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  1. I am by no means an expert. Have spent a lot of time playing any different kinds of games and blah blah blah. That stuff really does not matter much I really enjoyed the coffee (generalizing all of it) from a grinding ideal. I am unsure how much back end is done with tracking and logs so I am just going to throw out some ideas based of being able to copy and paste code/mechanics that I know is all ready in the game So we have skills with limited skill gain ticks like Meditation and Faith. So that is a system we can use. We have a system that can limit and change how much goes into something. We have a system that limits what can go into something When I think from a real life stand point (I know mistake) We generally drink coffee/tea from coffee cups. Why not make it require you to use a coffee cup/mug to get the buff (full buff, lets throw the power away) By taking and giving it a static buff, it makes it newbie friendly (or more newbie friendly as they only need to make and drink one cup of any to get the full buff) Now if we make the buff static That opens up being able to use the QL of the coffee time for something else. How about the QL of the coffee giving a fully randomized affinity (QL = longer time) Or if it is possible to add to a timer, IE eating two affinity foods back to back. Let the QL of the coffee increase the timer of the affinity gained from the last food you ate (if it is tracked) Caffeine is dehydrating; instead of it using water. Add a debuff. The more you drink you more dehydrated you get. (Would you want to drink coffee until you have a debuff of 50 hours of increased water consumption?) When debuffed with dehydrating your water meter goes down at a much faster pace, The more coffee you drink. The more often you need to drink to keep your skill ticks at a decent level Since you don't gain skill when your stamina is 0, you would need to manage how often and how much caffeine you drink. Each caffeine type would change how it interacts with the debuff. That would make the others have use IE Oolong tea gives 35 power with a 35 power dehydration debuff. White tea give 45 and 45. I don't know I am just rambling. Stray thoughts and ideas.
  2. Sermons at Xanadu

    [13:42:08] Amarenaguy [20:42:00] Faith increased by 0,2200 to 33,0826 But that isnt me... Uhhh Its great though! [13:11:04] Miaski [13:11:00] Faith increased by 0.2200 to 49.1742 There I am !! Loving it