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  1. lol. Ugly yes, but it's intended as the nicer interface for a headless install. Most Headless Linux installers look like this. I chose this, because I assume if you're running a dedicated Linux server, you're not putting a GUI on it. The "UI" is standard, not something I wrote Here's some examples: Accepting True Type Font EULA on Ubuntu: Accepting Xen Server EULA (released last year, and used by companies like Rackspace and Amazon):
  2. So, I got Wurm Unlimited during the Steam Winter Sale last month, and it was everything I was hoping it would be! The issue is that installing a Linux server SUCKED. The docs were bad at worst, and recommended bad things to have it run in the background. Also, it was missing key information -- things like "what do the kingdom numbers mean" and "I need a 'gamedir' blank file in the directory for the server files?" Sooo. I'm a DevOps (Development Operations) Engineer by trade, so I decided to do what I know best: automate all the things! Today, I released the v0.1.0 beta release of Wurm Unlimited Friendly Linux Server Installer What it does: * Asks you for how you want the server configured * Ensures that you put in good values * Tries to give best guesses at things as the default values (server IP, for example) * Provides a friendly, easy-to-use user interface for the install (99% of the people who use it won't have to type in the console past pasting the install command in) And here's the link: Scroll down to the README output to see how to install. Hope everybody likes, and feedback is always appreciated. Here's some pictures of the installer: Set the bind address (server IP) Set Admin Password Set Homekingdom Set Server Type (Creative/Adventure) -- If the Home Kingdom only works on a single server type, it auto selects the server type for you.
  3. Might want to check out my how-to for hosting on Linux (the official docs are horrendous, which is why I wrote my own).
  4. @onliveserver: my document clearly states that the entire how-to was written around Ubuntu Linux (16.04.3, to be exact). I'm not sure what you're asking.
  5. Just an update: The issue was `IP` didn't exist in my configs. I updated my configs, and @BigDawgLoKilooks to be in good shape now. Again, if you have any issues with my walk-through, let me know!
  6. @Sklo:DI wouldn't call myself a "Linux Pro". I'm a DevOps engineer by day, and I work 100% on Linux, so I know a few tricks
  7. Updated the doc with a fix for that. Also PM'd you the file to change to resolve this.
  8. Not sure if this is the place, but I wrote an article on how to set up a dedicated Wurm Unlimited Linux server, and figured I'd share it with everybody in case people want to do this. It doesn't detail how to migrate (a guy has gotta have his secrets), but it will show you how to set up a new one. If anybody has issues running through my instructions, feel free to let me know! EDIT: I've scripted it out (in about an hour -- no promises), and put it up on GitHub. If you feel brave and are willing to test it, feel free!