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  1. Spell request

    Reset animal ages to start of its phase. Like if you cast on old horse, then its age will be still old but at day 1 on its phase.
  2. Seems nice for looking. What are resources %. And is moonmetal on or off?
  3. would be nice to have Cloth sachel on hip slot used as herb pouch or have like new item what can used this way.
  4. Can someone make mod for new rarity tiers or make tutorial how to do it. I wish to make community server and would like to add new raritys Like Epic, Legendary, Godlike
  5. Can anyone make spell which resets animal age to start So age stage countdown starts agin like use spell on mature horse who have been mature like 3 weeks, if spell is succesful then he/she will be start of that stage. Also would be nice to have Rite which resets all life in 20*20 area to start of stage. And mybe have some item which thouse spells would be binded like sorcery spells so they woulnt be too op.
  6. As i undrestand Slate, marble and others materials give different moving speed if used on paving. But is there any difference if used by building. Like decay rate, durability and other modifers?