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  1. Unable to load turret into empty runed wagon

    I'm having the same problem. I moved it to my deed in a large cart a few months ago, no problem. Now I can't load it into either a cart or a runed wagon. The vehicles are empty, it's not planted, and I have load privileges on the vehicles and the deed. I can load anything else, jut not the turret.
  2. Newspring starter deed voting!

    I love Renate's design, especially the seal grotto, but most importantly it will be built by the people of the Newspring alliance, who are the ones who take in and help the new players who land there. Who better to build the starter city than the people who live on the island? The residents are all really behind Renate's design, and that should count for a lot as we are the ones who have to live with what is built.
  3. Dwarven Kingdom of Xanadu

    Great prices, very quick delivery. Good to do business with.
  4. Xanadu Community Map

    Hi, Wodnesfeld at 760, -7408 has disbanded. The area is now Vale, I would be grateful if you could make the change. Thanks!
  5. Wurm Agent for Android devices

    Aww not available in the UK
  6. We'll be happy to have you Jonathan! We can probably arrange for someone to come get you. In the meantime, join our irc channel, #edenvillage
  7. Come see our newest expansion! Plots available, along with 24 tile farm and a pen for your animals. Three mines now open. All the materials you need for your building and crafting pleasure. We are fun and active, with always someone around to chat or offer help.
  8. Yes it is! I recently joined as a noob, and the other villagers have been great. It's a wonderful place to live