (NFC) impalong 2020, I asked@thicket, "Was it worth it?", (I was burnt-out after working so hard and long, and @thicket worked as hard as me.), and he looks at me and says, "I'm already working on next year!". I never forgot that conversation! That kind of dedication, of hard work and friendship, forged our gaming relationship to new levels. My virtual Wurm gaming buddy, I never met in real-life, kept me focused on the NFC Impalong 2021. This year, I am bewildered by the amount of hours, materials, and items that hundreds of players put in to make this 2021 event a success. People calling in sick at work, delaying jobs, taking vacation... Around-the-clock dedication... I mean, I've never seen anything like it in a virtual game, and I've been a gamer since 1976, when console gaming came out. Last year, we hosted the New Festival Cove Impalong for 5 days and gave out about 300 gifts and prizes. This year, we reduced it to 4 days, and gave out way over 100 more gifts and prizes, through many collective contributions and distributors in the community. Many hours of advice to newbies, fellowship, hard work, and pure fun. And, to top it all off, devs and community managers pitched in to add some extra fun to take the event over the top. I've learned @Nirav has a new liking for seeeeee serpents. You can seein the link to our Discord channel where there's many sea serpent pictures in the #images channel, I've got to admit, they are fun to see! Near the end of the event, we had this Firework's Show: Fireworks Show - NFC Impalong Halloween Haunted House 2021 This year, I now share that same attitude my friend,@thickethad last year at the same time, and it continues to this day. We are already planning for 2022! So, I ask all of you that attended, "Was it worth it?" Any suggestions for improvement are welcome! I will be working on these improvement projects now. Love you all, Vooch
  17. Several people asked for the link to the Dye & Writing Workshop.... Here it is: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1185778821 It will be available there over the next 2 weeks. I may upload it youtube later.