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  1. Message me here or Kindrashae in game.
  2. Darn real life!! And thank you
  3. Some party pictures! (If anyone wants to be taken off the post, please let me know!)
  4. oops. can't get it to put the image... argh
  5. Also had a 5s horse die the other day on my wagon, fat and healthy as far as I was aware when I logged out the day before. Don't recall if it was cared for.. it was 'aged'
  6. Thank you Alkhadias, for the wonderful gathering! Well done to you and the Academy (and friends!) I took some screen shots to share, so here they are (I hope, fairly new to this posting stuff!) Also a big thanks for staying at the end of a long and busy day and risking your neck to save your wayward Academy member. Now that's loyalty, folks! ? Kindra & Zelva Safe haven The crowd gathers the gathering was well attended! The brave slayers overview of the gathering Still trapped the dragon emerges Just out of the cave! Extreme closeup (bad breath!) Rawr!! Bloodshot eye Final roar! Helpful Worg Skeletons were in attendance!
  7. It would be great if we could climb trees, get a better view... often when travelling in the woods the trees really get in the way of visibility. (like when looking for a rift, I often can't see the beam even because of all the trees!)
  8. It would be great if instead of just the loose carpets, we could choose to carpet the floor the same as we do with wood or stone flooring. Would be the same size as the tile, look neater. Dye like other cloth objects.
  9. I don't want to have the fire die on me every time and have to put more kindling in... I use peat, and it stays going. Inventory would be nice yes but would also be nice to have 'regular' tables and be able to set things on them... like plates, for example. or flowers... (Now I'm just getting greedy! :P)
  10. Yeah there can be work-arounds but I think the prep table would work better in the game, and I don't think it'd be too difficult to implement I don't want to cook in a raft! Imagine how sore my back would be after a long session. And lighting after works, if you are doing just a single round of meals... but if you want to leave the oven lit over a long time, that won't work.
  11. I was just putting together some meals, and I thought that things would be much better if we could have a prep table to work on. Inventory is limited for space, oven if you are cooking a lot, the meals can cook before the ingredients are all in... having a prep table to chop etc and put the meals together on before they are ready for the oven, would help a lot and would make sense in the terms of the game play. Where we could put the frying pan or other cooking vessel, get the ingredients ready, and in the vessel then just pop them in the oven when we are finished.
  12. please add my deed, Solace, at 3340:-3034 Thank you