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  1. Hello, ill take: saw (81ql) BoTD 67, hammer (42ql) Coc 89, small anvil (22ql) 86 Coc, trowel (73ql) WoA 87, sickle (1ql) 71Coc, pendulum (54ql), metal brush (81ql) BoTD 79, needle (80ql) coc 86
  2. hatchet, shovel, rake, scissors. needle, awl, file, hammer, spindle ( cedar ), Please Cod to Alkirek
  3. The views from the top of the mountain will be even better Great work!
  4. Please add: Name: Willow Moutain Position: 5958, -6139 Mayor: Alkirek Thank you!
  5. Thanks Legios, this information is useful to me :). FranktheTank, It's fine for me. Thanks
  6. Thanks Retro this is helpful I will have a comparison
  7. thanks for reply @shakys- plans later to buy more, for now the budget version @Ekcin- I think similarly, probably change to Seagate thanks for Your opinion
  8. Hello Wurmians! I finally decided to buy a new PC to play better and more in Wurm ( sometimes for work ) :D. Below specifications that I intend to buy: Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 Motherboard: MSI B360M PRO-VDH Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6GB RAM: Corsair 8 GB Vengeance LPX Black | x2 ~ 16GB HDD disk: Toshiba P300 1 TB SSD disc: GOODRAM 240 GB CX300 Power Supply: SilentiumPC Supremo L2 Gold 550W +3 24' monitors full hd What you think about this set? It will run at 60fps on the highest settings and all effects on? Does anyone have a similar set and can I expect some probems or crashes? Or maybe something change? o/
  9. WTS Stuff

    How much for rare longsword? :)
  10. It's a great idea, I will definitely have that in mind!
  11. TimothyMarker, thanks for reply. I'm very sorry about it, but I understand, these are the rules. I just realized it was too late
  12. Reylaark, thank you for response. You're right I've never bought a premium for this account. It was just my alt - the account was a decay preventative magazine I am not sorry for the account itself, only the items that were on it. From what I found in the forum, such an account will be deleted after 3 months of inactivity, but technically this time has not passed.
  13. Hello! Recently I am trying to log in to the game client as well as on the site to the old account but i can't. When I try to log in to the site receive message: "Sorry we could not authenticate player: Server result was 'An error occurred when loading your account." When trying to log in to the game client : "Please register account... etc." I last logged in on 15-12-2017 Account deleted? Where can I get more information or help with this? Is it possible to restore the deleted account?