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  1. Don't worry, if that is truly the case, there really aint a whole lot to learn
  2. Do this on other forums as well! Spread the word that Wurm Online is yet again shining! Do what Retrograde was unable to do! Advertise! Bring forth more people to experience this vast world with!
  3. Will that official announcement also include a reason for me to play "Wurm Online Steam version" which will probably cost me 8-12 euros every single month over "Wurm Unlimited" which I have bought for myself and 3 other friends for under 4 Euros all keys included?
  4. I dont think its a bad idea, but i just think the Darkfall approach is much better. No repairs, ever.
  5. -1 , or, you could, idk... play the game? and if you dont, not have a deed? simple
  6. 60e , maybe before steam announcement . Now? half
  7. Before steam announcement? 50 bucks, now? 20 if you're lucky.
  8. Yeah, cause they all knew that the ceo who hasnt shown his presence for years would suddenly sellout.
  9. "Heerp, Some pEoPl3 EnjoY J@ckAl so iT Do3sn'T sUcK oK?" Some people enjoy watching paint dry too. Doesn't make it any better.
  10. Wow dude, congratulations. I can't believe you actually did it...Like ..oh my god....GUYS, u seeing this? The guy actually made it!!!! Can you add a picture so we can at least see its glory?
  11. i honestly don't understand why something like that is in the game.... Why take away control from the player? What woul;d that achieve? And if you're gonna tell me that Wurm combat is complicated imma slap you