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  1. Yeah, cause they all knew that the ceo who hasnt shown his presence for years would suddenly sellout.
  2. "Heerp, Some pEoPl3 EnjoY J@ckAl so iT Do3sn'T sUcK oK?" Some people enjoy watching paint dry too. Doesn't make it any better.
  3. Wow dude, congratulations. I can't believe you actually did it...Like ..oh my god....GUYS, u seeing this? The guy actually made it!!!! Can you add a picture so we can at least see its glory?
  4. i honestly don't understand why something like that is in the game.... Why take away control from the player? What woul;d that achieve? And if you're gonna tell me that Wurm combat is complicated imma slap you
  5. Minedoors have already been nerfed for this instance of Epic. Next time they lose a battle they'll ask to nerf buildings and gates too.
  6. In some instances where i travelled or fought on Epic i had massive lag because of the combination of player numbers+rain. I play the game on all low, and have a decent PC, yet the rain breaks my FPS down. Why not allow an option to hide it completely? At least for PVP servers.
  7. Well the problem with that is the fact that the current system is extremely exploitable...
  8. Why don't we remove the Epic limitations on looting? Right now it works like this: You kill someone and you can't loot them as long as there is an enemy in the vicinity. This means two things : 1. Attacking somebody's deed will almost always result in the defenders keeping all the loot because all they have to do is keep one account in a cave and the enemies will never loot. 2. The guys with more numbers will almost always keep all the loot, you are less likely able to gain items from uphill battles Im not saying that the chaos looting is perfect as it favors the guys with less ping, but at the very least its not that exploitable. What do you think?
  9. You shouldn't be allowed to split a group into 2 kingdoms because they will simply be at an insane advantage with double the number of champs. What is the end to this? Do you make an alliance consisting of 10 PMKs and have literally every single person in your group become a champ?
  10. I think the whole animal companion / pet / mount system in this game is severely lacking. I also think that nobody should touch it until they figure out a way to revamp the whole thing. Suddenly making Animal Husbandry useful is gonna make a lot of people who only took it to 50 mad. The same goes with meditation, unless u rethink the whole entire system you can't fix the broken parts , you'd just make the others more broken. +1 to pet related skills rethought -1 to your suggestion alone
  11. you might find it that certain games, including Wurm, tend to appeal to laptop's integrated GPUs (and most laptops have an integrated video card as well) . The way i combated this is by going into the Nvidia control panel and setting the javaw application to only be ran with the dedicated GPU. Idk if this would help, but it's good practice to do on laptops against wurm.