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  1. It's already been answered... The current 5 speed horses have 3 speed traits and 2 of the draft traits... so will be reduced to 3 speed while riding. These 3 speed traits will not affect vehicle speed, but the 2 draft traits will. So they will be middle of the road, with an edge toward the speed traits as riding horses.
  2.,2373 Elysium Can you please add it to the map?
  3. If you get too much let me know, I could likely handle some of the overflow (NFI and SFI)
  4. These are all the participants for the race! (If you have a better image you want me to use, let me know!) pm Killashandra
  5. Some shots I took of the event!
  6. Great job, all! Here's a shot of the dragon right before the mob descended! Thanks for the public event, well hosted!
  7. Message me here or Kindrashae in game.
  8. Darn real life!! And thank you
  9. Some party pictures! (If anyone wants to be taken off the post, please let me know!)
  10. Also had a 5s horse die the other day on my wagon, fat and healthy as far as I was aware when I logged out the day before. Don't recall if it was cared for.. it was 'aged'
  11. Thank you Alkhadias, for the wonderful gathering! Well done to you and the Academy (and friends!) I took some screen shots to share, so here they are (I hope, fairly new to this posting stuff!) Also a big thanks for staying at the end of a long and busy day and risking your neck to save your wayward Academy member. Now that's loyalty, folks! ? Kindra & Zelva Safe haven The crowd gathers the gathering was well attended! The brave slayers overview of the gathering Still trapped the dragon emerges Just out of the cave! Extreme closeup (bad breath!) Rawr!! Bloodshot eye Final roar! Helpful Worg Skeletons were in attendance!