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  1. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    Rare Red Cherries, Rare Green Grapes, Rare Cheese?
  2. Buying Rare, Supreme & Fantastic Materials

    Does "Brick" include "Marble brick"?
  3. liquids overflow into barrel racks

    I have a small barrel, unsealed, in a barrel rack containing sheep milk from yesterday. When I try to add sheep milk from a bucket from inventory from today, it says "That would destroy the liquid." If I drag the milk from 3 full buckets currently on horse in saddle bags, the milk goes in as discrete 12.00 (kg?) lots and does NOT combine with each other or with the milk from yesterday. Furthermore, the excess milk ends up in the barrel rack, (not in barrels). I have tried it in a rack with fewer than 30 barrels and one with 30 barrels (not all full barrels). Milk 'stored' in a barrel rack (not in sealed barrels) didn't show decay in 24 (RL) hours. I have a similar problem with water in various containers (cannot add well water to water in water skin, cannot move water from small barrel in inventory into large barrel on floor of house).
  4. I imbued my 80 QL Huge Axe, (Huge Axe skill is 28+; woodcutting skill is 27+) with a wood cutting potion and received the message " improves the wood cutting max ql[10]. I engaged my sleep bonus and proceeded to cut several dozen trees. As my skills rose (both are now over 29), I failed to ever cut a tree with a QL even 1 point above either skill, certainly no where near the 10 implied by the message). Is it possible the 10 (%) gain promised is being modified by the 80 (%) of the Huge Axe, thus limiting my final tree quality to a mere 0.8 above my current skill?
  5. WTB Rare/Supreme/Fantastic Materials - High Prices

    Glad to have you back. Resending stuff, but I don't expect the extra nickle. You being back and well makes me happy.
  6. Creature Movement Feedback

    I have found three issues: * Chickens and sheep can disappear inside stone walls. * Butchered corpses can disappear inside stone walls. * Sheep and cows can get so far into the end of a pen that it is impossible to lead a male close enough to breed (my pens are 1x2). I haven't experienced any animals fleeing from me, but they move so quickly it is often difficult to start grooming/shearing/milking, and, in a 1x2 pen, they can get out of my reach no matter where I stand. (So, maybe that's 4 issues.) Thank you.
  7. Release Community Map

    Templars Knight, X10, Y26 lower right corner. Solitary Shore is gone (same square, different corner) There's also a bridge running E/W across Mercury Lake approximately X10, Y28 to X15, Y29