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  1. (New Wonders)

    If you are looking for a server to play on, this is one you should definitely consider. Skill gain is fast enough to make it seem less grindy but yet slow enough to present a challenge. The many custom mobs and large amount of custom content will always keep you wondering what is next. You are also presented with several server options so if you don't like the slow pace of wonders then you can run on over to slaughter and play on the survival server. Not enough mobs for your liking to kill on slaughter or wonder??? Then pop on over to wild hunt...a server setup expressly for hunting. World of Wonders has an active community and economy. Come try out the server, I think you'll be surprised as to how much you like it.
  2. ore

    As a freedom player, Ive become frustrated with the ore situation. Two of the servers that I have played on, Ive found most of the ore mined out and gone. All I mainly find is sandstone and lead. Id like to see ore respawn a bit more frequently. Support beams were put in so caves didn't collapse in but you can literally make a mine and let it go forever and maybe get 1 or 2 tiles fall in but that's it. I think it should be more often with a good chance of ore spawning in... put the support beams to use They are very underused in my opinion.
  3. Statues

    I am surprised a new skill was not created with the addition of marble. A skill and the ability to create a wide variety of small to large statues, pillars and vases would be awesome. Also the ability to dye them if wanted. I personally would also like to see more color in the game as far as flowers go... how about vases with flowers in them or trellis' with climbing flowers.
  4. Runes

    I'm sure this has been suggested but I couldn't find it so figured I would post it. I was doing archaeology and thought about the random runes I was seeing. There should be a way to remove these runes for reuse such as a spell or fluid. This could be part of restoration and of course a chance to not get the rune off.
  5. Looking for a reasonably priced account with high BS and mid to high shipbuilding. Plz send PMs with info and prices. Thanks