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  1. 1k corn, 51QL, 1s on merchant Coal Farmer, right by the Amish Paradise guard tower.
  2. 1k planks, 22QL, 1.5s, on merchant Coal Farmer, right by the AP guard tower. Sold
  3. 500 plank, 22QL, 1s AND 1k corn, 45QL, 1s on merchant Coal Farmer Right by the AP guard tower
  4. 200 charcoal (13.96QL) for 1s Right by the AP guard tower. Sold
  5. corn sold, more soon also higher QL charcoal coming soon
  6. New Merchant at AP right by the guard tower. Current plans are to stock corn, planks and charcoal, maybe some wemp in the future.
  7. For my part, I cannot say how much I appreciate how your team are keeping us up to date on progress. Cusstomer service and a great product go hand-in-hand.
  8. To whom it may concern; The canal connecting the lake to the sea is very important to me. I set up my deed specifically to keep anyone from deeding over a section of it so it can remain open, but I can't afford a deed that stretches along the whole length. Some people are talking about deeding over the east end to maintain a land bridge for carts, which I also think is important. A highway is being built on the west edge of my deed that crosses the canal. The primary architect says that he intends to make a one-tile wide landbridge at that point. Large boats would have to push/pull to get over that tile. Would you folks be willing to acccept that until bridges are added? I don't want to see this turn into another Kami-type thing.
  9. it makes olive oil is all I know, takes less damage when you use it I think
  10. Is there any demand for this item? [10:04:09] A wooden contraption made from planks with a shaft to press in order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log.
  11. Chat Rules

    Not all drugs are illegal...penicillin is a drug. Are we not allowed to talk about that either? And as someone pointed out earlier, there is wine in the game. Are we allowed to discuss that? I understand the desire to keep chat PG13, I wouldn't want my grandkids to be exposed to unfettered profanity or lewdness. However, topics that are freely discussed on television channels marketed toward kids should not be off limits in a video game.
  12. Chat Rules

    Today a moderator said in Freedom chat that it was against the chat rules to discuss alcohol. He provided a link to the post on chat rules, which doesn't - as of this writing - even include the word "alcohol". When this was pointed out, he said, "[11:05:42] <(moderator)> yes i was reading that myself ... however we do enforce the 'no alcohlon talk'". If it's a rule, it should be written down, else the GMs, CAs and whoever else can just make up any rule they want. Given that there are already concerns that certain CAs are using their "power" to provide unfair advantages to themselves, their friends and their alliances, this kind of ad hoc rule making should be strongly discouraged.