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  1. We all know wurm is a very complex and time consuming game. I am wondering if the players who have been banned in the past get another chance to play the game. I am sure many of them have a year + playtime and they loved the game but its a pain to start over. Buying an account is fine but nothing like your OG account. I think the game is in a state when it could use some old time hardcore players. I know people get banned for a reason and its not out of thin air. But I still think they could have a look at it again. That's how I feel please share your thoughts.
  2. Encourage more roaming in pvp. We are free souls, staying behind hops only obstructs our freedom. Freedom is the only thing worth dying for.
  3. Thank you everyone for bidding, I was very busy with work so I wasn't able to respond any sooner than now. I got a buyout offer from a person via pms which I have chosen to accept. The offer was about 11 hours or so ago when I wasn't on unfortunately. If the buyer is no longer interested Mrjonnyboy will receive the item at 17 silver. Thank you!
  4. Greetings, bringing an old relic of the past! If it interests you, do take part in this auction! <3 Start Bid: 15s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: Make an offer Sniper Protection: 1hr Good luck!
  5. I am interested and I have sent you a PM for the same.
  6. Good read, please keep posting more!