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  1. @IllusionCan you get me the number of this guard tower? Would appreciate it Done
  2. Done. But the third one, Gavias doesn't have a number, could you please get the full name of that tower? Thanks.
  3. Well, the information on the map is only as good as the information the community gives me, and that location comes from MrCoolMan: If you find it in another spot, let me know where and I'll update the coordinates.
  4. Done and Welcome Back
  5. Location, Location, Location... The closer you are to the server border the more likely people are to come take a look, and stop by for tea and checkers, especially on Xan. Those are nice ideas you have Ayuna, would love to see them realized, but if you put it in the middle of Xan, like that jousting arena, it's unlikely to get too many visitors. Kinda like that awesome Puzzle Labyrinth, if there weren't portals to it from every starter town, their visitor count would be much, much lower than it is.
  6. Done, and Yay! Good to have you back Ani
  7. Done. The Gnome 482 was already on the list, thankfully I checked before adding the duplicate
  8. Done Corrected, sorry about the typo, and thanks for letting me know Done
  9. A discord server could be cool, yeah Or could just post mixes and singles here I suppose Here's one mix from a couple years ago that I like: Idris Elba isn't just a great actor, but a pretty good DJ
  10. Added, and congrats
  11. yeah, they used to last much longer, now by the time someone mentions in Freedom that it's foggy out, it's already dissipating.
  12. Still voting a huge +1 on this, and yes I still think it was stupid that they took it away
  13. Was put on the map about 10 hrs prior to your post Done
  14. Mechan was already on the map in that location. Just put it on a few days ago. I put the Vaelir one on. If everyone could refresh/reload their maps that'd help with duplicates
  15. Ahh, gotcha. Added the tower Done
  16. One can only hope that it's dead.
  17. yeah, that's definitely not the one that's on the map. The one on the map is a straight shot thru, double wide, supports throughout. Glad you got your power back up tho Yay!
  18. I'm a bit confused Spacy. The tunnel that's marked on the map with the western terminus at http://xanadu.yaga.host/#6803,2905 is the one I recently helped Tamryn finish up, and it was double wide and reinforced the entire length when I last saw it a couple months ago. There is another tunnel just south of there that goes from http://xanadu.yaga.host/#6805,2962 to http://xanadu.yaga.host/#7077,2962 that was always a little wonky. Is that possibly the tunnel you're talking about?