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  1. Yeah, I figured that, I ended up just running the mod anyway and found out. But thanks.
  2. Can someone give a quick rundown of how this works? I know it's a client mod, but the description isnt exactly clear. Does it lock the server time, or only the time of day for the client?
  3. Hello, the wiki and forums have zero info about parrying or dodge. Thus I have no idea how they work. I found a forum thread on blocking which described the mechanics well, and I'm hoping to find similar info here! How does parrying work, what does it actually do? Does it block all forms of psychical damage such as from creatures and animals, or does it only block weapons based attack, such as from humans and trolls? Does the ql of the weapon effect chance to parry? Also how does dodge work? I was completely unaware of this mechanic, so I don't know if there even is a skill related to it. Haven't played this game for quite some time. Are there any spells or items such as armors or weapons which also effect dodge?
  4. Hello, can't seem to find a mod which does this. I enjoy the idea of hunger and thirst, but I would want to reduce this rate by about 50% for my own personal single player game. How would I go about doing this?
  5. PvM

    The description is vague and there are no screenshots. Im not sure of exactly what it does.
  6. hah, there is a rift event mod spawner... this is good... game still needs more PvE/PvM though, but this is good
  7. I feel that it's best that I specifically not do this, and focus on trivial things such as blatant false advertising with obscure developers
  8. No, but they certainly need to take the time to change their description of the game within the store page for this game. That will certainly need to happen.
  9. You would be surprised in how the FTC actually deals with complaints.. They certainly do not ignore them
  10. I dont believe this is true. Also, simply containing the ability to play rifts within WU is meaningless if the player cannot access them by normal means of play. This means there should be a clear option to set up rifts, as they are a significant portion of gameplay, which is why the option needs to be visible or at least accessible by some other reasonable means . There is not even any official documentation or advice to execute rifts, which definitely constitutes false advertisement here in the United States.
  11. Here are some laws regarding truth in advertising in the United States, if anyone is interested...
  12. Hello, do rifts exist in Wurm Unlimited? I read somewhere that they do not, but I'm unsure of the accuracy of the source. Also, the store page for Wurm Unlimited specifically states: "Wurm Unlimited is the standalone version of the fantasy sandbox world Wurm Online and expands upon the already expansive sandbox by placing players in charge of server management, allowing them to dictate skillgain rates, action speeds, creature counts and much more." I would argue that rifts are a significant component to gameplay, especially since the game generally has less focus on PvM, which should give even more reason to include rifts within Wurm Unlimited. Would this statement constitute as false advertisement since rifts are specifically excluded from Wurm Unlimited?
  13. PvM

    You don't believe that a greater PvM focus would fit well within this game? I certainly do.
  14. PvM

    Hello, are there any mods which add more focus on PvM sort of like a traditional RPG? Maybe even quests? I enjoy all the building and crafting features, but I feel the game is severely lacking with actual things to do, for a solo single player gamer such as myself, at least. Great game, just wish it had more.
  15. post your OS also, try uninstalling the game, then uninstall all versions of java download the correct version of java runtime