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  1. yep-I was going to put them on all my crop tiles till I noticed they were taking damage. Decided they were too much trouble, stopped at a 100 or so.
  2. any thought on the minimum size needed for site spawn - I think some will have to be prepared ahead of time-like Glowing fissure-donthnk we have a lot of flattish rock surface around
  3. I know this is a subject brought up before. Now maybe time to renew it. Please let mayors have more control over them on deed. to be able to move them and turn them would be amazing and I cant think of any reason it could not be implemented in the game, even if we dont get to own them, at least we could position them how we wanted. Thanks
  4. Maker is Skyfalls. never made it tho
  5. oops-changed price for one boot-posted for pair
  6. This is a very unusual boot. In ways it is just like a normal Drake boot. But when examining it, it shows now color. When wearing it, it shows as white.but when you drop it on the ground it has no color. I have asked around and no one has ever seen or heard of any like it. Boot is 70+ QL. P.M. Skyfalls ingame for any questions Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: Yes, 20 silver. Buyout: None Sniper Protection: None Private Bids: None
  7. enjoying the pleasure of being able to SIT on a horse:P
  8. knowing when to take a short break when in RL you realize you are calculating how many slopes your neighbors yard is and how much dirt you can dig from it
  9. getting the ###### scared out of you by that perverted tower guard that likes to stand at the window and watch u while u imp something:P
  10. I have a bunch of colorless drake boots-not same name tho-but I think I got mine from Valentines day gift a LLOONNGG time ago
  11. yep-gratz Hveri-thats a tough one
  12. it also provides a place for spawns in highly deeded areas
  13. found it after long search. can close this now:P
  14. does anyone know of a town named Ghillie Ohu or a Moh Rehan style tower named Kegan 138. Neither are on the player map or in game route finder. Suppose to be somewhere around Shark lake within 1 map tile of s16. any assistance would be appreciated:)