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  1. I'm sad that this isn't a feature after all this time, I've always wanted to dye my cloth Armour in the colors that I wanted. Maybe someone who thinks the same way could consider making this a reality.
  2. This idea sounds like it might just lead to more problems. Other people have had great suggestions, like helping out other deed with the terraforming they need done. Something I did for dirt was smoothen out a hill in our deed to look nicer. I could never see this feature being implimented.
  3. +1 all the way! It's small things like this that can really make a big difference to the game. It will also help things feel more immersive for me to be writing my notes in an in game book rather than using windows notes lol. So many possibilities with this!
  4. I have a useful suggestion. As well as the command, maybe you could add a little window that displays your temperature and/or the current weather. In real life you are constantly feeling and knowing your temperature and the conditions around you, so I figured this idea would work with realism in mind. (Also, speaking of commands, I'm sure this topic said you can keybind the mytemp and weather command but I don't see the option in settings, where is that option located exactly?)
  5. Tried doing it, didn't work, are you sure that doing that is possible?
  6. +1, I've actually been thinking about this exact same idea myself without hearing other peoples same thoughts. It'd be nice to be able to attach a sort of leather pouch onto the saddle, with a speed reduction depending on what weight is placed in the bags. Empty bags should have no speed reduction imo.
  7. We all know that you can transfer one load of items from one container to the next by dragging the stored pile between windows, but what about the people who want to unload, for example, a bsb with 1000 logs onto the ground? The only way of doing this is to drag as many logs as you can into your inventory, which wouldn't be much, and dropping them on the ground, then repeating. You might also be wondering, "why would I want to drop all this stuff on the ground for?" Well, it's a small feature that could help out a few who do want to do this for whatever reason. I was thinking it could be made so that you open a container, right click a pile of items, and have an option to "drop on ground". After taking a break from Wurm for a while and coming back to it, I was surprised that this wasn't a feature. Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts :]
  8. Is there a difference between the protections that regular leather armor and studded leather armor provides against the weather?
  9. Just got the game actually, convinced someone to get it for me lol
  10. I'm dying to give this server a try but... Don't have any money for Wurm Unlimited! Hopefully soon the day will come...
  11. When I try and open the Wurm Online client it shows up with this message: Unexpected crash while loading launcher data The error was: <!/com/wurmonline/client/launcherfx/Launcher.fxml There was also nothing after the message: Contents of temporary launch log: Any help would be great.