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  1. Auctioning my Rare Horned Helmet of Gold 98QL 98Asop Special 1 of a kind item used a rare bone to give it a glow. Don't have as much time to play and trying to get a couple bills paid off faster so have decided to let it go. Start bid 175s B/o offer
  2. Auctioning fantastic willow Longboe 96ql 97nim 101 coc Starting bid 150s B/O 300s Will end Sunday 8pm est
  3. Do you need like instructions also are yalls gonna make this or just ingredients?
  4. [06:08:43] A valentines materializes in your pocket.
  5. The Sistine Chapel, The Cologne Cathedral, The Pantheon, or The Collosium buildings that insight intrigue and awe! I am looking for some to help collaborate on a Centerpiece for my lower part of my deed. Want to create something amazing then strie to excel and make something magnificent with me! Imagine a flat land small tavern to the east, nothing west, south lies a mountain barren of trees with grapevines to the heavens and atop sits a castle, and to the north the working district of the town. We aim to create a wonder not limited to a cathedral but to a work of art to be a new Wonder of Wurm a place people will embark on a pilgrimage just to say they have seen it and it was magnificent. Dare to sit idle or engrave your name on something amazing! Message me here or magaric ingame we can make it happen!
  6. Wait marble is rare and expensive?