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  1. There also appears in the GUI Tool an option to set the Internal IP.. So I have the External set properly.. Thanks to your change Now just need to set the internal? as that's the last thing I can think of that is preventing me from connecting. thanks again in advance for all your awesome Help.
  2. Thank you for your tutorial it's the best I have EVER found. However, My server is binding to the wrong IP when it starts. Is there a way Via the server.cfg to specify what ip address to use? I have seen it mentioned somewhere that Linux computers may have this issue. The server is running.. I see the server process I can see the server listed in the server listings? However, I appear to be the only one who can see it? *Friends can't see it or connect to it Via IP.* and trying to connect only gets to a certain point and then just goes into the Reconnect countdown. Thanks in advance