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  1. So, the small axe looks like a one handed small axe, which is fine, But have you ever seen a one handed axe with a two sided blade? Well, yes, only in World of Warcraft... and that is not the most realistic looking game out there. Should this : Be changed into something like this :
  2. Dude your idea is literally against Wurm as a game. You want to click 1 button, be instantly teleported to some random arse place to have events. It's not bad because it's a pvp idea, it's bad because it's an instance idea, a queue, its bad because it would take away the so little Freedom player to world interraction that already exists and is so lacking i feel like puking every time i go out because there's nothing to do but look at pretty buildings i can't interact with or say "Hello" in local to people who are AFK and will never reply to me back. You want to take away travelling it's just never going to happen. I see everyone on the forums kindof takes offence to the word "PVP" as if it's a sacred thing or something, it's as if we're talking about black people and we are too scared to offend them
  3. Nor will any freedomer try Chaos ever again because they can try instanced PVP for no risk
  4. We do not have the playerbase to have both Open world pvp and Queue system, We don't have enough players for a ranking system which would be the only thing you'd be able to gain through this
  5. i think you misread my post, i actually wrote : I didn't say "That's what ruined World of Warcraft , Battle arenas ever since the start of vanilla" . I think you need new glasses
  6. -99999999 That's what ruined World of Warcraft, Teleporting from place to place to "have fun" instead of actually having a world to go out into
  7. .

    you can't really expect a PC on 6 skills when wurm has so many more.....
  8. I enjoy playing Wurm. I enjoy playing Dota. I also enjoy playing Pubg actually, But for different reasons... It is not superior in every way. I'm not playing Wurm because it has the best combat , no... I'm playing it because i can build stuff, i can create things, i can do 1000 things i can not do in games like PUBG.
  9. No it does not. Mortal online not only looks worse but it's fidgedy, the controls do not feel right, they're not as simple as standing next to your enemy and your characvter attacking by himself, but they are ######
  10. 100% different kind of game. It's an FPS. Not all gamers like FPS's, what i meant by naming one is naming one that is within the genre
  11. Name one
  12. Why is it that PVE'ers give their opinions about Chaos like that? And they talk as if they represent the majority of players as if everyone simply agrees with them? You even realize what ur saying here?
  13. I find it funny that Ebo brought this upon themselves with the mass-alt murdering. They're the only ones mad about it but if it wasn't for them this change would never have happened Karma there i guess
  14. That's the price people ask for 85ql , Some even do 85ql for 25c, why would anyone pay 50 for 80
  15. catapult a wall of that house, u'll be able to take it then