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  1. Menu bar

    I used it all the time . . .
  2. Menu bar

    Why did you get rid of the menu bar? It is not replaced by anything useful in the new UI set up . . .
  3. Mining in one of my caves. Shards are not showing up for many of the walls I have tried to analyse. Tried to mine out one wall and got the message relative to having 100 items on the ground looked down and there was no pile of shards. It looks like 2 out of three tiles have this problem. CA recommended I post here for your information.
  4. Nope not at all. I have played PvP in other games and have NEVER seen a fair fight where the guy attacking me is less than 30 levels (or skill) above me and by themselves. And those supposed grand PvP battles with many on each side - do not exist. Just groups waiting outside the starting zone or safe town - favorite gathering place - to jump you and steal you items.
  5. Bah! They should just realize that PvP is dead and gone and get rid of it. Never understood PvP mentality - too lazy to make your own stuff so get 5 or 10 of your buddies to run around killing everyone in sight to steal their stuff. It is just mind boggling.