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  1. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Hi bdew, The next time you modify this mod could you add an option to delete NPC movements from log? With only 4 NPCs moving into houses, I quickly arrived at a consistent server.log size.
  2. Now that the aggressiveness on this thread seems to have stalled, I add my vision of WU. There is so much PvP game and so little game of creation! WU allows all players to find their pleasure by offering several ways to play. * Install a private server without modification and play, which I did for several months after the purchase of the WU license. * Create a complete world (map, housing, NPC ...) and take advantage of some MOD developed by programmers who had the courage and the patience to peel the source of the program of origin to know the existing functions. In this category, I find Malena's work remarkable, and I'm sure she's enjoying herself as much, if not more, than a player who spends her time killing critters or doing PvP. * And there is what I would like to do, recreate an RP server like the one we had with NeverWinter Night 1st of the name and its editor coupled to a home programming language (genre C ++) that allowed all the changes imaginable. Since I do not have the ambition and the energy to tackle a huge task like completely recreating a world like Malena does, I just created the departure city of our old server and two other cities located in strategic locations. I of course modeled the landscape a little, added the necessary resources (mine, necropolis ...) and thanks to the MOD of bdew added some NPCs. And then I had to stop there! Impossible with the available tools to do proper quests. The "Mission Ruler" is a logic that does not apply at all to the quests I want to implement. Modeling a dungeon is easy, but properly populating it with monsters, traps, and NPCs is impossible. Even for small FEDEX quests this tool is unsuitable. It is sorely lacking a "MOD trigger" that would easily make it possible to initiate quests when a player does an action such as opening a door, walking on a tile, talking to an NPC, etc ... And also dialogs for NPCs . I started trying to make a "MOD trigger", creating a table for storing triggers, loading these triggers when starting the server, entering these triggers in DM, but I stumble on my ignorance of functions and calls from the original program. I could not find which hook to divert to intercept the actions of the players. And waiting for the promised update, I hope that modelers (ago, bdew, Governor ...) will continue their contributions that enrich this game enormously and allow designers like Malena to express their talent. In conclusion, bdew if you could add some animation: Blacksmith who stamps on the anvil, farmer who rakes etc ... all that is possible without too much work, it would allow to add more life in the cities built in DM and waiting for players. Me, I will continue to peel the original source to find the functions that interest me and have fun with this game without killing a bug or a player.
  3. +1 - I never understood why the developers did not integrate log homes from the beginning.
  4. In fact the same thing that allows this mod (Wurm Unlimited), but in the vertical.
  5. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    I think that the chat script (answer to keywords) and the dialogs are two different things. the first pemet in a tavern for example to say "A drink waitress if he please" and on the recognition of the word "drink", the NPC waitress come serve you to drink. The dialogs are used to display a suite of information in dialogs box using the command prompt "speak" on an NPC. Hello, what do you want ? 1 - Can you tell me where is the nearest tavern? 2 - I'm hungry, where to eat? 3 - Nothing, thank you. 1 -> Can you tell me where is the nearest tavern? You will find the drunken dwarf tavern north of the city. 1 - Thank you. 2 -> I'm hungry, where to eat? At the inn of the two bears located at the crossing of Soufflevent and Bois-Noyé they serve as excellent rotis deer. 1 - Thank you.
  6. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    First, I'm French and my English is bad, I use google trad. Congratulations for your work that makes this game more complete and open. Would it be possible to add dialogs in this mod ... or a separate mod. Dialogues that one could create / edit in DM and saved in XML file or other format easy to edit with NP ++, in the directory "npc_data" or another directory.