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  1. -1 the whole point of a tabard is to be in a kingdom to wear it
  2. @Johnston I don't understand why you are under the false impression that you quiting a game will affect anyone. Nobody cares about you quiting this game. Expecially nobody in a WTS thread. You said im shitposting you, but honestly, look at your thread man, read it carefully, read what you wrote since the very beginning and look what I wrote. I have been nothing but respectful towards you and only addressed the points you've made (Ranting in a WTS, Leaking misinformation, insulting basicly everyone in this thread including me, yes i saw all those "#######" words you posted) . Have I actually insulted you? No i haven't, if i were to insult you , you would know about it since you'd start crying mate
  3. That is a monster of an account man
  4. Cave is gone. I went to their deed a couple of times, Nobody was there
  5. People wanted to do pvp together, i thought it was a bad idea so we put an end to that discord. You can ask anyone in both kingdoms we don't even talk to each other atm
  6. I think you should rather see a therapist instead of ranting about it here. It would be much healthier for you.
  7. That's the lie you're talking about @Johnston ?
  8. If they banned people according to your standards there wouldn't be anyone left to play with.
  9. Well you are accusing me of doing something for which there is no evidence for. I dont know man, it's not right, you should apologize.
  10. Give me an example of me shitposting a wts thread. This is not one btw because i did not do it here. If its "all i do" you have to find at least one example right?
  11. Im guessing you think this is a personal attack to you or something? I just stated a fact, and presented a reason as to why i think that is the case. Now, you have to bring up something which is entirely out of context about me and my kingdom which have absolutely nothing to do with your sale . For the record, i am not trolling your thread, you already trolled it yourself.
  12. He's advertising it as a chaos character, that means pvp right? also, he's putting in too much worthless information like "Im a pleasant person" Nobody cares man. You'll see i'm right in a few weeks of "not being sold for 350"
  13. no, Chaos accounts are taken off of the niarja after being sold for obvious reasons
  14. kix sold for 300, had much better body stats,had tomes and better weapon skills. U'll never get 350
  15. +1 and rust at high damage xD