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  1. yep-gratz Hveri-thats a tough one
  2. it also provides a place for spawns in highly deeded areas
  3. found it after long search. can close this now:P
  4. does anyone know of a town named Ghillie Ohu or a Moh Rehan style tower named Kegan 138. Neither are on the player map or in game route finder. Suppose to be somewhere around Shark lake within 1 map tile of s16. any assistance would be appreciated:)
  5. no need for that-just put a mine door on then remove-it levels the top
  6. oops -sorry -forgot to tell u -can u change Tongue Rest to special places instead of Deed-TY:)
  7. I think that main problem is Pilgrims gate - I am sure MCM would not have problem with it- Not sure but think they have been having problems with owners of Pilgrims gate-otherwise I think it would have been done already - not sure about what problems have been tho:)
  8. Just a couple of suggestions for arch for new players: I seems to me that characteristic gains are pretty good for arch-would be nice to see some basic arch tools as starter gear-maybe just a chisel since already have a shovel. Then new players will have option to grind BC that way as well as picking up some nice materials as well:) Also, would be nice to see the crude items % chance increased at beginning levels, I know while most of us really just throw them on the ground to rot- new players would probably appreciate them very much. Thank You:)
  9. Dont know whether this is bug or intended? Ligonberries dont seem to replant themselves-while I know ligonberries are suppose to occur naturally, I assumed (and dont remember reading anything to the contrary) that once they spread they would continue to replant like other bushes. While they do seem to stay around if u reprune them often, they fact that they just die off and u have to wait for the slowly to spawn again is annoying-especially to the small farmers like me with less than 10 tiles of tundra