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  1. Heyo I will make this trade dude
  2. Please add Daventry at 977, 294 Cheers!
  3. stone chisel, iron 9ql COC85 - 65c shovel, iron 19ql COC84 - 65c exquisite meditation rug, cotton 9ql COC90 - 90c COD to Wynd, thank you
  4. Send to Wynd please Sickle (Iron) 23 Q - CoC 89 0.70 Silver
  5. Meditation Rug (Beautiful) 29 Q CoC 82 0.60 Silver Carving Knife (Iron) 20 Q - CoC 86 0.70 Silver If available, send to Wynd please
  6. If available, send to Wynd. Rare large maul = 4.5s Rare Lantern = 3s
  7. You are quite the designer! This deed looks very nice
  8. Use imgur.com to upload pictures
  9. Hello, if this is still available I will buy this set
  10. Hello all I would like to sell the items in my picture, please post or pm your offers. My character is named Wynd.
  11. Ill take that sword! Send to Wynd. Cheers
  12. Hello, 3 Silver for the rare lantern
  13. Hello again Rare Saw, Iron 4s each Rare Carving Knife, Iron 4s If still available, cheers.
  14. Send these to Wynd please Rare Stone Chisel 4s each Rare Hammer, Iron 4s each