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  1. I'm looking for a mod that changes the text msgs while improving to highlight the next tool needed or if needed to repair. when improving in world items where you don't have the icon to indicate the tool, especially when you are around other players that are spamming actions and your imp text gets lost, I find it pretty hard to quickly see what tool the text is telling me I need. either by colored text or CAPS or [brackets] eg: [19:40:09] You will want to polish the large chest with a pelt to improve it. change to: [19:40:09] You will want to polish the large chest with a [pelt] to improve it. I thought it would be a simple mod to just change some text but seems actual coding is needed.
  2. Its venerable 40 is not minimum, i have tamed one on another server with less than 35
  3. ok, thanks, I will try with higher ql stuff. - - - - Still no luck with 40 skill and a bunch of 90ql grass, less agro tho.
  4. I have 39 taming skill and have tried over 100 times to tame a unicorn without success, what am I doing wrong? Wurmpedia says that I need "seeds" to tame a unicorn. now, when I read "seeds" I think of seeds, as in crop seeds, not grains, but wurmpedia has grains (rye rice wheat barley) also labelled as seeds. I have tried mixed grass, rye and vegetable seeds with the same results, 90% of the time it agros and attacks me, rarely it will just ignore my commands.