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  1. If you can afford the subscription then play in WO. I think the most important part of the game is the community and the camaraderie you can find, and in WO there are still a good number of people that will welcome you. Even if you play casually and don't skill much, there are things you will enjoy doing if it's inside a community, like farming or cooking. If you go into WO hoping you will be able to pay your sub while playing, then it's better for you to go WU. It is doable to sub like that, but to do it comfortably you will have to depend on the goodwill and generosity of people to give you good deals, which generally won't happen often (i'm talking from experience here, i still thank my benefactors for the opportunity to play). On the other hand, WU is not bad either. There are a bunch of good servers out there with different settings to match your desired playstyle. If you don't want the grind then there are servers with elevated rates out there. Want vanilla? there is that too. The server i'm playing right now has vanilla rates but modded kingdoms, religions and new monsters, if you are into it you can check it out, it's called Awakening. Another thing to take into account, like the person before me said, is that WU servers tend to be on the more undevelopped side, so depending on the server you will have a hard time procuring high-end tools with enchantments on them, as opposed to WO, so you might want to check that out if you are more of a power player.
  2. Whenever i disable either GLSL support or VBO support this happens, which i find curious because disabling thoses setting help my performance the best. I've seen it happen to bears too, but for them it doesn't happen all the time, there are moments when they are normal and others when they are like this. What could be causing this? I use Intel and I'm up to date as far as i know with everything.
  3. Well, the Russian server had an epic setting, had the skill curve thing and also had all those very dangerous monsters roaming around (i was once ambushed by a son of nogump, not a fun thing to happen lol). The Russians didn't see me as a threat or something because they all left me alone, so i just kept to myself trying to not bother anyone. They all had their political stuff and everything so i don't think they had the will to deal with someone so small time like me anyways. Maybe the epic servers in here are more free for all? or more aggressive to new people? The thing is, i kind of prefer pvp more. I am no fighter, but honestly, all there is to do in pve is build stuff and hug friends, and maybe kill critters every once in a while. In pvp you have more things to consider, like relations to other people and security. I do have my noob mistakes and experiences, so i kind of know what i'm talking about.
  4. I purchased Wurm Unlimited over a year ago and it was really good. The sense of exploration was really awesome and you could truly feel that you could make anything if you put your mind into it. However, after a while of playing it i understood that the Unlimited community as a whole is very fragmented: Half of it are empty servers that rarely prosper and the other half are these heavily modified servers that i don't care to play in since i'm a vanilla kind of person. The last server i settled in was this Russian one that had vanilla rates and settings and had its history too, so you could explore all these ruins and wonder what happened there in the past, the best experience i have ever had in Wurm. Sadly it closed down some months ago and i'm not proficient enough in Russian to know what happened, so i was left disappointed and with nowhere to go. To be honest, i was going to try to leave it there and try to forget all about it, but then i remembered that Wurm Online existed and seeing how Christmas holidays are coming it could be nice to try it out. So i came here seeking advice from people about it. Comparing it to Unlimited, is it too different? From the point of view of someone coming from WU, is it worth it? seeing how Online has premium and all. From what i see, i like how the whole experience is more unified in WO and how it has quite the history behind it, also seeing how it is the traditional way to play it, an experience that for some reason people in WU are trying to reinvent. Also to ask about where to start and all those noob questions, I'm quite knowledgeable about playing but since i'm not sure if it's too different i might as well ask about it. Thanks.