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  1. Allow priests to complete personal goals

    Implying that the only PVP is on epic Implying that ANY PVP is on epic Implying that theres any armour balances on Chaos Implying that you have a brain
  2. WTS Red Scaleset

    It's enchanted with AOSP Currently looking for offers , hit me up
  3. Seryll breastplate 85ql

    Seems you won. Who do i send it to
  4. Seryll breastplate 85ql

    3 hours left BUMP
  5. Allow priests to complete personal goals

    Nobody should have special treatment over others. The fact that you have priests on Epic but don't have freedom skills is your choice, being a priest by itself is your choice. I dont see the problem here.
  6. Seryll breastplate 85ql

    bump - less than a day left
  7. Flip the knife model - have some manners!

    pls fix the game i can't play it in the state it is right now with that outward knife thing, please for the love of god
  8. Seryll breastplate 85ql

    bump, almost half way there. Get yourself a seryll breastplate - the most protective armour in the game TODAY
  9. Personal Goals Reset

    cool ty
  10. Personal Goals Reset

    My list always had "Become the ruler of a kingdom" It's had it for ever since the character was created years ago ty
  11. The red cherry

    Everyone would buy a full scale set of that and weapons and armour and noone would ever lose anything . We got bags of keeping already being sold for a LOT of money, dont want that sh1t into my economy , and into my pvp
  12. The red cherry

    If you got a fantastic sword , armour, even scaleset, it would not be the worth of a tome (and i dont mean money worth , i mean actual worth) simply because the tome never goes away. PVP with that shiny sword a bunch of times and you'll eventually lose it
  13. The red cherry

    implying he was having a conversation there.... U know, a conversation requires you to think before you say whatever's in your head, he didn't.