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  1. Very nice to hear that!
  2. I've always believed that in Wurm, one of the things that makes or breaks a server's sucess is the map. Sadly in Wurm Online, aside from some marginally better exceptions like Celebration, we've got some really really bad maps. I believe that having a random map generated from some noise heightmaps is limiting the sandbox experience. I'll keep this thread up to post suggestions on how the new maps should be. Here's what I believe: A map should have an islands cluster area. There are people who love living on an island, you know the hermit types. What we failed to do in wurm maps all these years is have clusters of islands. Sure we had 4 islands on each map, but it felt like the VIP place for a small minority. Why not have an area full of small islands. If you think about it, every place on earth that has islands, has many of thems. The carribean has multiple tiny dots, the aegean sea here in Greece also has multiples of them clcustered together. An island should have rock, though not much of it, dirt, also not much of it. A good example of a nice island (that was before Mol Rehan turbo-nerds removed it from the map) was the small island south-east in the Chaos map. It has enough dirt, rock, trees and land to barelly support a single deed and that was all. If you wanted to do something big on it, you had to haul resources from the mainland. Continental areas. Two of them ! This is where the majority of the ###### is happening. There are abundant resources, traveling is easier and most people who adore the social aspect of the game and ... love their neighbor ... would like to play there. Instead of one continental area, I believe a map should have two of them. Two big continental areas, connectued by an archipelago sea to encourage traveling. Perhaps the island clusters should be inbetween to make for a good stop for the weary traveller. The two continental areas should have different amenities. Perhaps one should be more desert like with low vegetation but a very nice spawn rate for monsters to encourage hunting. The other could be more rich in minerals, perhaps due to a volvanic activity it should have more difficult rocky terrain with a lot of high quality ores.
  3. I can't emphasize more on that, I've said it many times, but please focus on: Setting up the game such as players will need to trade. Make material hoarding difficult as it used to be. Boost a bit the ship speeds especially the big ones. Make a very very very interesting and not random noise-generated map that provides different amenities on different parts of it. Make people feel useful even at the long term when some will get 90 skills and others wont. Part of what makes a sandbox great is that feeling you can do something important in it and affect the whole universe with your actions.
  4. Bro you are addressing the wrong group of people. If your expectation is the 50-60 veterans that haunt this forum and not the millions of unrelated gamers of Steam, you are doing something wrong. Obviously the people here will be dissatisfied by making WO Steam the flagship as it will deprive them of most of fresh new players and dev attention. What you must be asking yourself young blood, is if you'll get enough Steam gamers to worth this sacrifice. If WO Stream becomes a sensational success with four digit numbers in player count, the value of the accounts of a dozen veterans is barelly your worry. It's a risk though but that's how life works. But you can't half-ass this. You can't let the opinion of "wasted material" slow you down. Either commit to it or don't start it at all. "Whether you all as players would accept a launch on steam" ... T hat's the dumbest thing any fool has said ... ever
  5. WU was a mistake. Great short-term move but harmful for WO long term. A lot of us have said it since back then. WU servers combined have about 200 people online a considerable amount that if not for WU would be playing (and paying) in WO. It was obvious that if the server files were released, there would be talented individuals who would outperform the core WO devs in certain aspects of creativity regarding the game. People like Skloo and others who develop for their own personal servers, harm WO because they set the bar higher than it was previously required to be by taking the WO feature updates for free and applyig their own improvements alltogether. In startup world there's a critical mass of customers a company needs to reach in order to snowball and compound on it's customer base. But in gaming there's what I call also the reverse critical mass, which is that there's a critical mass of players bellow which, certain game features can't work. Trading, pvp, economy are ones that come to mind. WU player absorbsion tends to push WO towards that direction. Regardless of who's CEO and what current and ex-CEO's have said, I believe the WO teams is starting to realise this and wont continue supporting WU freeloaders with new features, which is what it should have done from beggining. Hell if you look at the majority of games, feature bundles are released as paid expansions, not given free of charge to competotors. Hosting a game server, supported feature-wise by a company for free so as you can make money through donations is ridiculous. Enough with "people's servers". Enough with "paid once, supported forever".
  6. May I weight in on something ? Although I'm biased, but anyway, please don't put your databases in docker. You're looking into disaster waiting to happen. Especially if you are running that ###### that's called MySQL
  7. I wasn't taking a dump on your server bro, on the contrary your server is pretty amazing Just saying that the average Joe hosting a WU server can't be as serious as a whole company that would stand behind official WO Stream servers. That's why MOST of the WU servers out there can't compete in "seriousness" with a possible WO official Steam server. I'm sure there are glamorous exceptions, but they are exceptions, not the norm.
  8. This is not 2007 anymore. The Wurm team has learned from the past mistakes enough to be able to provide data integrity. The point still stands, I'd trust WO Steam more than any WU server to put my time and money investment in.
  9. Opinion: WU doesn't offer credibility since it's user operated. That's WO Steam's strong point. WU servers are player made. They can go poof in a week, or they are run by shady individuals or you can get unfair treatment and noone would care to know. WU servers, they are not for serious investment so eventually they don't attract players. Opinion: Don't take away the "massive" aspect of the game. @Legios posted a graph with the WU players. It shows very small numbers. If it says something, it's that the amount of people who want to "minecraft" their way through wurm are very small. Wurm's more complex and deep. It's not a game designed for LAN with your buddies. Wurm works best in an open persistent world with a lot of people. It encourages trading which brings life into it's economy, one of it's attractions. Small servers such as WU don't have this beautiful aspec that WO has (or once had). This doesn't mean though that theres a batziliion of players in Steam waiting for an open world persistant MMO to arrive. But it surelly means that going "minecraft" means competing with WU for a customer base of 500. Don't go there. Opinion: Old players should not be your primary target group. Most of us that have been through a lot in this game. Some of us are toxic, some others are here just to make money out of the game and so on. Old players have nothing to provide in this new venture. Quite the contrary, they can drive new players of steam out of compentition because they know every quirk of the game, they can skill much faster and so on. Dear old players, @Ayes, @Brash_Endeavors, @Amadee and the rest. If WO Steam suceeds, there's no need for new players to join "our" cluster. They will simply join the WO Steam and as it will bring revenue devs will focus their work there. Soon you'll be playing single player on a multiplayer context. Inevitability is what will make our accounts and efforts of the last ... 10 years, insignificant. Deal with it, Knock Knock, who's there ? Reality ! And Reality says : Nothing stays forever. Opinion: Wurm skilling should be a bit easier to accomodate for the generation useless (Millenials, Next Gen and the rest of instant gratifiation junkies). Suggestion: Skilling should be free, premium should get a class specialization, read bellow. @MrGARYproposed a good solution. Here's one different from me. Once premium for the first time, a player will pick a specialization, e.g. builder, crafter, smith that contains a couple skills (4-5). One of those skills can be designated as master skill and get a 3x gain. The rest of the skills of the specialization group will get a 2x bonus. The bonus will last as long as the player will stay premium. An account that has gone premium once, will get the 20 cap while non-premium as it works now, to prevent people skilling up accounts and keeping them without prem and fully useful. This will help people build professions and seek others for their services on their professions too. This will also make the game more approachable to millenials and the rest of the next gen lazy people while maintaining the hard grind identity for those that wish to push more skills. Suggestion: Don't generate random noise maps, they don't have variety. Make realistic map and climate. What makes trading bloom is that not all areas are able to accomodate all materials. You shouldnt be able to plant cedar next to the water, nor have sand up on the mountains. Very high altitude should not have that much plantation. Higher quality ore's should be common on mainland with high altitude mountains while low quality in low altitudes. And so on, you get the idea. Spoiled brats should not have everything available next to their stone double door, cause if they do it's like playing single player, on the same server with 1000 other people seperated by a couple of fences. Independence was a bad example of a server. You could be next to the water, have huge plains for crops and a very steep moutain next to you with all the ore available. That's not realistic. And let's not talk about that huge dirt layer Suggestion: Hoarding materials shouldn't be easy. Hoarding materials makes trading and player interactions not work. Containers should go back to how they used to work in 2014 and prior. Decay is good, we should embrace it. Overal, my opinion is that you should treat this as a new and seperate project. Something completelly different as it targets a new breed of gamers. If you ask people on a game con what's wurm online, nobody will probably have a clue. So nothing to lose. Also ignore most of the established player suggestions. All they want is a way to keep their hard-earned highly skilled characters, or prepare the ground on the new "world" to get there easily and much faster than every new player.
  10. Maybe he was a Turing capable automaton.
  11. O boy so many memories from that 2nd video. Sometimes when I'm on the bus traveling and look outside the window, all these things come to mind. How I started in Independence, build my first house to become a cook, became a goods transporter, created my first deed, griefed my neighbors, joined MR in Chaos, stole their map data and joined BL, had my first deed flattened to the ground, rebuild a new deed, glitched the ###### out of construction bugs, saw the birth and colapse of many kingdoms and so on. Wurm's such a magical game. All those long hours, the staying up all night, the joy of creation, the saddness of destruction, meeting friends, making enemies, flaming, trolling, getting banned, the feeling of being part of a group with a goal and the solidarity and loneliness feeling when building a deed at the warfront all alone. Wurm has so much and most of all the uniqueness of it's world mechanics. I hope this change wakes up this itch inside us older players and makes us attracted to the game once again.
  12. I was searching in reddit for "MMO's with depth" to find something to play since I havent played a game for over a year. After not finding anything decent out there, I thought to myself, hey why not go back to wurm. Pay some euros, get some new toon. go to Chaos and build my old fortress. Fast forward ten minutes, I'm reading this topic. Imo this is much better than a slow death that wurm (I assume) is going through the last couple of years. Regardless of the effort put, it was clear that the game was not up to date with the mentallity of the modern gamer nor it could steer itself towards a viable direction. That's life. There's no way to know what's good or bad for a game. We tend to think that sucessful games are made by great people and sometimes we forget that most of the time it's all about luck and coincidentally picking what will attract the masses. Now if the public information is right, the way I translate it at least is that Rolf sees no future in the game, but someone else does. That's why he bothered settling for an evaluation that most indie games would never be able to achieve. Clearly the new daddy sees something in the game and will try to make profit out of it. There are many cases of games that after leadership change, managed to change route and find a path towards stability and maintenability. Hope is always better than the certainty of failure I suppose. It's also good that they keep Rolf around too. Steering a car towards a great destination always requires someone that knows it inside out, to teach you how to drive first
  13. Wurm has a unique set of features that require a community to function. As players get older, they tend to naturally quit games. That exodus of players has to be countered by the influx of new players. If that's not happening, community oriented features can't function. We get no trade, empty towns and maps, no pvp etc. Maybe advertisement would help, I don't know. But we clearly are losing players at a rate faster than the rate we are converting new ones. Pricing is not an issue, never was. Complaining about prem cost is the result of low population. Low population -> low activity -> less wars, less projects --> less ingame jobs --> more difficult for non-paying premium people to make silver to pay their premium. If there's one BIG issue with WO, that's WU. Sharing the unobfuscated jar files with the public was a terrible idea. Rolf essentially gave (or sold) away his creation to the masses in where, there certainly would be much smarter and creative individuals who'd leech on his updates and apply their customizations to create a more attractive product. As a result, stealing away players from WO into WU.
  14. I know I must not be saying that, but I totally agree with you. Here's a lesson though: Life's not always fair nor tailored to our needs. What's right for some might be wrong for others. At the end of the day though there's no absolute law and rightfulness. Sometimes all it takes is some risk to get some reward. It's all in the probabilities. (Wink wink)