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  1. I don't see the fuss with RMT, it was a benefit for the players. The online store is/was a joke. buying silver from the online store was a complete rip off so other players sold it for equal amounts. And yes Angelklaine some people were/are ridiculous with their prices but you ignored them and moved on to someone that was more inline of what your are willing to spend. RMT kept this game alive and now the removal of it this game is going to DIE they are removing RMT and then they have the nerve to think that putting it on steam would be their life saver but all in all it will be the death of WO.
  2. You have jokes Madrocks
  3. thanks, it has 30s 70c in the deed with 373/days with a 2s 30c monthly upkeep
  4. Click on Link Darkken Deed
  5. working on it now, as far as what is there you'll need to stop by
  6. just for the character yeah but i am also selling a Wand of Sea deed with 420/days of upkeep also.
  7. I will jump online this evening and post some images
  8. Hello I am trying to sell my Deed and Character. My deed is location On Xanadu P26, Wand of Sea island completely done and lots and lots of mats, boats all can be yours. I have two characters Ismira low end and Enderman If I get any interest I will get it posted Niarja here is an older skill dump I will update him. Taking offers based on last skill dump. Also please stop by the deed on Xanadu and check it out.
  9. I am sadden to say that I will be stepping away. I slowed down my game play with Wurm Online because of the level of commitment that is required to play this game; and now from my understanding you're going to be taking yet another thing away from players like me. 1. I buy bulk goods. (I don't have the time to spend 10+/hrs in a game) 2. RMT (I paid for a character and that was to help due to the amount of time it takes to do the simplest of things in Wurm Online) 3. Wurm Unlimited I officially started stepping away from Wurm Online for the last 6/mo due to time (with Wurm Online having no thoughts for QoL of their players) and finances, although I held onto my acct with the hopes of eventually coming back here and there to play, I guess you made that decisions a lot easier for me to not come back. Lets not forget about the expense for WO. (I know some don't agree but Wurm Online is expensive at least for me ). You know when I couldn't afford to pay for the premium for Wurm Online I would go and get my fix for Wurm and play from Wurm Unlimited but now you have even taken that away from me and hundreds of other players, but to top this all off you did all this with very little notice to your community just like you are doing now (it's a slap in the face really). In my opinion, yes, yes I know it does not matter to you, but my opinion all the same, if we mattered to you; I'm sure you would of talked to your community and shared with us your thoughts before you decided to take such a huge leap and run with all these drastic changes so damn fast (I am literally suffering from whiplash with all these changes and a really short time). seeing as we are the ones keeping this game alive and all that. . I Bet you didn't know that quite a few people came from Wurm Unlimited to Wurm Online do to it being advertised on the Wurm Unlimited launcher, WU should never have been pushed off and abandoned, hell It brought me to WO 4/years ago. This all is just starting to sound so familiar to me. There is this game called Life is Feudal (very similar to WO/WU), i'm sure you heard of them right? they had this awesome idea and made tons of money from their players and decided to launch a MMO with that income, once the MMO was up and running they said "screw LifYo which was their money maker" they did this exact same thing just in reverse order. and guess what happened to that game? they not only lost 85% of their players base because their soul focus was the MMO " that failed" but they also lost most of their LifYo player base do to them stopping any and all updates to their sandbox version, and the funny thing was/is if you read the posts that people posted on STEAM they called them out stating that they should take a page out of Wurm Online team on how to treat their customers, but I guess you took a page from them on how to push us away. What a joke. Be-careful Steam is brutal and can make or break a game and with the graphics and grind you will probably sink.
  10. Don't I see you always in trade with wtb some character or another? like literally every week.
  11. Planting in Cave

    And how do you doubt that statement Finn?
  12. Decoration

    The server Requim has a mod/code whatever that allows for making curtains, different bedding etc.. I would love to see a mod for Furniture or add to the tailoring mod.