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  1. Glass vials and the like would be a good idea. I think a glass greenhouse might be too advanced.
  2. Thanks, Ayes I guess it must have bugged when it worked before (guards outside attacking creatures within), and I have had them attack creatures that way many times before. And after finishing attacking, one or two of the guards do end up in the mine, lol Which is a pain. Oh well, I'll just have to keep on as it is. Hoping it bugs when I need the guards to kill something, and hope that none of them decide to go in.
  3. Holy <insert expletive here>!!! That's amazing!
  4. I tend to use the guards to help clear out anything that gets into the nearby mine, but they don't seem to be able to enter to be able to attack the creatures anymore, and I can't seem to get the creatures to leave the mine by chasing me. In the image the guards walk in the air, taking an aggressive stance, but they will soon lose aggro, and then walk off.
  5. Edited: Not sure if my PayPal account is verified or not. Gonna sort that out, then come back here
  6. 12 sleep powder for 1 silver each or nearest sensible offer Gonna use this to start my deed up with I'm afraid I cannot travel very easily, only having a sail boat (gift by the very, very kind and saintly Grifo) So, the buyer will quite likely need to come and collect them. I'm located at about E21 on Xan, very near an abandoned settlement called Windy Shores Estate (massive deed!) In game toon name is Chucksta. I also have a toon called Friarchuck.