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  1. Had this problem resurface on server Version IF you put a mine door down to repaint the rock. With your Ebony wand. and it leaves graphical artifacts.. these will disappear on server restart... "PAINT THE ROCK* Under the minedoor.. FIRST... before shutting down the server. <Stop your server *PROPERLY*> delete the file Located : /serverfiles/Creative Then Restart your server as normal.. Enjoy your mining ability should be restored.. with no more broken tiles.. on tunneling.
  2. There also appears in the GUI Tool an option to set the Internal IP.. So I have the External set properly.. Thanks to your change Now just need to set the internal? as that's the last thing I can think of that is preventing me from connecting. thanks again in advance for all your awesome Help.
  3. Thank you for your tutorial it's the best I have EVER found. However, My server is binding to the wrong IP when it starts. Is there a way Via the server.cfg to specify what ip address to use? I have seen it mentioned somewhere that Linux computers may have this issue. The server is running.. I see the server process I can see the server listed in the server listings? However, I appear to be the only one who can see it? *Friends can't see it or connect to it Via IP.* and trying to connect only gets to a certain point and then just goes into the Reconnect countdown. Thanks in advance