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  1. Made a post on Steam with similar thoughts - compared abandoned WU with Skyrim (a game I still love to play, since there are so many mod options that keep an 8 year old game alive and interesting.) And if I read the latest news correctly, it seems they liked your suggestion of making Ago's mod loader a part of the basic game package. As a non-coder who always needs to go back and find the "instructions for dummies" every time I dive into WU after a few months of doing something else, that is one less impediment. And it you are actually planning on updating it, which will they include?
  2. Just FYI - bag of holding (at least at my level of 70+ piety : ) does not allow a normal altar (those placed all over outside the starting area) to hold a dead body (not certain if it is weight or mass). Too bad. Always thought it was a game design bug to have a deity who had an affinity for dead bodies, but you could not give her any . . . edit: although re-reading your suggestion it may be I need to look more carefully to see if I got a "good" casting : ) And thanks for info on how deed costs work. I knew you had the 5 silver and 3 silver built in, but Wiki was very confusing. Of course the fact that time passes on the server takes a bit of getting used to also. edit #2: Yep, first casting was "not" good : ) Took me a few attempts but finally got a 49 and that was enough to fit a dead body into the altar. Hate to keep cluttering this thread with questions, but what are the ethical norms for the server? I see stuff that appears to be dropped by players but sometimes I get a message that picking up anything is theft / bad karma / illegal; other times something is clearly a part of a deed and my guess is the deed owner sets permissions; but I also found things like a small plot of wheat - no deed. I did not think cutting the wheat would have a big impact, since it will just re-grow, but did not do it, since it might be considered bad.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I saw that many items had "bag of holding" cast on them, but although familiar with the term, I had not encountered it in WU. Of course I already sold the couple of small gems I had found, but will keep an eye out for the future. With fast skill gain and altars everywhere I have not had many issue with needing more favor. Super drain life? That explains a lot. I was seeing it take 1/2 of a health bar on some creatures (or kill weak ones outright) which seemed a bit more powerful than any of the other damage dealing Priest spells I had used in SP. It has been handy though, as I have only managed to equip myself in some 15-20 ql leather armor and arm myself with a large spear : ) But a couple of drain life spells keeps me alive in combat. Have changed my playstyle scenario a bit to reflect the number of (empty) deeds and buildings, from "single survivor" to "ghost world". Decided, last night, for RP purposes to work on Archeology - who lived here and where did they go mystery. Stick around the starting area in case I ever see anyone else on line. From your map it looks like a small sailing boat would allow me to travel around, with a decent amount of gear, for exploring. Still a little wary of the whole "deed" thing. Never had to do it in SP and the cost / when you have to pay them are a bit confusing (wiki says every 8 minutes, and it has taken me several hours of play to get 90+ copper - don't think my income level will support even a small deed, unless I am missing some time factor. Not unlikely as I have already had my food stock decay and get tossed a few times. Being logged out for a few hours does have quite a bit of impact when time marches forward without you.) Figured out the glowing blobs were lava spiders, not scary event things. Hoping to have time this week-end to install mod loader and other goodies, but having a great time as things are. Cheers (and thanks for creating this world / WU experience.)
  4. @bdew - thanks for clarification. As I noted in previous post, I did not want to wait, so I just jumped in sans any mods. Kind of crazy how fast things happen : ) Starter town just has so many options. I tend to play a more "survival" type game, where I dump all but the most critical of my starter gear and head of in a random direction. This required a lot more planning as "empty" space is at a premium. And once I discovered how quickly I could get to Priest option, I needed to stick around to mine some gold and make a Statuette. Then I discovered that dead bodies don't fit into "normal" sized altars. (I think this is vanilla issue) Which is annoying as Libella likes dead bodies so that means I need to stay close enough to the starting town to dispose of them and gain favor. I did drop my starter gear as normal, but had already added a small anvil and a couple of tools (needed for making my Statuette). Trying to get brave enough to go tackle one of the special event things (I think that is what the odd glowing pumpkin-like plants are) with no armor and just a spear for a weapon. I should take the time to install the mod stuff, but having too much fun just playing the game.
  5. Thanks. I just went ahead and jumped in the pond. Odd to see a world so heavily "settled." Did not notice anything (problem wise) that seemed to relate to mods. Went through a portal to go to Otherlands map as it seemed to have the most open space. And completely broke with my tradition and picked Libella vs. Fo or Vynora : )
  6. Pick me! Pick me! (New player ; ) But scanning this forum and the webpage I don't find a "Newbies Guide to Overlands" or "Overlands for Dummies". My previous toe dipping into creating scenarios and maps left me with a little understanding of what needs to happen for mods, etc. But since I have never actually PLAYED mp I was looking for a quick list of what I needed to do to set up my local game files to be able to see / use all your content. May just jump in and see what happens . . .
  7. Recently reviewed the discussion on main forum and WU's fate. Decided to not waste time on creating another class to introduce people to WU and just play the game. With retirement looming I am even considering getting satellite internet for my off-grid cabin, so I can enjoy WU at home (on a MP server - since I have pretty much always played SP, offline.) Was very glad your server is still up and running as I was very grateful for your mods and comments, when creating my previous project for my class. Even happier to see it was PvE : ) Going to go check out the web site before I have to run and teach a class. Looking forward to creating a character to explore your world. Thanks.
  8. When I used this in a class I taught, the focus was on the "Survival Crafting Genre" and WU was one of the games I showcased. Since it was a new class and asking the University for much more than just IT / computer support would probably have killed it, I just created 15 new Steam accounts and got the software, myself. It was a bit of an investment, but it gave me complete control. I did have one Game company offer to give me instances of their game (but I decided to support them with money instead.) I ended up creating a "Gilligan's Island" scenario, thanks to the help of many here on the forums, for that class. (The point was not basic programming, but how one could take an off the shelf commercial game and modify the content, potentially for use in education environment.) The students enjoyed the experience. Have no idea if any of them actually bought the game or did anything more. But I have felt for many years that the potential in education is a vast untapped market for WU. In fact I started looking at options, recently, since I am about to retire and thinking I could do something with the local library, etc. But the current news on WU, etc. has been a little unsettling. Edit: the company that offered to give me copies for education was not Rolf / Wurm. I have discussed the potential for educational uses with some of his minions but nothing much ever came of it. Would be glad to hear you had better success.
  9. If I recall, I finally got the spellmod to run (using, I think the most recent versions : ) by making the changes in the config file, then renaming it to properties. Before the rename it was not adding "white light" spells to a Fo priest. After I renamed the file, there was much goodness in the kingdom. (I did not comment, as I figured this was probably something so basic everyone - but me - knew to do it. But just in case . . . )
  10. Actually you might want to check out Ago's server mod loader, which includes a mod to show the actual map (vs. Ocrea) when you use the in-game map function. That would give you a much better detail view. Just compare the full map and the live map for landmarks. I am using that set up for my play testing of my map scenario. It works great. (Note the comments that you do need to change the map name in the database - it is the only step not handled automatically by the mod.
  11. Finally I figured out THIS was the answer : ) Old eyes missed the emphasis on "but" - wracking my brain to get the map to show up and here was the solution. Edited the databases and viola', no more Ocea. Heck, at this rate, by the time I have to teach this class in the spring, I will actually sound like I know what I am talking about. @Crustyfoot, thanks for posting this gem. @Ago, everything works perfectly, even on the off-line / SP set up. Now to try my hand at that Priest mod. (And just a quick update on my "suggestions" / request, after some testing. New player can't see / pray at special tiles until they have 1 faith, nor can they make an altar without having a god; GM / Ebony wand is not set to a specific deity, as far as I could see in options; had to use wand to set the character to 1 faith, set as follower; they could then see / pray at water tiles and craft an altar that was appropriately dedicated. It will take me a while to gain enough faith to qualify for priest, so I have no idea what hurdles will remain at that point. But as far as I can tell, SP still could use some "love" in a mod-way to be able to pick a religion and advance without needing GM / Wand. Thanks.)
  12. Not certain what this means - the vanilla "creative" map option does have the altars. But I am asking about completely original maps, generated with a map tool, then modified (removing all the "standard content" from the database, such as spawn points, altars, etc.) I am just learning the system, so I may be missing something, but several threads explain that you need to clean the database when using a new / unique map. Which make sense, because your new map might not even have an appropriate land mass at the altar's location. Ah, and re-reading your post, you may have missed the idea that I know I can survive / thrive as a "non-priest". In Wurm Unlimited, that is pretty much the only option if you can't play on-line. Of course that means I have no experience in WO, either. But I am trying to explore options for WU stand alone scenarios. Thanks for the response, though.
  13. Thanks. Sorry I did not say this sooner. The mod works like a charm. Started out by setting minimal starter gear for my "Gilligan's Island" map / scenario. But after I added enough items to the starting area (a couple of tents and stuff on the beach) and the original "shipwreck" I ended up taking everything but the newbies shoes and the mirror for character set up. I have to say that this one mod is the key to all sorts of potential in my area of interest (creating education / classroom stuff) since you really can tailor exactly what each student starts with, so it helps / promotes the educational content instead of breaking the world. So now I am thinking about "fun" stuff and have been looking at your Spellcraft mod and Ago's Priest mod. Don't know if they would play well together, but each has some nice aspects. Just wanted to double check, though, since your properties file is filled with "stuff". I am guessing all the changes / removal / additions of spells are all coded into the java file, so it would run on a SP / Stand alone set up? (I live in a "real life" off grid cabin with very limited internet access, so all my "fun" gaming happens off-line.) But I did not see anything that seemed to indicate you had the option for removing some of the priest restrictions (which are a real game killer in SP, unless you do "alts" which kind of breaks the role-playing immersion of a single character trying to survive and thrive.) I think Ago's mod removed the improve and continue restrictions by default and has a setting to remove the other restrictions. Is there a similar setting for your mod and i just missed it? Or, could there be? (set the default to standard restrictions, for MP servers, but allow us SP people to do it "all") How does your mod handle becoming a Priest? I know you can set the Faith requirement fairly low, but if I need another player (a priest) or a trip to the white light altar (not available in original maps) a SP is rather stuck. (outside of GM / ebony wand commands, I guess) I have very little experience with Priests, even after a couple of years of playing WU. But I think you have to be a follower before you can create an altar, which is needed to generate "Faith" through prayer. Special tiles allow prayer, but I am not certain they even show up unless you are already a follower. Thus the Catch-22. Everything depends on another player or white light altar. The suggestion I made to Ago (based on role playing : ) was to allow a character to pray at Special Tiles (make them visible to all) to gain prayer skill. After a certain threshold (a variable you could set just like the Faith / Priest variable) you get a second option at the special tiles - become a follower. (I don't think you would need to track every god / special tile, individually, the character just becomes more interested in religion by praying at these "shrines" not really knowing what they are doing, until they hit the threshold and can recognize / choose a specific god to follow). Now they can build a personal altar, dedicated to their god, which would allow them to gain the faith needed for becoming a Priest. At that level of Faith, they get an option at the altar to become a Priest. Don't know how much impact this would have on established MP servers, which probably already have higher level Priests. But a "loner" player could walk a slow path, just like a SP. Thanks.
  14. Don't know if this is what you are looking for, but in Ago's server mod loader, found a reference to the Christmas Mod. Which lead to the "Spyglass". Which can be created with GM / Ebony wand. Only downside is I can't drop it : ) Wanted to place it as part of the "shipwreck" in my scenario. It is rather nice, but depends on LOD, I think, so I don't get all the details at far range (types of trees or biome details.) Which is unfortunate. You may have a better computer and mileage may vary.
  15. Another silly request. Spent some time trying to figure out the questions about the "Christmas Mod." I would follow the link in the initial post and think "I don't see no stinking Christmas Mod" (Sorry, classic American film reference, which may not mean much to you Ago.) Then I found a whole bunch of other neat stuff by exploring your GitHub, etc. Could you put a couple of those nice links in the first post, for newbie people? Some are on the 40 pages of posts, but they would be much easier to find (especially if you don't know what you are even looking for - notice I avoided another overworked reference "these are not the mods you are looking for"? Hah. My students tell me I have no sense of humor, or restraint. Cheers.