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  1. I agree, and stand to my -1. The km/h is something intuitive for every player at least outside the imperial measure universe, and is used to measure speed of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. I would understand a suggestion to allow mph in profile for those feeling uncomfortable with in UK, USA etc. A tile per time unit measure would require to adapt and learn to link to a km/h or mph measure one usually thinks of when relating to speed.
  2. I am fine with km/h and do not see any advantage in other kinds of display. Tiles/minute would be terrible.
  3. So far, I got a casket once when harvesting in season, don't remember whether from bush or tree. So forestry seems to yield treasure maps. But today, my priestess tried the journal goal "search via Farming or Harvesting" with forestry. That seems to work with farnland harvesting only.
  4. I have no problem with the change. In fact, I found the creed hopping kinda outlandish and strange, but well, in a sandbox game .. Only it troubles me that the constant bullying of a group of haters, whiners, and enviers caused it. They will soon find another target for mobbing.
  5. I think that the favor aspect is not enough known and published, frankly, I did not know it either, else I would have collected the skulls from the many gobs I killed instead of a "bury all". That said, there is no need of skull littering at all. And when riding the realms, I find at most 1 skull against some hundred dropped archaeology fragments. Those do decay, but very slowly. Edit: And bulk storage would be great.
  6. If they annoy you just sac them, gone. From the mere annoyance, I find piles of arch frags more disgusting. Maybe there should be a discard option for both.
  7. Short summary of what I did and got, thanks for all hints. I got 5 levels to 54.90 with caffeine. Used 100 kindlings successively combined to the coc99 one, always more kindlings than logs until the last one to avoid losing the coc. Took a bit over an hour, but looked worth while. Initially, the tick rate was very bad, maybe because the kindling started at 3.8 ql which went down with combining (combined ones under 2), and damage taken from failures. I do not care for piles, stacking them on a raft and using up as forge fuel. For stamina management, I use to be at 0% water, and use climb to arresst stamina regain (which is still fast with PoP).
  8. Jackal 2 when?

    You would have a shared silver and account space, that is the point. SFI and NFI characters could transfer all their silver to the other cluster. And I fail to see how that could be fixed without creating a mess, and open up the potential of new bugs and exploits. It would be better to first fix the code differences between NFI and SFI, and perform the merge before starting Jackal, or opening Epic to NFI which would raise the same problem. As I do not know what kind those differences are, it cannot be ruled out that they would affect accounts on a cluster like Epic or Jackal.
  9. Jackal 2 when?

    Yes Jackal was fun. But starting Jackal without connecting SFI and NFI seems close to impossible.
  10. Any hint for coal-making? Just grinding with low ql coc 99 kindling, skill gain ok, but very few ticks.
  11. A number of similar suggestion have been made before, and I am very much in favor to implement at least one of them (this one included). Possible: Chariot style driving (maybe modified small cart for) leading the hitched animal for additional speed (I recall the 5-6km/h when dragging myself as an f2p with the need to stop dragging before running from mobs) riding the hitched animal (e.g. donkey for f2p), maybe hitching restricted to donkeys and mules (?).
  12. Sorry you could not attend, Finn. Also had only some hours on 3 days, and missed a lot, but was truly great and much fun. Thanks to VirusMD, friendalong team, and GMs for that.
  13. The skill tracker is a great thing where you may observe your progress during a session. But, only during a session. Might it be a powerfail, a server hiccup, a client failure, your progress is gone. Same after every server crossing (technically a relog). The idea is to store the skill tracker values in a temporary file in the client (if it isn't already one there in some way). On restart, the skill tracker should have an option "Reload latest data?". If confirmed, it should continue where it last stopped, otherwise reset to zero as now.
  14. Quite some time ago, focusing was already faulty not or only in very late stages showing focusing "eye" in combat window. It was possible though to focus earlier, usually when the first special attack was possible, using the keybind (standard here: INS key on numeric tab). Now, that opportunity is gone. Moreover, focus "decays" ways faster than before. Even worse, even if you have focus left from previous fight, you cannot focus again without much delay.
  15. What I recognized was that with the regular maintenance and update on Tuesday a slight but incredibly welcome change has been implemented: When digging for treasure, there is no message anymore "You must not move when doing that.. You stop digging .." . Thousand thanks for, that mechanic was illogical (digging without moving .. ) and annoying.
  16. You cannot attack when mounted, neither when leading. But what seems to have happened was, that you were dismounted by the server (there are a number of unpleasant reasons for, bugs most, and lag or sync loss a major cause). Within the 12s between dismounting "you are teleporting .." and the death of the horse some of your moves was interpreted as an attack on the horse, and carried out. Depending on your weapon, one hit usually suffices. I assume that the log entries concerning targeting, attack etc. were swallowed by lag/sync problem. Had that more than once. And yes, that is most prolly a bug, and the whole UI options of attacking branded creatures are faulty anyway.
  17. Well, I would find it revolting to be forced to PvP to visit other PvE servers. Also, such a construct would raise tons of problems, bugs, and exploits.
  18. Some words about "toxicity". Player conflicts occur everywhere. I tend to say if a population is "younger", meaning less established and experienced, they are likely to occur more often. More experienced players know ways to mitigate clashes of interest, e.g. preventing deeds being planted on their doorstep, roads or tunnels cut in "unfriendly takeover" etc., possibly have ways to contact players with competing interests in advance for negotiation. If that is not or less the case, conflicts may escalate in mutual tit for tat and hostilities, at best, frozen conflicts. That may spoil the atmosphere of whole areas for some time (believe me, I had that). Also, Cadence is the most densely populated area in Wurm. The deed count is around 798, compared to 866 on 4 times larger Xanadu, player count 120-180% of Xanadu as the next one. Denser population may be felt nice, but also makes troubles between players more likely. When even the neighbouring servers don't report comparable issues, it is not to see that these problems would be contagious to the rest of Wurm. Rather it can be expected that they subside over time if they have not already done so.
  19. My condolencences.That looks very bad. I also already killed horses just because of misclick and/or lag, here synchronity seems to have played a role. Generally, I think that there should be precautions against unintentional killings. For example, no attack on branded or cared for creatures without confirmation.
  20. I fail to get the logic. Cadence, by participation, makes approximately 60% of the player community of NFI. Reportedly, among parts of that subcommunity (where it is hard to specify how many of them are contributing) questionable conduct and social interaction appears to exist. Now, taking your word (and I can confirm it from reports by other denizens of NFI) such behaviour does not or not remarkably exist on the two other servers. In other words, the "toxicity" did not even succeed to spread inside NFI, to the other 40%. Scrutinizing further, one may find that considerable parts, if not most of Cadence proper also are unaffected by. How do you believe that such problematic conduct could spill over to the much greater and much more diverse SFI servers?
  21. +1 to all, cooldown info, reduced, best removed cooldown (or just symblolically 1 minute).
  22. Ok, tbh I liked the hidden monsters though I had to run and heal up once :), but granted, giving players a chance to accommodate has a point. They disperse quite a bit if you flee, and can be taken one by one. And they are poor pursuers. But ok, my perspective. I like that they spawn exactly at the spot, do a console "firepillar" then to find it easily in case of retreat. Would be interesting how others see that.
  23. I agree that the way to ask for karma as an action is stupid and annoying. Yet, an action may be chosen afterwards which should remain an action. So either, no action until a "How do you want to spend it?" option other then "Do nothing" is chosen, or just integrate karma amount into /balances. Either way would be good, so +1 .
  24. Joedobo 338 2714, 2187 Joedobo 602 2666, 2187 Joedobo 842 2611, 2187 Joedobo 154 2561, 2187 Huey 162 2512, 2196 Moxie 626 2362, 2309 Abbynormal 842 2643,1558 Turidus 930 2767, 2188
  25. Right, Tundra too. Also it i not mentioned that on all except short grass ofc, average ql is high, mostly 99.