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  1. More and more deeds are appearing - Come found yours! Check out the map.
  2. A good crowd of regulars, and a community that's happy to help you with your challenging start. Come have fun with us!
  3. Great server to start fresh with a challenge! Come join us!
  4. Hiya - Can you please COD hatchet, steel 90ql BOTD93 BT24 + 2 runes (description below) - 2s80c (impable)zinc rune of The Scavenger has been attached to it, so it will reduce weight (10%) and increase size (10%) seryll rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will increase chance to resist shattering when being enchanted (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%) to philippelp ? Thanks!
  5. Highly recommended - Very quick service. Thank you!
  6. Hi there - "Notalothington" is just a bit to the west of The Howl. I illustrated it for you; Thanks!
  7. Hi there! Can you please COD the list beneath to Philippelp? All 80ql please. - - - - - Thanks!
  8. CLOSE

    Hiya, Can you please COD 10 of these barrels to Philippelp? 91QL maple sap x32 barrels-20c per small barrel
  9. Hiya. Can you COD to Philippelp a full 70QL set please? Thanks!
  10. Hiya. Can you please COD the following to Philippelp? QL ~60 Rake c88 (80c) QL ~50 Trowel c69 (28c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c75 (41c) QL 81 Dredge w86 (90c) QL 60 Large Anvil w70 c71 (71c) QL ~30 Mortar And Pestle c87 (70c) QL ~60 Steel Scythe c87 (76c) QL 79 Small Anvil c86 (83c) QL 19 Knife c70 (30c) Thanks!
  11. Hi NeeNee, Can you please COD the following to Philippelp? Ale Beer Berry brandy Berry gin Bitter Brandy Brown ale Cerber's triple hops Cider Fruit brandy Fruit gin Ginger beer Jackel special brew Mead Moonshine Pale ale Pilsner Porter Root beer Stout Vodka Whisky
  12. Hi there, Can you COD "scythe, BOTD83: 48c" to Philippelp please? Thanks!