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  1. Gran torino is objectively the greatest movie ever made.
  2. I'm still waiting for that fresh start pvp server.
  3. lol dude his whole kingdom had at most 30 people , i think you're asking for too much
  4. Yeah i even forgot these were a thing to be fair. I think that the whole point of the Trebuchet is to be able to deal a lot of damage. It requires a lot more setup than a catapult which you can pull out of a raid mine in a second, so i think its standing in a good place, expecially with how the defenders have the advantage either way. I think this is a misunderstanding on your part, and by 'your' i mean to say TC overall. When the pvp priest changes were first introduced you were able to almost oneshot somebody given enough spells casted at them at the same time, but this always had counterplay, you were always able to interrupt them, to move out of the way of the long casts, to tangleweave the people casting the spells. A lot of people complained either way and got them nerfed even though a lot of other people kept saying how they are fine as is. They were nerfed into the ground. You went from a standpoint of being able to be oneshot by spells given the right scenario to this scenario being virtually impossible to produce. In the last few months before the epic shitshow when we were fighting almost every week, you were not losing because of spells. Not one person died to spells, not a single one. So i do not understand why you guys keep asking for spells to be nerfed once again. Do you want them to be useless? Why not ask for priesthood to be removed alltogether, see how people respond to that? I have seen this myself over and over again. The staff will not only remove any comment that is offensive or foul, they will remove anything their opinion collides with. For a long time, every comment i've seen where the dev/staff member is having a constructive argument with someone, and is losing that argument, they will either remove everything said or close the thread. The censorship is on par with the Archeage APEX glitch censor. "Everything we dont like goes" . This is not ok. This needs to change. This needed to have changed a long time ago. Get a grip on reality people, your users are aware of these facts, and your poor judgement in the community management is one of the reasons many users have left. Which bugs exactly? I can think of a few ones, but they are not gamebreaking. Which ones do you think are? You see, without answering this question, you cannot demand " X " being fixed. Yeah, SOTG needs to go. It is downright stupid that you need to grind meditation for 3 full months in order to be able to stand a chance. Im sorry, it just needs to go... It will only go downhill from here. I myself stopped playing when they announced the Epic return being cancelled. That was a big bummer for me and many others. And its just one of the times in which they've straight out lied you us.
  5. Unfriendly bump.
  6. Don't worry, if that is truly the case, there really aint a whole lot to learn
  7. Do this on other forums as well! Spread the word that Wurm Online is yet again shining! Do what Retrograde was unable to do! Advertise! Bring forth more people to experience this vast world with!
  8. Will that official announcement also include a reason for me to play "Wurm Online Steam version" which will probably cost me 8-12 euros every single month over "Wurm Unlimited" which I have bought for myself and 3 other friends for under 4 Euros all keys included?
  9. I dont think its a bad idea, but i just think the Darkfall approach is much better. No repairs, ever.
  10. -1 , or, you could, idk... play the game? and if you dont, not have a deed? simple
  11. 60e , maybe before steam announcement . Now? half
  12. Before steam announcement? 50 bucks, now? 20 if you're lucky.
  13. Yeah, cause they all knew that the ceo who hasnt shown his presence for years would suddenly sellout.