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  1. Selling my Deed on Melody, E24. Want the funds given to old character on Xanadu. Enderman. You would need to make a character on that server and get the silver. Asking price 90s Two Bison (breeding pair) 7 horses (Gold, Black, Brown. and some grey Named) 10 Sheep (1 black Female) Gold Mine ( at least a minimum of 7 gold veins, Slate, Iron. and more to be discovered) 7.5 Buildings the .5 is for the start of the clay brick building I will take and load up my Knarr, with my food (only) Clay Pit Cotton, whemp, hide. Amphoras and Planters most are 30q each. Comes with two sail boats and maybe a corbita (tbt) talk to me if interested. PM Enderman or respond through here.
  2. Make one yourself..roam around the map with a wagon or boat and be a traveling sales merchant.
  3. I have been making mountain goulash ever since I discovered it 4/years ago on my main Enderman. Mountain Goulash has always given full CCFP. because of all the ingredients, I ate some with 10% nutrition I get a full Calories, Carbs, Proteins but not 1 point in fats. Is this a known bug? if not I am reporting.
  4. Fast, friendly service. got 30-30 quality planters. Mailed them so I would not be charged for all the planters. Great service will use again.
  5. Show a screen shot of the settlement info.
  6. 1.5g. nah not worth that. 60s tops. Show a picture of the upkeep.
  7. Onions

    wtb onions looking for bulk orders but currently need 20, just COD to Sintress in game plz
  8. Animals

    I agree..I have bison on Xanadu that are on my veggie farm, and may 2 patches are gone. but with these on Melody I woke up to 8 gone.
  9. Animals

    Okay I will try that.
  10. Animals

    Maybe but it seems excessive now..
  11. Animals

    I have noticed that when animals are on veggies they are tearing them, I go form 1 patch of veggies to now 7 gone. I laid piles of mix grass but it doesn't seem to help.
  12. Hello looking to buy a Knarr.