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  1. Bow Damage In an attempt to add scarcity to the game, bow damage should be tuned up. To specify, this is talking about the damage on the item per use, and not the damage it deals. Currently, you make a 90ql bow, and never imp it again resulting in an undesirable skill that isn't often grinded up, and an overabundance of 90ql bows. I think in the long term in conjunction with other features, this may be healthy for the game. Arrow Packs A popular mod for WU. You basically make a quiver of arrows, and a quiver. You pack it into a pack, you imp it up, cast on it, and the unpack it and all the arrows have the same ql and the enchants. Currently, most people use creation ql arrows due to how tedious it is to improve 41 different items... p simple
  2. Bring "Merchant Taunting" to Chaos It was a well-loved feature on Epic. It took about an hour per merchant. Pretty much nobody sells anything, as everyone is in a PMK at this point combined with the lack of scarcity. At this point, every merchant on the server is used for storage, usually kept in a safemine on top of that. I know in Ascalon we have over 30 merchants on deed, and every merchant is used solely for storage. It is -very- discouraging for people to raid and just find nearly every valuable is on an alt or on a merchant, and this takes care of one avenue of abuse. Invulnerable storage has to be one of the most broken mechanics in the game today. Hour logout with enemy in local Pretty self explanatory. Currently you can login, grab your gear, and logout within 5 minutes, and it takes roughly 3 hours to bash a single 90ql metal door with 10 people. It makes it far too easy to abuse. This feature was also implemented on Epic and was well loved. Someahing to be considered is interactions with beds, as it was a longstanding bug after implementation that you could still insta-log on a bed. Remove the ability to improve metal minedoors after placement Currently, you can improve a metal minedoor after it is placed and this is a problem for several reasons. The first is, the improve timer is very short, and you can undo 5-10-15 minutes of work in 4 seconds. The second is that it is currently bugged, and you can imp much much more than normal while it is placed, making that 10-15 into reverting an hour of work in 8-10 seconds. Increase minedoor placement time to a minute Currently, on a PvP server, you can setup two hops near eachother, slap on 30-40ql doors, and just slap on another door from the entrance of the other mine as they bash into one, basically indefinitely halting progress of a raid crew and further bolstering the already broken strength of the minespam meta. Other threads to come due to limited polling options.
  3. From our discord discussions, I think everyone would be okay with that if thats the route they took. They simply want to prevent people sitting there and spamming locate on everyone they can before leaving deed, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.
  4. from discord about local [12:39 PM] prophedumbass: i dont see it having much impact, so i dont care either way [12:39 PM] prophedumbass: id play the game the same way if local was 30 tiles or if it was 70 [12:39 PM] prophedumbass: as i did on WU [1:19 PM] prophedumbass: meant to add [1:19 PM] prophedumbass: existing problem with local right now [1:19 PM] prophedumbass: is that you can getaway super easy [1:20 PM] prophedumbass: its less about the local range and more about other mechanics [1:20 PM] prophedumbass: e.x. you get someone in local 70 tiles away, you know youre good distance [1:20 PM] prophedumbass: you lose them for all of a split second and you can tp home [1:20 PM] prophedumbass: in that scenario [1:20 PM] prophedumbass: what discourages pvp [1:20 PM] prophedumbass: local or the tp out in the .5 seconds you have nobody in local
  5. I personally would just like to see HOTA removed as a first step, and throwback to the old goals of like "artifacts" being important, and thus the WL/BL being important and having the religious war be the true endgame, as was the original intent and goal of PvP for many years, however, was left unfinished, but players fought over it anyway. For tower chaining, it was simply one of those Rolf woke up at 4am, decided to add conquering. There is currently a chaining system in place where it has to be within a certain amount of your kingdoms influence or further than x of any kingdoms influence to drop a tower. I don't remember the specific mechanics of the old system as its been many many years, but, conquering was just a spur of the moment "yeah this is how it is" friday morning patch before rolf went on vacation. TBH, the strength of drake/scale simply comes from weight and speed. As for the freedom market, I don't know how to comment on that. PVE in this game is so easy you can kill any mob in the game with a butchering knife, an LMS, and 70 shieldskill/70 fs outside of unique creatures, so i'd probably use nothing but plate in a pve environment personally unless i had money to blow and wanted to simply bling out for rare factor. You're a moron. Nobody is asking for your sarcastic statement, or anything remotely close. So, basically, continue to encourage SOTG stacking and teleporting around deeds/avoiding fights and roaming by doing so? Continue to encourage the use of alts to run around and drop wardeeds in influence gaps instead of taking any risk? No thanks. How dense are you? The ENTIRETY of the playerbase, the same group called EVERYONE that wasn't in MRC is still asking for karma teleport to be removed or nerfed further, and twitter alarms to be looked at. Why do you think that is okay? Why did you think it was okay before the patch? Why can't you reverse the logic and say "Server numbers don't lie, we should have reverted all those changes from being in the game, as we had more players when JK had all of its original people active." Those players were punished, as for banning everyone who attended, you want to ban 25+ people, EVERYONE OUTSIDE OF TWO PEOPLE, had no idea what was even happening, kyara forums have proof of that. So not really sure what you're asking for here, those players were banned ASAP, and, as Enki and others can testify, a lot of us gave proof that helped lead their bans. I hate ignorant individuals, you can't even read a graph and put dates together. When we came over, population doubled. When you started losing, your population dwindled, -fast-, as proven by your own forums with its internal drama and leaving posts, the merry band of 7 retards who ruined it for everyone were the final nail in the coffin for your kingdom, even though we wouldve disbanded you the hard way a couple months later. Your kingdom just wasn't capable of playing the game without teleporting around everywhere and scouting with alts, hard facts. This is the wrong thread for this discussion though, so i'm going to leave it here.
  6. ive been saying this for months there is no fixing hota get rid of it im happy it came to peoples attention after my 1am est temper tantrum in WO discord
  7. very sad another player with a lot of passion for the game is moving on im still waiting for the devs to do something... six years later...
  8. I can give you a list of problems of why over 150 individuals I know personally no longer play on a PvP server, and most of them are very glaringly obvious balance issues, followed by people wanting a new map once those are changed. A significant portion wanted to move over to freedom with the merge, but CC waited years too long, and they lost interest in playing the game after they made them wait on a dead server for 3 years. When they took the unique features, that was reason for people to leave, because Epic was alive at that point, although certainly not booming like it was at launch, with you know, all those advertised features that weren't actually implemented at the time. PvP is a buggy POS.
  9. The game has made a lot of long awaited developments, which is fun for any returning player. The playerbase is the lowest its been in over five years, especially for someone looking to PvP, and mechanics in that area need more work now than ever.
  10. the engine really isn't the problem and saving wurm could simply start with fixing gamebreaking bugs that have existed for years, pvp rebalancing for once, advertising, and playerbase consolidation.
  11. remove hota make the map actually good
  12. I really like this idea, but, good luck getting them to do anything remotely related to PvP. I'm fairly certain they didn't even merge the servers until Rolf told them to after he was made aware via email of how far the population dropped and he actually realized his livelihood was genuinely affected. Was very odd how that happened just a little bit after they were sent. If you want any traction, email him personally. No HOTA either please, I want to be actually conquering the map again, and every map designed with HOTA in mind is a complete and utter failure. I can also personally attest if this was implemented, myself and ~10-15 others would return with active subscriptions of multiple characters It would work, but, WU PvP servers never gain any traction because the ones that were successful were ruined by either blatant cheating, which we can't enforce, and the others by excellent displays of shitty administration. Sindusks would have been a very good one as development continued, but, the potential playerbase lost faith because of the other servers they had experienced, and one of the big problems still can only be addressed so much.
  13. its cool until you learn how to properly cheese them, such as drakespirits, where you just stand at the edge of combat range and they never AOE stun anymore, so you just take no more damage. While valrei mobs are cool, they aren't really special. The only ones that are dangerous are the ones that Rolf said "###### it" and just gave them huge stuns that hit for like 30+ damage through champ/sotg, that can also stun up to 5 times in a second, and one stun lasts for like 10 seconds. Theres nothing special about it, nothing to avoid, nothing to learn, you're going to struggle with it with the best account in the game or the worst. And yes, I'm still a bit salty about the time a party of 5 nogumps spawned on me, and within .2 seconds i was stunned by two of them multiple and less than 25% health (mind you, in scale, champion, SOTG, with just about every damage reducing valrei item that exists), and still had to burn several farwalker charges to just karma home because my oakshelled hellhorse hit the ground before i even got hit. Just use archery to kill them, and it takes like 5 seconds, but yeah. PvE in this game is a literal joke, you can kill pretty much anything with a butchering knife and a shield. Please no on the Valrei mobs though, they really did add nothing, and, at least, everyone i've ever played with has been nothing but disappointed with them. They were largely relevant, or very annoying, or spawned on you during PvP and caused you to lose the fight because the aggro system is very fickle. (The amount of gear we lost because of 10+ mobs spawning on us, and ONLY going for us is unreal.)
  14. I started in 06? i think. I was just a little rascal back then though, i didn't even have the attention span to properly play until 2010 or so though.
  15. Not at all. Played since like 05/06, Played religiously since 2010. Since 2010 i've maybe given other players a total of 30 silver. Economy is actually, largely, and mostly completely irrelevant where i play the game. I don't think i've ever actually even purchased anything I -needed- or really wanted, it was moreover just because I was lazy and they were a good friend of mine.
  16. according to the graph, it didn't cause almost any to quit. But since WU the population has been in decline, and increasingly so, every month. But please explain why that would cause people to quit anyway? You actually had a spike in players, who actually became premium, active, members again that had previously quit for longer than 8-10 months and had no intention of returning until that was announced.
  17. jake shake and quake shivers often makes dumb comments on suggestions but yes, the problem lies in that everyone is at endgame because no new endgame content for pvp is added, and there are far too many ways to get to it now, and with the addition of HOTA, all the old sandbox conquest mechanics are basically pointless
  18. good luck, none of the core issues have been addressed properly since their implementation, just halfway "fixes" I'm sorry your group is leaving, it would be beneficial in the longrun to play on Chaos though, as if PvP falls through, you can at least enjoy the game with other people on Freedom. Epic really is a dead cluster, and im certain the merge was just an attempt to keep the players that would have never played again otherwise, and it worked even though it was years too late. We decided to disband Rome when we hit the 6month marker with no PvP updates. My standing prediction is Epic being closed, Chaos being stripped of PvP and a new PvP map being created fresh, but, in a few years after everyone currently waiting for it loses interest and quitting the game, just like they did with everything else, waited until people lost interest and quit.
  19. You didn't outright say it, but you went completely crazy about people explaining why its completely illogical for anyone to do that, and as @Oblivionnreaverpointed out, you did it while ignoring the majority of what was said and taking things out of context.
  20. Almost none of this is ever said by PvPers, and if it is, you are taking it out of context, just like usual. Prime example of the type of person we PvPers always talk about folks. @AlkhadiasYoud basically have to found your own for that one. Getting a crown is basically akin to owning multiple alliances worth of goods on freedom, and all of their deeds in a PMK.
  21. wheres the black one in seriousness i like
  22. @gorgian You have a -very bad- habit of putting words in peoples mouths so i'm just gonna stop this conversation here.
  23. It's very unlikely if you come over for a personal goal you will stick around, we did it for many many many people before and almost none of them stuck around longer than necessary, but these people weren't given access to much. And people don't realize how much access you can get. In TC, our like actual management, if i went rogue tomorrow i could leave with over 40kgs in drake hide, upwards of 15 drake sets, 7 or 8 scale sets, several kgs of scale, and hundreds upon hundreds of moonmetal and rift materials. If you have a good reputation, but you have no intention of ever sticking around on a PvP server, and we take a risk and you just are in it for the money and you stay for the long haul, you could very easily just steal everything after a couple months and get your moneys worth and who would care? This goes for pretty much every kingdom. We do weed out the good and the bad, but in my personal experience, we've been right 100% of the time, and if people don't have a vested interest in being with us, the odds of them ###### us over goes up 10 fold. It's not a risk many people would take as a recruitment offer, a quick convert, title, kick, is another thing. Nobody is ever going to give anyone that isn't 100% trustworthy the crown of their kingdom though, again using TC right now as a kingdom of over 100 players, 7 people have access to the current standing kings account, and maybe 11 or 12 would be potential candidates for the next slot. @Sjarn HOTS is the only template kingdom on Chaos. You can become king if one is not present. It is pure RNG, there are no deciding factors, you will either land the sub like 1% chance to get your name on the list one day (it changes every restart and every 24hrs), or you won't. If there is another king, you and a few players can challenge him for his spot. If he has ever used the mechanics before though, it will be 3months or more before you can actually, truthfully, contest his title.
  24. He's going through a hard time RL right now, genuinely.
  25. So basically, its only good against the worst artifact, the Sword of Magranon, is what youre saying here in this hypothetical? You might want to study up the combat system buddy, you haven't really ever PvPed.