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  1. Thanks Demona for your work, and thanks to the team for the updates on AH, hope they will work out well. Great congratulations for the contest winners.
  2. That is widely correct. but was not my question, thanks for the answer though. I agree that beyond FS of 80, maybe even 70, "fights" against single creatures in PvE are no challenge, sadly. It can become bit more interesting when fighting a pack of, say, conditiones scorpions and trolls which happens sometimes especially in caves. Otherwise, the 3 hit kill mostly even applies to my sickle. But still I hope for some stronger opponents in PvE in the future, and therefore the question how to best enhance a staff (BT and LT alternatively, as I use both) is what interersts me, also for rift combat. For example, does a potion of acid imbued weapon still not glance?
  3. As the subject tells: How would one enchant and imbue (rune?) a silver staff in PvE. Is Potion of Acid still a thing despite the nerf a while ago? Do the other enchantments differ between LT and BT enchanted staffs?
  4. I never soloed but frequently fought rifts with groups of 3 or 2, both in the old (pre jackal) rifts and later. There have been a lot of changes to rift mob AI and abilities, some to the better, some not so much (in particular I miss the old ogre mage's internal wounds, together with their lower hp, they were more interesting). I also like the very dangerous pack behaviour of beasts, taunting in turn so stealing your focus and relieving the attacked beast. Agro range as well as adds behaviour has changed several times. The old behaviour was that a player could pull maxadd creatures (26 or so iirc) which was a disgrace frequently abused by noob "heroes" loving the many foes and dragging them on the fighting party, intentionally or not. Nowadays only a limited number of mobs pursue a single player, 5 or 6 max, and often a sensible mix of beasts, 1 or 2 jackals, and an ogre or summoner/caster. This can be a dangerous mix for a single player but avoids mass pulls. I very much appreciate that change despite your rant. Rift mobs nowadays do not indiscriminately attack creatures outside the rift, which is a great boon compared to the hitch and mount massacres of unpenned horses earlier, also no more mobs straying far away from the rift in regions with many creatures, especially mobs. They also do not pursue very far. After the Jackal launch, especially ogres and the WM used to pursue in excess of 150 tiles which I would not call advantageous. In general I frown upon your polemic only because soloing is hard (it certainly is). There has a lot been done and changed in rift mob behaviour, and much of it to the better. Of course one may criticize the one or the other aspect.
  5. Seldom read more incompetent and useless stuff about rifts. -1
  6. I shall attend, would like a room, can imp WS JS BS SC Pottery FC Shipbuilding . Dropped a bsb with some dye stuff east of the imping building yesterday.
  7. If I understand you right, you are saying "better let us spam rares, else we spam bulk and 'destroy' the markets". Well. I do not care about bulk, I make my own mortar, even concrete, so what. So better let you "us" destroy rare markets to keep you away from others? What about not multiaccounting? Punishing free players for your multiaccounting is like an alcoholic requesting prohibition to stop him drinking. As to the knarrs: Produced the 5925 parts within that period as well? Or just assembling? But even if, a creation ql knarr is 3-4s at best on SFI, Jpopper sells a ql93 for 8s.
  8. Thanks, Ammar. Perfectly ok to keep the loot (as much as I like Stanlee's events), great you allow us to come.
  9. In a way, yes and no. Alt usage is source of disputes in practically every MMO. One point of critique is that alt usage prevents cooperation between real persons which is certainly the case to some extent. On the other hand it just makes it possible to continue playing especially in low population games. Main character priests in Wurm certainly dislike the widespread priest alt usage. Using alts to "increase productivity" is a step further in the direction towards abuse and exploit. From certain numbers on it is doubtful that it is even performed without using forbidden third party "helpers". But certainly it is possible to operate ten clients or a few more just using repeat "F" keys fanning with the mouse over minimum sized windows. Is there a difference between parallel brick cutting and rare spamming? I think there is. I took the example of public slaying rolls because there a prize is rolled, and it is obvious that breaking the chance is cheating. In a way, rares also are a prize, given randomly by a chance depending on the frequency of actions. Multiple accounts spamming for rares is certainly breaking the chances. As a matter of fact it is tolerated so far by the devs and GM. Under all circumstances it is intolerable that f2p, or priests, should be punished due to multiaccount's rare spamming. Other games restrict the simultaneous usage of alts e.g. to max. 4 per IP (and per rule per playing RL person no matter which IP), and 2 players directly interacting e.g. in hunting parties.
  10. As the Title tells, Octopus inc sac is the only item for fruit press which does not tell the difficulty. It is probably a higher one, as even with over 90 skill in beverages, the quality of the ink wildly varies, and mainly towards low values between 30 and 49 in my experience though the inc sac was around 75.70 ql.
  11. I appreciate that you removed the accusation that my comment were a personal attack which it is not and never was. I do not know the person, much less a one playing multiple accounts, and have nothing than good to say about the player Davih once on what is now SFI. But you misunderstood or ignored what I wrote. In fact, already using 2 or 4 accounts for just spamming stuff to break the chance based system is questionable in my opinion, and I would not do it. There are some players who condemn alt usage altogether, but I consider that over the top and contrary to a sandbox game. And sure, there is no fix limit, and it is matter of personal choice even to extremely multiaccount as long as the rules do not forbid it. But it was you who proposed changing the rules in the first place. And I fail to consider it just to disenfranchise every basic account player only to force multiaccount rare spammers to sub (which will hardly abhor any of them). During public slayings the loot of the unique is (most times) rolled on just a chance based system. Any alt is declared to be excluded from the roll. It does not need to explain why.
  12. Reading that I ask myself whether excessive multiaccounting is not the core issue. Get me right, I am not crusading against alts. I am using 4 premium accounts, 1 mainly as miner/crafter/fighter/explorer, and 3 WL priests, would not exclude an additional BL in the future. In addition I have a few f2p accounts, mainly spread arount the servers and clusters for peeking into their daily lives at times (especially on NFI). I do not consider that widely over the top, ymmv. But when it comes to mass accounts, I personally find it somewhat repulsive, and I wonder whether that is not a way to derail gameplay for the whole community. I already found it strange that some held in excess of 10 priests of the same creed just for optimizing linking. And having tons of accounts for bulk, or here rare creation, I have my doubts. It juist feels not fair, maybe just my impression. It should be clear that a computer environment (not only in gaming) can emulate chance and randomness only in limited ways. We all (at least when familiar with mathematics) know that there is a tight relation between frequency and probability. When able to push the limits of frequency the chances can be heavily tilted. I know gaming environments where the number of accounts played at a time is limited, e.g. to 8 or 4 accounts, or even 2 actively played. This can of course only be controlled by IP, yet it would just need a rule forbidding to push the limits using VPN which may be hard but not impossible to control.
  13. I think OR and Etherdrifter expressed very well what I felt, and in better and calmer ways. I obviously reacted too snarky and want to say that I did not intend to offend Davih, whose SFI char I met a few times and who was a friendly and decent player. I want to apologize so far. Still I fail to see the problems SFI stocks of products and silver would cause to NFI in case of a merge.
  14. A word about the proposed rare ban for f2p: I played 40 days as f2p in 2017/18 intensely, and I got hands on a few rares, stuff like clay, tar, shafts etc. in that period and later after premming. As I was not a "whale" I was delighted that I could sell them for 20c each on average. I just fail to see why denying that to new players. And while it may be cheaper for an exploiter to create n f2p accounts for rare spamming, the cost of 4s per month for an initial account can hardly be considered prohibitive. A single creation ql rare tool or weapon easily goes for 1-2s or more even on SFI, no matter what some veterans may have in their LMCs. And as to what is now SFI, I did never see, and do not see now, that rare tools, weapons, equipment are so abundant that they are dead cheap. The prices may not be as insane as in NFI, sure. I fail to see why one should deny Northerners fair prices only for the profit of some greedy vets.
  15. Generally spoken: Forum rules forbid discussing or challenging individual staff rulings. General policies may be discussed though to my understanding. As to bans, especially permabans, they can be appealed at the head GM. Legally spoken, a permanent ban constitutes the cancellation of contract in civil law, it can be challenged by legal action.
  16. Generally spoken, -1. I consider all the ravings about the "thriving economy" in NFI by migrated WO veterans disgusting and sanctimonious. In fact, those players were the ones who immediately grabbed the opportunity, leveled up hundred times faster than a normal beginner, and dominated "the market". I am sure all available rarity exploits have been diligently used and abused on NFI where the prices for those were ten times higher. What are such veterans fearing from a merge? Competition and loss of monopoly. Sorry, f* the "economy". I can say that I possess a couple of rares, no supreme, no fantastic, and all except a rare hammer I got as a giveaway (Emoo or Madnath, not sure) rared by me, mainly by imping, in one case from archaeology, and one rare staff from a recent slaying as a prize. That other may have stacks of rares and supremes, especially when playing since long time, never did bother me, and there were no such bottom low prices seducing me to buy them. Why should non carpetbagger Northerners be denied the chance? Honestly, I had a look at the techniques to "mass produce" rares, and found them too boring to try. But I fear that those smart nerfs will impair my ability to get hold on or gain rares in the future. Btw. the myth about the shrinking population does not become true by saying it three times (or more often).
  17. The Libroarian

    Stanlee is highly experienced in persuading them
  18. I do not think that this is the right way, ostracizing unpopular proposals. While most unpopular suggestions are indeed crap, as the cause for this idea impressively demonstrates, suggestions should be evaluated by the staff, so do the comments triggered by them.
  19. The shop says: "These armour pieces come in a variety of materials and designs," Does that mean that one wastes e.g. 900 points for a tin shoulder pad? In other words: Is that RNG lottery or choice, or a catch all text because e.g. dragon used to be steel, triple cotton etc. ?
  20. Agreed, and that production effort is setting margins. All so trivial that one wonders that someone denies it while pretending to be "a capitalist".
  21. He is a capitalist in his dreams, without knowing what that is or means. He is, if not a kid or half gone pensionist, at best some clerk or errand boy dreaming of being something significant.
  22. One may dispute whether economy is science, scholarship, philosophy, whatever (note that science is not 2+2=4, that is elemental arithmetics), but time and effort calculation is in the core of any variety of it. And of course capitalists are not (necessarily) extremists, nor are communists, as far as such a dichotomy exists at all. That you do not want to study altogether is what you are displaying in every of your rants anyway.
  23. I understand, but I don't CARE, because I am capitalists and capitalists are not interested in what it cost to produce this good, they are interested in the usefulness of that good. Communists, on the other hand... You expose yourself as not being incredibly ignorant about Wurm, but also about everything, economic sciences in particular. Your primitive "Communists, on the other hand..." points to a right wing extremist. "Communists" like, let us say Marx, and "capitalists", let us say Ricardo, but also Schumpeter, or any other, clearly agree on what you deny, namely that the effort to produce any goods or services, does indeed matter in any economy. So does every "capitalist", and also every manager in, say, a Chinese or Vietnamese SOE. It is called cost calculation.
  24. -1 A couple of hardware and software architectures, especially on laptops and under Linux and MacOs, still have dark, partially far too dark nights, especially when on sea, and in caves. You have already the option to switch off ambient occlusion and volumetric, and can trim down brightness in the settings. The weather is another topic. To my knowledge, it is a matter of the latest OpenGL (which does not exist for MacOS and open source Linux Nvidia drivers [Mesa-GL]). Under those architectures you still have fog, lightnings, rainbows etc. but not the new pretty skies, even under modern renderer. It is a bit weird to hear thunder and learn that hay is taking damage from rain under perfectly blue skies.