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  1. The update that we got today fixed things in Xanadu jittering all over the place when looking around. I noticed this bug three years ago, and was about to abandon Xanadu because of it. Now it's fixed, and everything is smooth and beautiful as in the smaller servers. So I would just like to thank the devs, and specifically the one that decided it was time to fix this. Many many thanks.
  2. Planks, 1s = 1k Clay (Around ql 53) 1s = 1k Horses, price is variying. I can transport if you live in exodus. Pm "Haraldost" or answer here.
  3. I got a upcoming place in exodus. Want to join? I can guide you.
  4. Hello! I got a upcoming village that will be called "The Moonshore": This is located a bit north of Esert, but i can guide you if you cant find here. If you help developing the village, you will live here for free, but, when the village is up and running there will be a monthly 20c fee for everyone that joins. So. You should realy join now so you dont need to pay. Also. Dont join if you aint completly sure you want to continue playing Wurm. Myself, i am 16. Player name is "Haraldost". Swedish We need: * Miner * Carpenter * Boatmaker * Cook/Hunter * Toolmaker/Smith * Priest