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  1. Yeah, that certainly looks like the base layout of the 3 great pyramids of Giza. don't think we need another pyramid on Xanadu personally. I know of two besides these that Idlamn pointed out... a massive road and terrain cleaning up project, now that's something I do on a regular
  2. All good suggestions. The trick with booze I've found, is carry 2 measuring jugs, fill one with 2 or 5 kg of wine/booze (depending on how long you're gonna be climbing). the other jug set at 1g (lowest setting). as you're climbing drag the booze into the 1g jug and drink - maybe set a hotkey for drinking. each drink of 1g gives 3 stamina back, so if you're fast enough on the drag and drink, you should be able to steadily climb. if you find you're getting low on stamina, stop and drink until full again. Also, if you're leading the horse, use the saddle sacks/bags to carry a backpack with your tools, maybe some extra water, picnic basket, etc. Can keep the window open to easily drag stuff into your inventory as you need it
  3. There is also the old reliable standby of foraging for it. you'll get mats - some useful, others not as much - and with any luck from the RNG gods, you could have enough silver after several hours-days of that to get premium. Back when i used it to pay for premium, it usually took a couple days of foraging to get enough to pay for the month. downside is it isn't as safe as staying on deed and banging out raw mats.
  4. you're welcome this is done
  5. Bison get a boost for wagons, and a 5 speed bison haul a wagon faster than 5 speed horses with decent (70-80ql) horseshoes. but other than hell-horses, regular horses are fastest for carts. Bison just don't go that fast on a cart. But any of those are faster than bulls.
  6. I gotta say, this whole post is just Amazing! The new lighting is spectacular, nice work! And really, really pleased to see the additions and promotions to the staff Astarte was my first GM encounter, scared the living sh.. um, daylights outta me, lol, and have loved every interaction with her since then Katspurr/Malena - love your work and your streams, glad to see you officially on the team Willow, Darklord, don't know you but have seen you around, thanks for stepping up and helping out, greatly appreciated, and good to see Idony is staying in the game Thank you devs! Keep up the great work
  7. Each of the servers has maps that are posted on the forums. Maybe take a look that those, see what areas look appealing in terms of water access, usable land (keep an eye on the elevation changes), and your desired level of remoteness, etc. Each server has it's pros and cons, some have almost no previously terraformed land, while others are less developed. Xanadu has the most land that is untouched, but some spots on it can be very remote and you might not see anyone in your local for days or weeks. There's also the lag that Xanadu has since it's such a big server. Wherever you decide to settle I wish you happy Wurming!
  8. Graham Hancock is awesome! Enki, meh, not so much, lol
  9. Update to this: the first leg of the tunnel is now passable by knarr. still work to do on it of course, and lots of work to be done on the second leg from the lake in F21 north to the coast, but progress is being made Anyone who would like to help out with some mining or perhaps a few strongwall casts, beams, etc., more than happy to accept the help. Contact Aske in-game. You can ask any NEXA member to alert you when he's online.
  10. I'll add a +1 to this. seems like something to get a little coin back into the coffers
  11. Personally I don't play this game in order to have an immersive fighting experience. I think if you're looking for that, there's like a thousand other games where combat is the focus and they do it much better. So maybe check those out, except that they're pretty boring after awhile even with their fancy fighting moves. There's never going to be a perfect game that hits it right in every facet. This one gets it right in a lot of areas though, and considering how few devs there are and how limited the budget is, what they've given us is a remarkably entertaining game. I would bet RL money that if you took a poll of active players, not just the professional whiners on the forums (looking at you, PVPers) they'd rather have diagonal walls and fences than a revamped combat system. Just sayin.