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  1. My opinion only: Let's go back to simple and play by the rules. If it's undeeded land it's fair game for terraforming to anyone's whim. For this topic at this time having votes or discussions about it further is useless- that's just not how the developers intended Wurm life. If you don't like it petition the right people to get the rules changed. People want tundra make it. ... People hate tundra they destroy it. ... Etc. ... Sooner or later the two "opposing philosophies" will play the issue out in game. Who knows what the land might look like when they are done! Groups getting together for large terraforming projects via the forum is a great feature of the game! Just don't expect permanency unless it's deeded or protected in some game mechanic/heritage site format. That is working as intended. Personally I don't like the look of a huge tundra colored feature. I'm glad I don't have a deed within sight of it.
  2. long spear, oakenwood 80ql NIMB80 LT80 COC85 MS79 - 3s75c (+any demise for free) Self-healer's demise please. COD to Ackemi.
  3. crystal rune of Libila, zinc 42ql - 84c crystal rune of Libila, zinc 46ql - 92c wooden rune of Vynora, tin 9ql - 18c wooden rune of Vynora, tin 13ql - 26c COD Ackemi please. If you are interested in making some runes I'm looking for 2X Stone/Silver/Margrannon. Just the first 2 you make at going rate.
  4. crystal rune of Vynora, glimmersteel 23ql - 1s46c Mail to Ackemi please.
  5. stone rune of Jackal, brass 20ql - 40c  stone rune of Jackal, brass 39ql - 78c COD to Ackemi please!
  6. wooden rune of Vynora, bronze 20ql - 40c wooden rune of Vynora, bronze 27ql - 54c COD to Ackemi please.
  7. WTS Stuff

    Supreme butchering knife 5s? COD Ackemi if yes.
  8. Affinity Lockup

    The event log also scrolled up since I was foraging and botanizing around me a bit before I noticed it.
  9. Affinity Lockup

    I'm sure, I ate my woodcutting affinity meal about half an hour earlier back on deed. (Earlier than this glitch.)
  10. I was chopping trees and the words scrolled onscreen about possibly getting a woodcutting affinity, but the skill tab didn't pop up and I didn't get an asterisk. The words also stayed on the screen... I restarted the client and still do not have the affinity. I may be misinterpreting the words- they aren't a common message.
  11. +1 in general, but these are my favorites!
  12. crystal rune of Libila, bronze 26ql - 52c crystal rune of Libila, bronze 36ql - 72c COD Ackemi
  13. dredge, brichwood 23ql COC85 - 70c Please COD to Ackemi ingame.
  14. I like to travel light and be able to make meals underway. I am seldom gone for a week at a time though. Every option you consider is skill dependent of course... YMMV. I like to Carry a frying pan, knife, and mortar/pestle. The knife and mortar/pestle are very small and lightweight. Keep the pan in the wagon. Butcher every now and then as you do now (or fish for meat). Forage/Botanize a few tiles (enough for 2 veggies and 2 herbs at least). This goes much faster at higher skills, but doesn't take long at low skills. Chop every vegetable/herb that can be chopped, mince your one piece of meat, crush all your paprika/nutmeg/turmeric/etc throw in any nuts you might harvest (needs a sickle and seasonal) and throw it into the pan over a 1 kindling fire. Just let it cook while you do whatever you do after you park the wagon. If you only have part of one crate for space in your wagon I'd take kindling with you so you don't have to mess with chopping trees for a quick meal. Meals keep your bars up higher than salad. You can use salt or waxed paper to make them last longer (not necessary just to get CCFP up). Take the tools and live off the land; Enjoy! Added: A lunchbox/picnic basket is nice to keep your meals hot, but I wouldn't bother unless you use affinity meals and want the most effect from eating them easily on the go.