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  1. well if that is indeed the dev's intent, and reasoning behind it all, I'd say that's pretty cheeky, Because a lot of us I am sure, take breaks for what ever reason, I just had to take such break because one of my RL beloved pet had to be put to sleep, It messed me up for two days, so I didn't log in much, but when I did, I found myself with a lot of catch up work to do, unpacking tiles, feeding no longer "fat" animal's, if this be their true reasoning behind this,then I am sorry, I will leve the game I love so much, =( =(
  2. Animal troughs of different size's would be easy to make, saw on a log [___________] , [___] [_____] and then a caving knife to hollow out the center a little since animals are all ready Al to graze, so set the coding to graze? If there is no grass, to graze on they will use the troughs, and maybe you guys out there would have better suggesting to coding?
  3. i agree right now, you have got to have a large area just for your chickens
  4. I have a suggestion, domesticated chickens!! Lead with a rope right click domesticate, take home and groom with in 24 hours egg spawn for chicks increase's!! we need to be able to have more chick. Has it stands right now, are hens grow old and die, with no baby's, please fix soon
  5. why cant we have a transport ship? I agree 100% we need to be able to cross server are animals, for breeding and selling