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  1. Still an issue, East facing and South facing edges.
  2. Also, if there is a lot of resistance to making a new skill (even though it sounds like a fun one), I could easily see it being placed in Fine Carp. I've made window frames/muntins myself and I can tell you that most of the work is the framing, putting some glass in there is the easy part. Its the creation of the glass that doesnt quite fit in Carp, but hey, hard to beat the realism drum when we have magic.
  3. Hello all, I was looking at the empty windows of my new house and thought, 'all the tools for glassmaking, profession wise, are in the game already...' So, what do we think? New glassmaking skill that allows you to make simple panes for your homes, grid or diamond pattern muntins. It would even be feasible with the dyes and jewelry making bits to do stained glass windows, t'would look great in a cathedral window. Recipes for bottles and beakers could be a part of this if it was to be expanded towards alchemy; but one thing at a time, I'd just love to see windows for our homes/castles. The difficult part, I assume, would be coding them to sit nicely in the various wall/window types. As far as the art goes, its such a fun idea, I'm sure some community artists would help. Thanks, Emesh
  4. COD to Emesh: 1 of the 10c hatchets (optional, not listed but, 1 approx 10c value Saw that will speed up my plank making?)
  5. I know this thread is from a while ago, but I just found it tonight when I was looking to see if covered bridges were in the game somehow. Any word on this moving forward?
  6. I'll take both those pelts.
  7. 1 pickaxe, 1 mallet, 1 hatchet please. COD to Emesh. Thanks.
  8. Newspring Markets

    Yes, ty. I'm aware that they are *there*, I was trying to find out if they are active and full. I thought maybe someone nearby would have specific info. Guess I wasn't clear in my question.
  9. Newspring Markets

    Hello all, I was looking at the latest update to the Xanadu community map, thanks @Aniceset, and I see that there are no markets in the SW of Xan that meet the requirement of 6 active, stocked merchants. I was wondering if there is anyone who is planning on setting one up, or if there is one already that is up to date but maybe only has 4 or 5 traders? Basically, where is a good place to browse in SW Xan? Also, I suppose it should improve once the highway connection is done, linking Newspring, Linton, and Vrock Landing.
  10. Sorry for the trouble, my settlement, Uruk at 1550, -6700 is now increased in size and renamed "Baldur's Gate" Thank you.
  11. Hello, I'm new to Wurm and just wandered across your castle. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed looking around, lots of great work in this castle. I'm not sure what has become of the ownership, but I hope that someone takes over. Cheers.
  12. Crops needed on Xan

    Hello Everyone, I'm 3 days deep into Wurm for the first time and I'm well addicted. I have been trying to answer many of my questions by reading the wiki and forums but I have a specific one I'd like the community of Xan, specifically SW Xan to help with. I'm envisioning my character in Wurm being a farmer and builder. I've always loved these two aspects of mmorpg's. My question is, for a new player, what crops would be beneficial to start working on? I've seen the suggestions elsewhere of doing bulk clay, or mortar, or bricks, but I'm wondering what the players around me may need. My plan, after raising my skills some, was to start farming a good amount of cotton and wemp. I know these may not be the *most* in demand items, but I like the idea of them, that is, if there is any demand. Any insights you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  13. Newspring Bridge

    Hello all! New player here, I started in Newspring and wandered around, after crossing the bridge I decided to settle on the mainland side of it. I have a question, if you follow the road going from NS to the mainland, after a short while the road doesnt connect, somewhere around R10. I see that the Island of Misfit Wombats is kinda working on a bridge/connection, maybe? I was wondering if there are plans to finish this intersection and have us connected. I'm willing to help out, with my digging skill of 5! But being so new, I'm not sure exactly how to shape the land to have the 3 roads + wombat bridge connect together well. Thanks!
  14. @Aniceset Thanks for all the hard work. I'm just trying out Wurm for the first time, still under beginner protection. After coming from games like WoW and Skyrim, having no detailed map was really awful. Your map made it tolerable enough that I found a good spot and kept playing. Cheers! *Update* This silly grind is actually fun! I decided to found a settlement. Uruk "The fertile lands provide" Founded at: 1550, -6700