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  1. Licensed to kill

    If Wurm would still be alive in 10 years id buy it just to remove the PVE side of things. Would be awesome seeing people lose their minds over their virtual sand castles.
  2. How to kill your own game tutorial

    You are 100% wrong on this one. 90% of the updates in the last years were PVE related. PVE has gotten so much more content it's insane. You're delusional as always. Thank you for dropping by though, always nice to hear your melodramatic nonsensical self
  3. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I believe you should stop putting words in my mouth. I never said that. What i meant is that people who get payed deliver higher quality products and services. That is a fact. Yet the numbers say that you lost half your WO population when WU was released. But keep deluding yourself. The fact that it happened in the first place disgusts me and it took most of my heart for the game the minute it happened. I was one of the people banned whilst sleeping at that. My character having been offline for hours. Im surprised i didn't quit then and there. Yet the staff team closed countless of our threads for "Not adding anything else to the discussion" or some sort of excuse of the sort. This has happened a LOT lately. Most of my comments on the forum are as well deleted. Anything people dislike is deleted. This is a fact. When?
  4. Step 1 : Hire staff members as volunteers Step 2 : For years on end disprove any issues players think the game has. Step 3 : Release your game as a different product on Steam and provide a sellout of that product on Humble for exactly the price of 1$ (Note that any sane individual would rather make a 1$ pay once in a lifetime than a 10$ pay every single month for a 95% similar game) Step 4 : Kill your PVP cluster ( Epic ) with a broken skiling system ( Skill grinded on freedom stays on freedom and goes to epic, but skill grinded on Epic only stays on epic so there is 0 point in grinding there, therefor the population is reduced significantly since 99% of the game is about grinding ) Step 5 : Ban people all around for either things they didnt commit ( The mass ban of WU a cople of months back ) or things done yeaaars ago that have been accounted for ( Proph's ban ) or ban them randomly ( People who were banned for saying " gary " in epic chat ) Step 6 : This is the final step. All thats left that u gotta do is completely censor the community every time they bring up either these issues or others, or basicly censor each and every thing that you do not want to come out and mass spread rumors. Killing the voice of the people therefor kills the hope they have for a better tomorrow. I know for a fact that this thread is going to be deleted so ill make a screeny. Good day to ya'll
  5. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    I just explained it to you that it is virtually impossible to stop it... look: The mechanics of the game make it unstoppable. Wtf is wrong with you? Are you even reading what i'm saying? Or are you so ignorant that you come here to denounce threads like this, which 100% of the pvp community agrees with, just for the spite of it?
  6. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    Are you daft or what? NO, that is 100% NOT what's preventing me from enjoying pvp. As stated in this thread 10 times over, it's the fact that for one thing it would disrupt the actual kingdoms' pmk item market. And the most important thing , the fact that there is no counterplay to this. Nothing anyone can do to stop it.
  7. WTS rare black Drakeset and regular green Drakeset

    Get a drakeset today. Get two actually.
  8. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    Ok MR pvpers are lazy, let me list you a scenario . I make 1000 unfinished wagons on freedom. I go to chaos, make a PMK with alts, it costs me 150 silvers. After that, i put 12 more silvers into the upkeep of that PMK. That is enough to last 6 days of continuous drains. So, if an enemy comes to my PMK, and drains it every single ocasionn he can, at exactly when the drain timer resets, that is how long i can keep the deep without ever defending it. During those 6 days i will make trips to freedom and back. These trips will be made on a Knarr, each time with an unfinished wagon. I will cross the eastern border of Chaos, turn the unfinished wagon into a finished one with 1 single action, then instantly cross the border back to freedom. This poses me 0 risk whatsoever. Even if there were 10 enemies waiting for me there, i would simply cross back to safety. This kind of trip, even on a really poor wind will take me at most 10 minutes. Let's say i do these trips for 5 hours every single one of those 6 days. In the first day, i will have brought back to freedom exactly 30 wagons. At the very end of the 5 days i will have made 150 wagons. Let's say i lowball the price of my wagons by a great margin. Let's say i start selling at 10 silvers each. I sell 20 of them. That's 200 silvers. I've already gotten back my investment and have a few extra cash as well. Then, as time goes on, the wagons stop selling so fast. So, i bring down the price to 8 silvers each. I sell 50 of them for 8 silvers each. That's 400 silvers. That's more than twice the money i initially spent. Then, i sell the remaining 80 wagons for 5 silvers each. I make another 400 silvers. In the end, my 162 silvers investment brought me 1000 euros. The problem lies with the fact that the enemy kingdoms CANNOT DO A SINGLE THING TO STOP THIS. The most we can do is drain the deeds. Here's an aditional problem about draining the deeds : If my alt PMK reaches the state of 5 days, all i have to do, is make another deed. Put another 12 silvers in that other deed, which can be made just 10 tiles away from the first deed, and im safe to do pmk wagons for another 6 days. And then when that deed disbands ILL MAKE ANOTHER ONE. And there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop me.
  9. WTS rare black Drakeset and regular green Drakeset

    Bump - If you dislike those colors, i can work out any other drakeset color. Just let me know
  10. Taking offers on these 2 sets. They will be sold in either silver or euros. The rare pieces will not be sold / traded / whatever else you might think of individually. Both of them are enchanted with web armour. The black one is painted red, the green one is painted pink.
  11. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    This was your only "argument". Starts off with an insult about my cultivating a headcanon in a wonderland. I dont exactly clasify an insult as an argument. Then "Wanting to destroy something because it makes no sense is an unhinged response" . So basically you insulted my argument. This as well, is not an argument. You just insulted me twice so far. Then - > "Reminds me of certain bigot groups really" . This is the 3rd and last insult. Where were your arguments?
  12. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    i was 55 : 3 about 2 months ago. Idk now
  13. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    Dude what are you on about? I haven't spent a penny on Wurm for months. And look at my PVP kill count. You who do not have a clue what the PVP situation is like should shut up
  14. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    Who's the bigot? The guy voicing his opinion with arguments? Or the dudes insulting him without any? If you actually thought about it for a second, instead of ranting about how much of a bigot I am, you would realize that if PVE was no longer a thing, more people would be on PVP, so I would technically have more fun. So it would affect me, yes.