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  1. Please add Darkken Island 7613, 6054 Remove 5124, 7538 Darken
  2. Please cod Sintress 70+ ql rake with 70+ botd.
  3. I keep getting an error trying to log in. huge lag spike then cashed; now I cannot get on.
  4. Hi was wondering if you do Knifes, forks and spoons? if so 70q with 70 botd on all and COD to Sintress please
  5. you're on Candance? are you in a cove or ocean. If ocean I will come and get
  6. Order: All Improved 70ql COD to Sintress please. Trowel 75woa - 1.2s Stone Chisel 77woa - 1.3s Shovel 81woa - 1.6s Saw 67woa - 75c Rake 80ql/77woa/66coc - 2.7s Hatchet 75woa - 1.2s Large Anvil 70coc - 90c - Possible WOA also.
  7. sold

    I'm interested, just coming back to wurm.. Character is Sintress
  8. Hi looking to buy building material. small and large nails planks and shafts bricks- slate, or stone brick prefer slate. mortar. Pm Sintress in-game.
  9. Wurm already recycles the map, its just slower then what you want. They cannot recycle the land the way you are suggesting because that would have to be a server wipe and that would cause alot of problems not to mention alot of players that would leave. As per my last comments to you, there are plenty of spaces open you just have to be more open minded to it and possibly alot more work. "But instead they log in and see the entire coastline a never ending terraformed ruin so they are Noppers out of the game then type in the feedback: "I was promised a wild untamed world that i could shape with alot of hard work to my own liking but all i found was other player's crap". They gave you Candence for that, if you where not here for that then you loose out on a great spot.
  10. I honestly don't believe this is a huge issue. When I first started, I wanted a place that had at least mine started, and flat enough for me to start. When I gained new skills then I started looking for a place I could shape myself. You now have 3 new servers and there's still plenty of land that has not been touched. Hell if you come on Xanadu there are still places that has not been touched. If you're looking for ocean views that would be where the problem is. Wurm allows its players to shape the land with little to no restrictions at all. If you are looking for a spot not touched by others you could go inland, build a cannel that leads to an ocean, but you may run into someone's deed talk to them, work together most if not all wouldn't mind you building a cannel that leads to the inside main lands (some may depending on where you want to build it) My point is your argument is moot. Yes I'm sure there are some players that have your point of view but really I'm thinking that number is very low, out of 100 players new and old maybe 2-3 want virgin lands and that is pushing it. here is the Xanadu map I see plenty of open space to build (if you want the ocean then its a bit more work) most ocean spots that are left are rocky areas, well guess what you can shape the rock and make it yours (virgin land) this is the same for Candence, Melody, and Harmony. I left Melody because I wanted to go back to my home on Xanadu and there was plenty of ocean area's still open, but with rock so a bit more work. The Dev team cannot continue to make more severs and they do not involve themselves in everyday mundane stuff. Goodluck in your search. You may have to be a bit more open minded when it comes to choosing a space.
  11. -1 you can't even ride a horse when you first start.