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  1. Being unable to see that someone saying "do not mess with me and my friends" is intimidation implies, as stated, blindness. Yagas appeal for gratitude to enforce his will just makes what little he did appear utterly false and his demand to dictate entry permits for anywhere within 3 map tiles of his deeds is completely crazy (i define the word crazy by including in the set of crazy people anyone who cares more about keeping some pixels aligned than making sure everyone has a good time), he cannot possibly ascertain who will make a good neighbor and if everyone demanded that there would not be any free space left. This game has severe management issues and is shoddy to the core. Have had so many negative experiences with staff and the drop shaft "feature" is like the devs started with a rough draft of horribly flawed code and then never bothered to correct it. Also the path of love questions are akin to someones mad delusions that end up with "enlightenment" of being able to poison people with thoughts, feeeel the looooove! Tricking people into spending money on this fuskbygge is little more than a scam. Entered this game as part of a research project and I have seen enough, my feelings are adequately summed up by an ingame endgame friend when hitting the fatigue wall: . this . Leaves world.
  2. Riiiiight... Since it seems you may genuinely not understand, the "afraid" part was asking why he is fearing new players.
  3. You want to mess with me? Not a good idea! ^-- can you see how this may be perceived as threatening? If not you are blind. Partial blindness may also explain how you distorted what I said, being uninviting to new players is unacceptable even for free players but a staff member sabotaging their own workplace is simply hilariously moronic. Yagas way of laying claim to a whole peninsula as personal property is very mob-like. Our previous interactions had been mostly positive but I noticed some slight rudeness from his part. No part of the personal conversation from that session has been omitted, what led up to it was me inviting a person in server chat to an abandoned dock several tiles away from Yagas deeds to work on a project to bring in and support new players, that anyone would have anything against this simply seemed completely impossible. Treating your neighbors like five year olds who can't have sleepovers is incredibly rude and disrespectful. If you worked for me and treated our customers with disrespect you would lose your position faster than you could kiss it good bye.
  4. [21:07:22] <Yaga> What is your point, by the way? Want to mess with the local population? Not a good start This is a threat, a subtle implied one, but stating that it isn't in any way appears overly lenient.
  5. Yea, heading to the Southport clubhouse. Never even heard of any alliance.
  6. Yaga just unkindly informed me that because he and his friends have deeds all over this place I am not allowed to invite whomever, since I am working on a dock to hand out free boats and other stuff to help out new (and old) players this more or less means I have to leave the area, as I am not about to start some sort of turf war with a CM. Do note that me and my friend who were residing here are both paying customers and we have a deed. The conversation started when I invited someone who said he would leave the server into the area over the Deliverance channel, Yaga then PMd me and the full transcript is as follows: [21:02:43] <Yaga> Better not invite random, unknown people to our area [21:03:11] <Zuzanazan> why? That is sorta the point of what I am building [21:03:17] <Yaga> it is a secluded, remote area for a reason [21:03:35] <Zuzanazan> because no one is invited here? [21:03:52] <Yaga> Our alliance likes to pick their people, not just let anybody we don't know come and settle here [21:04:30] <Yaga> You never know what kind of people they are. Have to get to know them first. (We had some bad experience in the past) [21:04:41] <Zuzanazan> ok, well I am inspired by the open source community where everyone is allowed to contribute [21:05:21] <Zuzanazan> very hard to judge someones character beforehand, most abuse happens in homes between married people who've known eachother previously very long [21:05:25] <Yaga> If youz look at our low-scale map you will notice that the area is pretty much taken by out alliance [21:05:34] <Yaga> *our [21:05:44] <Zuzanazan> to me it seems you are the only one around [21:06:28] <Yaga> Not really. Although some of the allies are taking a break currently. (You already met at least 2 of them - or at least Acire did) [21:07:22] <Yaga> What is your point, by the way? Want to mess with the local population? Not a good start [21:07:36] <Zuzanazan> being inviting to new players is extremely important [21:07:46] <Zuzanazan> this is like you are messing with me [21:07:54] <Yaga> What? [21:08:53] <Zuzanazan> why are you afraid? [21:09:40] <Yaga> I am not afraid, but you should respect that our alliance who lives in this area has certain rules and procedures [21:09:51] <Yaga> You are new, and you cannot know - so I am telling you [21:10:27] <Zuzanazan> so you are like the mob boss around here and dictate rules about undeeded land [21:10:36] <Yaga> One of the rules is that we like to pick our new neighbours ourselves. (Btw, that Mathob guy is not new - he has a large deed) [21:11:27] <Yaga> You are being pretty ungrateful now, do you realize? [21:11:48] <Yaga> If I remember correctly I have been friendly and helpful to you, so far [21:11:56] <Zuzanazan> Personally I think your behaviour, especially as a CM, is completely unacceptable [21:12:03] <Yaga> Why is that? [21:12:35] <Zuzanazan> as I said, being inviting and including everyone is extremely important [21:13:23] <Yaga> So I was not inviting towards you and Acire? [21:13:42] <Yaga> See? That's what I call ungrateful [21:13:48] <Zuzanazan> Now you are telling me I cant invite who I want here, that is not very inviting and very unfriendly [21:14:08] <Zuzanazan> wow, I don't want the protection of your mob, that isnt ungrateful [21:14:53] <Yaga> And better don't start being rude. Don't call me and my friends a "mob", please [21:15:05] <Zuzanazan> you want to be alone so badly? Fine [21:26:16] <Zuzanazan> Also, don't you dare call me rude, the mob reference is an analogy to illustrate how deeply inappropriate your behavior is