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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Burn this Witcher!
  2. What has made you hate Wurm?

  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Thanks to everyone who was involved in this great Event. It was really fun and exciting what you have done to entertain us the whole week.
  4. [Resolved] JRE Portable doesnt work

    I found a solution. i had an older installation from another game and the filepath in the registry was wrong. just edited it to the actual one and now i can start the game with the java control panel. to access the control panel start the javacpl and then click on general and then on show temporary internet files and then you got a list with your java aps.
  5. [Resolved] JRE Portable doesnt work

    No i dont use remote. i dont have admin rights at this PC, but i can run some programs wich dont need to be registered by windows.
  6. Hello, i played Wurm Online sometimes at my Work PC. But Java got removed sometime ago and i searched for an alternative. I found JRE Portable and i could install Wurm following this instruction and the Launcher was loaded and ready to play. But i tried it this week and nothing happens when i drag the Wurmfile on the Javafile. Maybe soemone of you knows why it wont start anymore. Greetings Moosig
  7. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Thanks a lot for this Event. It was my first Impalong and it was impressive. Thanks for imping my Stuff and my Boat! Sorry i couldnt pick up my stuff, i thought it would last until today, thanks for mailing them to me. Greetings Moosig
  8. Want to buy small sailing boat

    Thank you alot Willslaphansien
  9. Want to buy small sailing boat

    Thanks for your reply. I managed to build it by myself. Only missing parts are the triangular sail and the two thick ropes. Maybe we can make a deal for this items?
  10. Helle Everone, as the Title says, i want to buy a Small Sailingboat. Im located on Release near Sloping Sands. Dont know about the Prices, so make your offer. Would be great if you could deliver it near my Location, since i die alot if i travel somewhere on foot.