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  1. Closed

    PVP doesnt work on Wurm Unlimited because of the wall hacks. Ur wasting ur time.
  2. WTS Character

    bought better for 20
  3. Rare Cloth set, other rares, moonmetal

    Added weights to the moonmetal
  4. Rare Cloth set, other rares, moonmetal

    It was just junk
  5. Rare Cloth set, other rares, moonmetal

    im looking to sell the whole set, dont think anyone would buy say, just a sleeve or something.
  6. Rare Cloth set, other rares, moonmetal

    [12:55:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. Rare Cloth set, other rares, moonmetal

    Blood is from troll king*
  8. LANTERN sold 88ql ropetool sold blood sold hugeaxe sold
  9. -1 you shouldnt be able to demolish houses either, use a catapult, they exist for that purpose
  10. WTS Senzoba. SOLD !!!

    wtf lol
  11. PC Account

    pc -100 .... ouch he didnt mention it
  12. WEAVING Your Way To Success ...

    +1 just because you put so much time in making the post
  13. PC Account

    This is what i tell everyone nowadays .. It's worth more than you'd get for it. Weaponsmithing alone is like 200 bucks, with the channeling , body stats and all the lot, you would be looking at 600e, that is if you could sell it for what it's worth, for i don't believe you can. But now, for real m8, how can you grind 99.99 shield but still have below 40 archery what's wrong with you?
  14. id like to see some use from archeology other than decoration