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  1. FYI to any newer, prospective buyers. this isn't accurate in the slightest. SOTG is raw DR. It affects how much damage you take and also if you get interrupted. Defensive fighting isnt really a huge bonus to block or parry rates, and its a small CR increase, you pretty much should only ever be using it if youre getting focused, or if you're moving around in a small scale engagement. OP wouldn't know this, as, he hasn't played on a PvP server in a long time, and before that, he didn't really participate, and during all this time he hasn't really studied up.
  2. I'm the actual propheteer, and i can confirm that i am on discord.
  3. He's silent because he did it, and if he speaks up, imore proof will be dropped publicly that has been kept for GM eyes only. At least hes a stupid thief? I just wish those in JK had listened to me sooner about Necroe instead of just putting him back on a pedestal once we left, now he just walked out with moneybags.
  4. As a general update, Necroe was/still is giving out access to the accounts that weren't his (Dagobert and Elamor). On top of that, there may have been a glimmersteel LMS and a red cherry for sale that may have also been stolen.
  5. It was shared, but people have already been punished for the same thing, and several have received permabans for doing what Necroe has done here. incase you weren't aware. Either way, this thread is neither here nor there about the punishment. Its just meant as a PSA that this player is very untrustworthy and unreliable.
  6. Be advised Stormcrow owns Dagboert, Stormcrow, and Elamor, and the other accounts may also be at risk.
  7. I don't think the quote is what you meant to quote, but that part was fixed as you posted. I rewrote the OP like five or six times and left out a few sentences on accident. It's clear now. Even then it was in the post in several places that you guys may not be aware the goods are stolen, and some people we did reach out to, including Necroe himself. Whether you are aware or not, you did infact sell a stolen item, and maybe more than one, i don't know. But we do know that friends, such as yourself, are selling stolen goods, again, whether you are aware of it or not. So i do know your part, and it was pretty obvious. Either way, this is just for the public. All of this and then some in his the hands of the staff and they will investigate and handle it accordingly, i'm sure.
  8. I'm sure one will very soon, just like one has with every other name and shame i've ever posted. I don't hedge my reputation on opinions, unlike some others. As i stated though, the audio isn't really relevant. The thread is specifically about Dagobert's items. The other items from other people he stole is technically legal, as it was on a PvP server. Its just scummy to do. Sadly i can't show you the real names of the messages, as, I think its a little bit unfair to show personal/RL information of everyone involved. Rest assured the staff have seen it though, and are in constant contact.
  9. I'd like to note that im willing to hedge 13 years of a stellar reputation on this post, but i don't think this post comes as a surprise to pretty much anyone. Recently, Necroe was given access to a chaos specific account that was shared between few people. It's name was Dagobert. Necroe took the liberty of cleaning high value items off the account (such as a summer hat) and selling them through his friends (Missmandy was selling the summer hat for him). We don't know the extent of everything stolen yet, and aren't 100% certain if the account has been stolen yet, there is currently a pending investigation going on with that. His friends may not be aware that they are actually selling stolen items. Summer hat in question no signature, 95ql 1.5 damage at time of purchase, rare. Image showing that Dagobert did not infact give anyone permission to take and sell his belongings (facebook convo with dago, blue = xallo, grey = dago) sorry for poor crop, keeping RL names out to anyone that isn't staff This hat was taken off of the Dagobert account, given to Missmandy to sell, sold to someone in TC, and when it was delivered, Wargasm was on the boat. Shortly after the sale, this was being posted [23:49:28] <Necroedarkslayer> (Cel) WTB looking for a couple drake sets shoot me an offer for what you have (do not need caps) And we can only assume that was to "launder" the money... unfortunately... Prior to this, Necroe also took the liberty of cleaning out old JKC players belongings and stole those as well, such as Goathill's belongings. Those may have already been sold, or kept, we aren't really sure. When Necroe was confronted over this after Xallo spoke with Dagobert over Facebook (Dago had no idea, and this prompted an investigation with Enki), Necroe had the audacity to accuse Xallo of the theft of both Dagobert's belongings and his other accounts, Stormcrows. sorry for the poor crop, trying to keep RL names and photos out of this to everyone that isn't staff. Necroe also had the audacity to accuse Kingen of the theft of Goathill's scale, when Kingen had no access to it, not too long after had discovered most of Goathill's belongings on Necroe after we killed him trying to cross the border. I was half tempted to post old chaos drama (that do actually involve theft, as there is proof that he broke into peoples houses and stole his own alliance mates stuff there too..), as this individual is an unreliable, pathological liar, already known to catfish people by faking illnesses and stealing other peoples facebook profile pictures, but we will let that slide outside of one video for people interested in stuff that may not affect them here. Notable timestamps from third party conversation: 2:14 - Goathills scale set (Apparently this was returned to him) 24:45 - Necroe blames Xallo for theft So, buyer beware, if you buy from Necroedarkslayer, or anyone he associates with (Missmandy, Wargasm, etc.) you may be purchasing stolen goods, and the players that are selling it may be unaware that the goods are in fact stolen, so that is something to be aware of. I also apologize for the jumble, this post will be cleaned up a bit and more added to it as i have like huge word essays in PM's from -several- involved parties, and if it was all posted here we would probably never get done reading it. It's just a shame that a previous staff member acts a thief, something i despise, but i would simply highly recommend to avoid purchasing anything from this individual especially while its being looked into via staff. As far as i know, he plays on Necroedarkslayer, and his forum name is @necroe Edit: Necroe has been giving out the hashes to accounts that do not belong to him. He also may have stolen from Greyhound and, we already knew he was responsible for clearing out houses in Kyara that didn't belong to him, stealing their stuff, and taking it to freedom.
  10. and clearly nobody knows about us farming all the drake we personally used in JKC from dragons that we handed out to every person we felt would use it properly (which we still do). the difference is we now dont have people asking us for drake, getting it, and leaving it on freedom permanently anymore. you are ignorant or delusional, don't pretend otherwise.
  11. You aren't wrong, but my god is it triggering when someone says casually "yeah i dont pvp because of x" and x is some completely asinine, untrue, made up ###### reason that doesn't actually exist. Its like walking down an aisle at a walmart and hearing some lady say "Yeah i don't use the toaster oven because the illuminati put mind control brainwaves in it" Youd clearly be like, what the ######? Now lets say you go to walmart once a day for whatever reason, and you hear a different person every single day mention their toaster oven letting loose mind control brainwaves and that the illuminati built it that way, youd eventually ask someone "why do you keep saying that?" So you end up proving them wrong maybe, and then you just get a "i don't like to use the toaster oven", which is an acceptable answer that doesn't make you sound like a dumbass. Just like "I don't prefer to PvP" is an acceptable answer, but, "I don't PvP because you have to buy drake or scale to participate" is a dumb, ignorant statement, and it gets worse when they go around telling every new player they come across some made up crap, like telling every new person that walks into a walmart that toaster ovens can control your mind.
  12. idc either way personally its toxic that people who are less than smart purchase something and then dont pvp because they purchased it instead of gaining it how it was intended though.
  13. 140911, all res stone bonuses are based on the same thing, tested personally. can search here on the forums with those notes to figure out the day, then find Buddas post, just please stop posting false information please. You guys had a habit of doing it for years.
  14. not really, theres almost nothing changed since you last played. the meta hasn't changed at all, ebo just never used it. until you can provide proof, i'll take buddas word over yours.
  15. res stone + smeagain/mag res doesn't stack, sorry The OP's problem is when you can kill someone, get their stuff, die, and keep your stuff + theirs.
  16. so shaving off a multiple month requirement minimum to pvp doesn't help newbies? you trolling, or something?
  17. Neither of which are also anywhere near as broken as straight up damage reduction. The game functioned a lot better before meditation and a lot of the last minute fighting changes. The fights lasted longer too, now its true strike spam and dice-rolling for big hits after you get done with your mandatory waiting period. Strategy has miniscule involvement. Power and Love both would have big playstyle differences, and would change the game for the better. Not to mention, they are actually nice to have in PvE too and seem way more thought out. The stacking DR meta (minding again, that SOTG is the majority of the DR available) results in a soft-requirement to have beastly accounts, and by beastly, i mean SOTG + tomes on tomes.
  18. removing SOTG could also consist of applying it to everyone as a baseline, instead of forcing a meditation path and mandatory waiting time on people, either way, until you can get 11, you're dead instantly anyway. (you could also find other ways to increase the base HP of everyone instead of taking the lazy way out and going "heres some DR, go stack it, lul" as the dev team has done in the past.) Power creep in this game is insane, and the biggest part of it is SOTG.
  19. quick PSA to all those who forgot. spell spam was countered only by full heal as it was, its broken again. thank me and actually use it before we start using it and get it nerfed.
  20. still the worst mechanic ever added to the game and frankly changing stuff like heal won't ever really matter as long as this exists.
  21. our group did not run off 500+ people, lmao its much much more likely that the bug riddled, underdeveloped PvP mechanics like the combat system, or conquest mechanics were the problem. Or maybe its main mechanic not even working until six months into the server, then completely broken, then patched up and immediately released to freedom. Or maybe, developers doing as little as possible to fix the problems for PvP? you aren't bringing the server back with 10 people, if you think so, you are delusional. Only if you play with braindeads. Never spent a dime, always wore drake or scale and had rare/supreme tools. If you join a kingdom thats actually interested in playing the game, the odds are that you will get anything you want for free. Every single active TC member right now is in drake or scale with the exception of 4 or 5 people, and none of them had to purchase it. Admittedly 4 or 5 did, but they did not have to and did so after the fact. (They also get anything they lose replaced...) We ran previous kingdoms the same way, when we were the underdogs. Epic is literally just about the same as chaos, you just have so little players, theres nobody there to actually abuse whats broken with the game so you don't realize how far the experience gap is.
  22. karma home was just... one of the worst things to add to the game. it wasn't until around the time the embark bug was "fixed" (because we know it wasn't fixed) that you could just spam get on/off your horse if you had 100+ms to the server and karma home with enemies in local anyway.
  23. The problem comes in when this game is Advertised as an MMO, People to go to select a server, spend a bunch of time getting established, and this is a big deal as a new player, only to find out the entire cluster you selected has 10 people on it and you pretty much have to restart from scratch to have a decent chance of playing with someone in an "MMO". Odds are, you are going to quit, most new players do already, and we barely get any on a monthly basis anyway.
  24. Epic isn't coming back, regardless of it receiving developer support or not, especially developer support at wurms rate. (6mo between any communication about pvp updates.)