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  1. Remove /who from PvP servers

    i think having to spend hours logging off people one by one just to make a trap possible is stupid so +1
  2. nvm

  3. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Here's the problem with these... I'll always have those cople of games in the back of my mind that i'll think they're the best ever made... like : 1.Arx Fatalis 2.Warcraft 3 Campaign 3.GTA san andreas multiplayer 4. CS 1.6 5. Half Life 1 6.Half Life 2 7.Elder scrolls oblivion 8. SKyrim ... But all of these... i could never play again... they are relics.. lost themselves in time and with how the technology advanced they're mostly unplayable... A more "today" s version would be : 1.CS GO 2.Ring of Elysium 3.Darkfall 4.Minecraft 5.Black desert online 6. Archeage 7. I would say Fortnite ... but only the beginnings of it.. the first 3-6 months
  4. In-game CA Help improvements

    imo, if you become a CA helper you should know the answer to every reasonable question someone would come up with. If not, you don't deserve that position
  5. Actually...I've never crafted any items. I like fighting but I don't craft. I hate crafting. that's exactly why I get items from my friends! Requiring weaponsmithing to make weapons that are needed to fight to survive is ridiculous... See where im getting at? Here's the difference between our 2 comments. You're complaining about 10 minutes of fighting cows that can be done any time you want, while i'm complaining about 100+ hours of smithing. What's ridiculous now?
  6. sold

    got like 3 people offering 200. Come up with a better offer
  7. WTB drakesets

    Preferably bulked preferably with web armour no drake helms preferably with moonmetal helms
  8. sold

    bump, first one gone, second one to go
  9. sold

  10. -1 i don't understand how you can even think that the game playing by itself is a good suggestion
  11. quit all afk systems

    i like it so much when freedomers think they can make fighting suggestions. It's cute
  12. Epic Tome Drop Rate Changes

    If i am right, how am i being a troll? I just said the truth, i mean, you said it yourself that i am right. Should people be lied to when choosing a server? Should people be lied that Epic has a massive population and that it's all great and nothing is wrong with it? Or should they be told the truth? Again, how am i trolling? So you also agree that there's an 'awful skill transfer system' . Ok, is that not good enough reason for people not to get into Epic? Or do you still believe that I am the only reason people are not? I can post whatever i want about it. This is a suggestion thread. The nature of a suggestion thread is to allow people to voice their opinions about certain things. I told you my opinion. And maybe if Epic was fixed and / or wasn't so dead I would play it, but that is besides the point.; You can't force people not to post on your thread. And just so you know, my initial comment : Is nothing but me -1ing your suggestion, if you haven't understood that, although i thought it was obvious.
  13. Epic Tome Drop Rate Changes

    Not having enough tomes is not the reason Epic failed
  14. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    I will +1 every single suggestion that adds even a slight challange to pve
  15. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Not everything needs to be "According to reality" in video games. Take this example : just because you need to use the toilet in real life doesn't mean you should have to do it ingame. It's just a game...So that argument falls. Now, if you think being a reaper of kinds would be cool in the fantasy side of things, thats a good idea and shouldn't be discouraged just because its unrealistic...we have spells and dragons for crying out loud