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  1. Making Wurm Feel More Alive

    Wurm has a unique set of features that require a community to function. As players get older, they tend to naturally quit games. That exodus of players has to be countered by the influx of new players. If that's not happening, community oriented features can't function. We get no trade, empty towns and maps, no pvp etc. Maybe advertisement would help, I don't know. But we clearly are losing players at a rate faster than the rate we are converting new ones. Pricing is not an issue, never was. Complaining about prem cost is the result of low population. Low population -> low activity -> less wars, less projects --> less ingame jobs --> more difficult for non-paying premium people to make silver to pay their premium. If there's one BIG issue with WO, that's WU. Sharing the unobfuscated jar files with the public was a terrible idea. Rolf essentially gave (or sold) away his creation to the masses in where, there certainly would be much smarter and creative individuals who'd leech on his updates and apply their customizations to create a more attractive product. As a result, stealing away players from WO into WU.
  2. Is it legal?

    I know I must not be saying that, but I totally agree with you. Here's a lesson though: Life's not always fair nor tailored to our needs. What's right for some might be wrong for others. At the end of the day though there's no absolute law and rightfulness. Sometimes all it takes is some risk to get some reward. It's all in the probabilities. (Wink wink)
  3. Increased Macro Questions?

    Macroers induce Gaussian distribution properties in every action their bot performs to avoid all what you said. Gaussian distribution has this marvelous property you see: every naturally occurring phenomenon (eg a real person imping) that involves influence from many external factors tends to follow a Gaussian distribution pattern on the long run. The human intervention is always necessary and is the right way to counter cheating. The goal of the anti-cheating campaign was never to catch everyone. The goal is to prevent cheating from becoming a mainstream phenomenon. There will always be people with skills and knowledge that far surpasses those of the developers, but those are usually hobbists. It's the mainstream, vanilla, casual, lowly knowledgable highly greedy average wurmer that must not be able to macro and flood the market with his unethicly attained items. And to that there's a good job being done by the team.
  4. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Well I was not replying to attack you. My point was that since the general feeling would be good towards the team as a whole, some black fish in there would find good opportunity to hide behind this generalisation.
  5. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    The topic is misleading. You cant group all individuals together and judge them as one. There are good GMs and bad GMs, not everyone is the same. Would be better if the topic was: Rank the GMs from best to worst. That would be interesting.
  6. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Many things but if there's one Id pick over the rest, that would be the Mol Rehan of Chaos. Seeing their red and yellow avatars in the forum and their similar to old British Empire "we are above all" temperament even nowadays gives me nausea.
  7. Fair game play hits a new low

    Most of you freedomers have not seen your deeds flattened down to the ground and disbanded. So over the years you form a very false sense of entitlement and ownership. Events like this are a blessing that redirects freedom away from its mental detour and back to reality. I find it also very funny that this other Freedom market hugger came to this topic and is debating the ownership of a dragon hatched from an egg. I dont know who did this, but Im with you. Nice job.
  8. New HotA System

    I find it very peculiar that I start to agree with this stooge from the Vatican. The pillars should be four ? (I'm not so sure now hehe) 1) The influx of statues and moonmetal from HotA should be regulated. If the pillars are like 6 or even worse 10, then we won't have influx of rewards every four days. It might take 10 days to get a HotA to complete which lessens the amount of items looted. 2) Less pillars adds the "random" factor since kingdoms won't be able to wait for the optimal pillars to spawn for them while capping only one for event sabbotage. If you add many pillars, you essentially allow people to manipulate the event into what we have now. No more than four pillars. If you are unlucky this time, you will get lucky as a kingdom the next HotA event which may spawn better locations for you. 3)If I get it right, you have to cap all the pillars. Taking six pillars is much more difficult than taking four. Especially with the current population count. 4) More pillars means more difficulty asserting dominace on all of them by the Chaos kingdoms. This will turn the event like the Easter Egg hunt ###### the freedomers have in their crappy servers. Plus it will encourage many randoms from freedom and soloers to loot moonmetal. This might make the influx of the metal unregulated. Keep freedomers and their Easter Egg hunts out of the bad boys server. Very important: Also guards are necessary as implemented but not enough. We need to prevent naked alts from drive-by looting the pillars daily. It only takes a second to open the container and pull out the metal. Most of us veteran alt abusers can run past the guards with a naked alt, take the moonmetal and run away before we get hit and slowed down. We need a mechanism that will force the looter to stay put for some seconds in order to get the metal. Lock the container with a low ql lock or some other mechanims that will induce pick up delay.
  9. New HotA System

    Actually your post was pretty good. Why did you remove it ?
  10. New HotA System

    The fences is a very tricky situation. It can help those determined to farm the camp for one or two days, work hard to secure their investment against vultures but on the other hand it can help opposing kingdoms sabotage each other easily. Once kingdom A moves from camp 3 to 4 to do the 4/4 , kingdom B can go to 3, break in their fences, cap it, place their own fences and go away. Do they have enough time to do that ? Maybe ? Will they bother ? Who knows. Difficult to assess if the construction in the camp is a good or bad thing, only time will tell.
  11. New HotA System

    I agree on the sparkles. If it's not easily visible, client hackers will be the only ones that will get there. Now a more serious issue I've seen so far and others have also mentioned: People will use alts to safely check for the moon metals periodically. We definitely need to add guards. About six of them should be enough for even the strongest alt out there. But alts can still run past them, grab the loot and run away. So the loot should be accessible through some delaying mechanism. Either lock the container with a low quality lock, or make it work as the token drain: You click on the tower, select salvage and after 60 seconds you either get the contents or get nothing.
  12. New HotA System

    [Feature-1] Possibly add an indication on examining a battle camp: This camp is controlled by : <controlling kingdom> or This battle camp was is neutral. Currently the only way to know which kingdom owns the camp is by the death tabs. [Feature-2] Increase the fireworks pillar height to locate the camp easily. Possibly make it as high as the WL/BL glowing pillar. Locating the camps should not be a search intensive job. If battle camps are not visible especially when in forests, people might resort to other (shady) ways to see them. Nah, getting there first isn't that important, this is only for the last camp if a team has already done the other three and wants to ninja, not that probable. [Question-1] What happens if I fill the camp container with 100 piece of an item. Will it be able to spawn moon-metal then since the container will be 100/100 . [Question-2] The camps seem to have random integer damage from 2.0 up to 14.0 noticed so far. Normal ? [Question-3] What happens if there are items inside the container of the camp when the 4/4 gets captured and the camp evaporates ? Could this cause trouble with certain items that should not be destroyable ? Will they drop on ground ? Yes they do. [Bug-1] Once you capture 4/4 of the camps, the camps go away, but the beacon firework stay. I don't know if this is intended, but it can get confusing when trying to determine if the event is over.
  13. New HotA System

    I think this is going towards a good direction. Will have to think about it and play at the test server before I give my feedback. The roaming and searching aspect seems very promising as greed and overconfidence will lead to nice pvp/ambushes.
  14. I think travelling in wurm as a "necessity" and as a major part of the games economy has long been lost due to the multiple bad features such as mailing, wagoneers, karma teleport etc. One more feature that goes against the wurm's mentality won't harm the already dead travelling aspect of the game. +1 from me for that reason only.
  15. Even seasons

    Have you tried talking to Wurm and it's moons about it ? I'm pretty sure that if there's someone that can make this happen that'd be the planet itself and it's moons. (Now that's IF we believe that Wurm is a sphere and not flat like the flatwurmers of Xanadu believe). +1 from me.