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  1. Generally, I like what the team is doing overall. Making some bold moves. Something had to give and glad to see some real stances on some issues. Hope it pays off in the long run. I never felt that RMT was much if an issue, but the point is that many players did. By itself this would be change for change sake, but coupled with the many other changes - then this might positively affect some of the playerbase’s negative culture. I am rooting for this game, and fully support any DECISIONS and ACTIONS that are not just reactionary. Good luck.
  2. The first thing I had to relearn was to stop touching WD, and just sail. I treat sailing with consideration of momentum. If I am coming in hot, I peel back, turn and pop a slight reverse. Its much more satisfying for me. The annoyance of prepping my anchor and brief panic to get it right is now gone. Slowing down to spot things on coast is much easier, previously I would turn to the wind, bank, or moor. This is much simpler, and I can take in much more visually before having to commit to a course change. Just wish spyglass worked while moving onboard ship. I have better control over speed if I have to AFK... I can sort out my speed and distance to not run aground before I get back. People that have complained sailing is slower... I would have to see some trials on that, as I am not experiencing it. Haven't dredged or pvp’d so cannot comment on that. Previous way was too arcade for my tastes. I understand some dislike change in general, and others have sincere criticisms. I offer my comment as I am not displeased with the changes.
  3. Want to buy a 92ql cloth armor set. Send to Arishok if available. Thank you.
  4. Ooo you said poisons. I am in. This borders Venom spell, so theres that to consider. But I am in for any flora additions, upgrades, and additional usefulness.
  5. I picked greymead for the implied challenge of being in the middle if nowhere on a huge server. Greymead was a solid starter town even 3 years ago. Huge wall, clay, and tight layout. Me and my wife were beset by wildlife constantly. We were in a constant state of dying or wounded. Everything takes longer when wounded. We kept making wounds worse when attempting to heal. Couldn't kill anything to make healing covers and our forage skills sucked. Cotton was gold to us and we couldn't find any for what seemed like forever. We had a fellow newbie hang with us in those weeks, and slowly got our act together. We also had a few other new players constantly trying to get at whatever wasn't locked down. Hunger was a constant pest. Luckily there were two deeds that had popped recently and were able to get some useful things. The three of us eventually headed to the coast in three carts. We died several times in route. Found a place, set up shop next to a mine and a guard tower. Built my first ship and stopped playing for about 7 months. Wife's character is now my mule.
  6. Well, I do agree with you, @LionIX I suggest it is optional; concurrent with deed system as it is. There is and will always be desire to do what you please in a sandbox, and I agree that the current deed system allows for that. I would not want to remove that. If the bonuses were so great that it became a “must have” to enjoy the game... it would be a bust. But I have noticed players will reach for even the smallest bonuses, even when they aren't sure it even exists. I can make a castle in this sandbox, but other than ooos and ahhhs, it functionally is no different than another. The bonuses I have suggested are specific rather that broad. Similar to perhaps having a type of affinity for a singular skill. In this way I could create something that could genuinely be unique, and survive on likeminded players. If I had a mining village, and attracted enough players wanting to grind that skill, perhaps I then could upgrade to a town. Now we have mining grind and blacksmith. Maybe we are just dreaming, or maybe we are fueling a kingdom on Chaos. My agenda is likely a city, I cater to my people to encourage growth - there is an optional goal. We have many of those already. I reach the desired number, pay the fee, now we have a monumental achievement. It has a tangible value. One that can be sold, or passed down. It could rise and fall just the same. I cannot predict what players would actually do in a case like this. I very much appreciate your feedback, though.
  7. I like the idea of that. In practice, I wonder how it plays out though. I have noticed most trolls I have run in to lately have been around bridges - coincidental or not, I loved the idea of that. Imagine a goblin hut. Chance to spawn at abandoned deeds. Green dudes just love scavenging. They stay leashed to the hut so fighting multiples might be common. Last one has a key to hut, where the nasties store their collectables. Random mid ql loot with a small chance of something more valuable. Disappears when looted.
  8. @EtherdrifterI appreciate the further explanation of your position. I wasn't following you quite accurately. I agree with what you are saying, However, I do like the mechanic of runes. That they themselves are gated behind challenge, limited use, dependent upon multiple skill sets, and not guaranteed. Having said that, they are arguably in place as a circumvent to priests while priests are still hamstrung from the basics others enjoy. The lonely class in a classless system. Each attempt I explore to imagine a change to this scenario inevitably results in a butcher knife cutting off huge chunks of player base. This is a mess that was created, and players have invested heavily in to this mechanic as the structure was provided to them. I still stand by the position that spells should not be universally achievable without commiserate sacrifice, and I am considering Ether’s position that the change has already begun.
  9. Yes! That would be a nice improvement. The pillars now seem so oddly... limiting.
  10. I found something about that... "The original deed system was a fairly straight forward affair and gave you a limited choice of sizes and either a Homestead or Village style of deed. Distances between deeds had only two options, you could choose between three guard types, and with some deeds you got a kingdom trader contract. And that was it." Well, for what it's worth, the idea is to co-exist... those who like the current system, and those who want an environment/opportunity to offer something different without interfering with one another. I certainly cant predict what players would do. Thanks for feedback!
  11. So we have weapon skins for combat achievements. How about Architecture skins? Tiered at 30, 60, 90 Carpentry/masonry skill. Either enhanced versions of the stock versions - such as elaborate carvings, unique trims made from other materials, etc... Or just architectural styles, viking, greek, asian? I would love to have a longhouse with a nice roman temple nearby. Or would that gaudy up wurm?
  12. @ArthurHawkwing I, too, buy premium through CC, and even my silver. I had bought player sold silver once before, but not anymore. I make well enough money irl to have no qualms about spending it to further enjoy this game. So the savings are negligible. On point 4... Something along those lines I had gleaned from other games, and other players ideas: So, with that, consider everything about deeds remains the same but with the following additions: - Villages, Towns, and Cities. - One a population of a deed reaches x number, a mayor may upgrade the deed to a “Village” - One time fee, that might also increase upkeep, that is permanent until disband. - Villages are allowed a single “focus” from harvest/nature skills (farm, mining, AH, woodcutting, fishing, etc.) - A focus offer a tangible increase to a category such as XP, action speed, or other suitable bonuses. - it scales up over time, and decays once pop drops below minimum. - Town is the next upgrade, and offers two focuses: an additional harvest or one harvest and one crafting skill (blacksmith, carpentry, cooking, etc) - City is final stage. Considerable cost and pop requirement. (Perhaps similar to founding kingdom) Offers three crafting focuses, and ability to build a monument (war, knowledge, religion, etc). - monuments could offer a unique area of effect bonus - adding a requirement to “fuel” the monument could offer new conflict. Cities could be marked on map, and perhaps a teleport location for new players similar to starter deeds These could be optional upgrades while leaving current system in place. Anyway, that is one example of perhaps encouraging purposeful deeds that aren't one player dust towns. I cannot sort out a manner that would make sense for kingdom quite yet. One idea is deeds in a kingdom, linked by highway, could have linked merchants. Village merchants are like they are now, but town merchants are combined with the villages associated with it, up to city, which link to towns (and by extension) the villages. Probably would be best to limit them per level. Since Chaos has no lively markets, and kingdoms aren't allowed on KI, then this is just a thought experiment. If you cant tell, I am off work but cant get in game. .
  13. At a minimum, 6g a month on Indy and 9g a month on Xan. I have no idea what other feature pulls out that much miron in Wurm on a consistent basis. If that is the largest, then it must be a smaller group than thought paying for premium through coin.
  14. Not sure this the place to continue this discussion, but... 1st 1s upkeep included with premium + additional premium citizens add to upkeep (addl 1s) and on and on - else you will further encourage hibernation and one man deeds.
  15. You know I have wanted to put together a roving expedition since first coming to Wurm. Plan a sail date and hit a location, set up a bunk house, etc. stay for a week or two. Arch the area, hunting to get more freedomers in the killing things game, and restoring areas - removing useless roads, fixing jacked up terrain, etc. then plan a sail date and start over. I can be a flake at times so never committed to trying that. Lack of decaying locks eats at my soul. There is increasing conversations from players about deeds, and retro alluded to internal discussions as well. I have a draft similar for some compiled ideas. Bottom line - better incentives to be near one another, but not beholden to the king of the token. I believe deeds should be a mid-late game goal, not out of the gate. System isn't set up for that.
  16. Yeah called blinders in my part of the world. Have much more leather rustic types - although hunter orange could work lol More of a post-middle ages sort of thing, but not sure that matters. This seems like a good middle-ground if not removing the aggressive pet feature.
  17. I am counting on a great deal of that money being tied up in dead accounts. I hit up traders for a whim. The off and on times I have played over the last three years I never hit a trader with funds. I toured all KI starter deeds on a self imposed achievement, and found my first traders with coin. It was on Xanadu. It confused me there was no green text when I traded. So I tried selling something... success! I emptied my pockets of everything I could sale and walked away with 5.5s. Never did get the green text warning. Walked away because I had nothing else to sale and was pleased with the haul. It is hard to arbitrarily draw lines for players in an open system to make it lean fair. The fact that there is not a big enough market for skills that only mid and late game player possess is... unfortunate. I been considering that prices currently are still too high for things. We don't value mats by quality, only actions and are functions that are typically best suited for early game. The rate that players collect coins from the wild seems better suited to a lower priced market. It feels like a bubble that never popped. The comment about the sleep powders makes me further believe this could work to at least stimulate some early players to buy higher end goods. I am ready to drop coin finally on building mats, the grind for mats is unpleasant for me compared to what Id rather be doing. I appreciate both your feedback. These post are generally good to sort out angles I haven't seen.
  18. Submitted for peer review. I know it is bad form to create such a long suggestion, but after several attempts, I know of no other way to express the intent and reasoning. There is approximately 350 premium players on the independence server. There is 566 mirons on the same server (excluding shops and bodies) which total approximately 56,600 silver. In game premium purchase costs 10s so then currently the in game currency would pay for 5,660 months of premium. So, in theory, there is enough coin in game on Indy alone for 471 years of premium. There is no way in hell I would want money to exchange hands any more frequently if I was the publisher. The truth, I suspect, is further away than that. This is data we have access to, but what we don't see... How many players have what currency? How often does it change hands? How much money is resting in dead accounts? How many players actually use silver to purchase premium time? The argument against improving market viability stems from the some of Wurm's player base: "You do not need a market to enjoy Wurm". This is true, but it ignores human nature, and previous experience in MMOs. Any MMO that allows the trading of anything amongst players has a market. Simple, casual web browser MMOs that the developers specifically designed to not include currency - players invented currency. In MMOs, where bad design rendered in game currency worthless, players have used alternate forms to substitute. It cannot be wholly ignored. The fair argument is that enjoyed play mechanics should not be removed at the expense of another "versus" components. To tackle this, my first suggestion is replacing the manner in which we buy premium. Instead of using in game currency directly to buy premium at a token, create a new tradable commodity: "Premium Coin". This is not a unique idea, but one I believe would be beneficial. This token would be sold in 15 day increments, comparable to purchasing directly from the Wurm shop (5s each). It would be sold at Traders and the Wurm shop It can be consumed similarly to sleep powder, granting the player extended premium time. Additionally, it can be traded amongst players. Consideration could be made to allow any new player to receive a non-transferable premium coin (15 days) upon reaching a single skill to 20 (linked to tutorial journal). What I imagine this would do, would allow players who have larger volumes of spendable coin to sink them in to traders which would add to kingdom coffers. This would also allow newer, less skilled players to sell purchase coins from the website, which could be traded on the market for in game currency. Allowing them to receive a reasonable amount of silver at a slightly lesser expense. This would require removing the ability to purchase 6 coins, and leaving the minimum at 10 on the website. The demand signal can, and should, be manipulated in a healthy way through supply provided by traders. This is something that some wealthier players would want to purchase with coin, but not with real currency, and what poorer players could purchase at a lower investment to propel their game. It is more economical to spend money on two months subscription within the game store, where premium time and silver costs 1.6 euros (currently $1.77). So, purchasing game time with in game coin grants one month at the cost of two. As in game coin selling is often as low as .8 euros ($.89), it is just as economical in those cases to purchase both silver and in game coin without ever paying CCAB. By linking in game premium purchase to tokens, you then can promote that future premium purchases will begin using recent payments to CCAB and not prior purchases from years ago. The next step in this is to only allow traders at starter villages. This is a non-starter for a lot of players who depend on the traders for upkeep/premium/purchase power, and who have already spent real or in game currency to purchase one or more traders. If market stability revolves around this mechanic, then I am hard pressed to reason this as anything other than broken. If the market of selling goods/items were to improve, how necessary would this mechanic be? Considerations for recompense would be reasonable. If traders were limited to starter villages, I would imagine it would act as a sort of conduit for two events... 1. More deeds will settle closer to starter villages to harvest the traders. 2. Newer players might have more access to coins to throw at higher skilled players, which local deeds would most likely benefit first from their face to face and personal merchant transactions. The goal here is to move around "earned" coin amongst all tiers of players, increase the sink of old coins, and to tie in CCAB for more income at no greater financial expense to the player.
  19. What is the reason behind not gaining faith when praying on alternate locations? (Water, rock, corpse, etc) At the surface it seems a mechanism to simply slow the already slow process of gaining faith. Is that really an issue in any environment? If sacrificing, sermons, and domain are solely limited to altars - what would be the issues in allowing faith gain outside of altars? I personally main a priest (which consensus suggests is a horrible way to experience wurm lol) and with the changes to ships, the bedroll, archaeology - and hopefully implementation of the tentative new skill - I see very little reason not to travel even more. Except the ole ball and chain of faith gain. So how would this negatively impact others in a way I am perhaps not seeing?
  20. There is 4 forward speeds (adrift, quarter, half, and full sail) and reverse. Currently, you must cycle through each stage up and back down. There is a 2-3 second timer/delay between stages. You have to cycle from full through each cycle down to get to reverse. I think In essence the complaints are in favor of a one click full speed and one click reverse rather than cycling. And there are some conflicting complaints about being adrift on server change or keep speed you were at prior to cross over. I believe Retro mentioned a clickable interface change that would accomplish that. Custom key binds might also alleviate complaints about the WD keys cycling by default.
  21. A hud like Finn mentioned would be awesome. Add list of passengers - even logged out ones. Basic controls, mooring options. It would fit with other systems we have. I think the complaints about the keys could be solved through custom key binds. This is the same method that the game black flag uses - so it makes sense to me. Reverse is really only useful for docking maneuvers and getting off a sand bar, the latter being a frustrating experience. I don't wholly understand the opposition to the update at large - other than its not what your used to.
  22. who moved my cheese?! I like the update completely. Movement is more fluid. I like that I can control speed and my view when scouting coastline. Parking is so much easier. Yes the controls are different, but once I figured the timing it felt more intuitive. Overall I really enjoy the look of the ships as well. For what it is worth - I really like this update - and removing stamina drain on PVE?? I am excited about that! Thanks.
  23. @Madnath That, to me, is more useful use of karma than lighting lamps.