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  1. Lets tell a story...

    And got warned on the forums.
  2. Spell granted: Incinerate (Damage over time spell, causing very light to light burn wounds each 10 seconds, damage and amount of ticks may vary - 750 karma to cast) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases Fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases Bite damage taken by 10%)
  3. Epic - Transfer Equality

    -1, Epic needs to shutdown, too many pvp servers
  4. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    After countless hours of debate, we have decided to now accept TC refugees. Get your ragged crusade outfits and turn them into bright and shiny yellow mustard University clothes TODAY.
  5. The State of Raiding

    One of the reasons i've always refused to go near enemy deeds is their minehops, them being 100% safe all the time is obnoxious to say the least. But when we actually went ahead and tried raiding, it was awful, to the point where people quit the freaking game. How does : you being stuck for 3 hours catapulting one single wall with 3 people on 3 different catapults and 2 other people mining it out and that wall being outrepaired by one single person sound ?
  6. PvP Holidays

    Some guy coming on your epic home server is not PVP.
  7. PvP Holidays

    Listen, kid, you've never PVP'd, why in heaven's name do you give a crap about PVP and keep spouting bad suggestion when you dont even do it?
  8. Current and future PvP works

    ur not even black light, wtf?
  9. PvP Holidays

    So glad people don't take you seriously cause ur so full of BS
  10. PvP Holidays

  11. PvP Holidays

    If they did that i'd quit. Everyone not ever dropping gear would be so boring... Like, everyone would wear rare scalesets and run away from u at 16 km/h, unequiping ur armor at any given time would be a pointless skill you've developed to catch people / run away from them, people would be so fast and probably have even more deeds everywhere because of how risk free it would be to go cap a tower and insta'deed the place, so you basically not only never get any loot, you would also never get any kills LOL
  12. SOLD

    >HIGH END >Longsword 55.4 >Fighting 84 >PVP READY >Longsword 55.4 >READY >55.4
  13. Skill Points

  14. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    Tedzogh / Spyte / Vomusu ingame or Tedzogh / Spy / Vomusu on forum
  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    Meditation is not a breeze compared to other skills and stats ... Meditation makes you wait.... Literally just wait... and wait.. and wait.. and wait and wait... And there is nothing you can do to change that. I think its the worst skill in the game, i absolutely despise it and wished it wasnt a thing