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  1. I'm so glad to see this event again this year. It's a great opportunity for fun, fellowship, food, festivities, and fine gear! A big thank you to Vooch and Thicket for putting in the work to put on the show!
  2. Easter Dragon

    Nice maps!!! I think I can find that spot.
  3. I started a crate rack and it dropped into a pile of items on the floor. When I click on the crate rack it does not provide the menu choice to "Add to Crafting Window"". Taking into inventory also doesn't work as "You may only use that item while it is on the floor."
  4. Priests need another journal page or 6. If there were more pages, those who did 70 prayer under the old system could get credit for some later page related goal (perhaps change the current 70+ skill to 90+ skill and making 90 a higher journal page goal???). In that way, no one would feel like their achievement was devalued and the newer players wouldn't be penalized. Maybe someone can improve this suggestion?
  5. Please reserve a room for Agentqwarty. Edit the Staff list #8 to be Agentqwarty ("a", not "e"). See you in a few hours!
  6. According to my almanac, apple harvest on Release should have started a few hours ago. However, no apples can be found on any apple trees. This seems to have glitched because the apple harvest started DURING the server migration. Please reset the apple harvest!
  7. Thank you for the clarity, Muse! My frustration has been dissipated by your grace.
  8. Grape seedlings were replaced by grapewood sprouts and, according to the wiki ( ) the seedlings " can be used in the same ways as a sprout of the corresponding plant type." This is no longer true. I sold 100 seedlings to someone who wanted to plant them, but no Plant option shows up. Now I'm out the price of the sprouts/seedlings as well as the CoD cost to replace the non-functioning seedlings. Could you please restore the functionality of the Grape Seedings (or replace them in my storage)? A refund of my mailing costs would be nice.
  9. Same problem. Picking up meditation rug and it's invisible in inventory until re-logging. Happened twice today, but not this last time when the rug had damage on it. Maybe that's a clue??
  10. What a beautiful place! I'll be there with bells on! My current skills include: Carp 90 Fine Carp 85 Pottery 77 Cloth Tailor 79 Leather Work 75 Papyrus 73 I'll be happy to work any station as you need me.
  11. Yesterday, while trying to deliver animals to another player on another server (Xan), I unlocked my creature cages. Today, I tried to reattach the locks and I get the message "The small padlock is already in use." I have logged out several times since unlocking and I have dropped and retrieved the locks one time. How could they be "in use"?
  12. Deadly gesture to help Mag was completed successfully this morning as shown. Note all the others that ended with FAIL at 3/26/20 8:49 AM. Lesson of Fo should be nearly complete. I (and others I know) contributed to Magranon's laughter and Vynora's enigmatic gesture during the short time it was open yesterday.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't know how to paste an image into this window. I have a screenshot on my clipboard (and in Paint), but no URL.
  14. On Release, several missions became bugged subsequent to the update on 3/26/2020. The ones I noticed include: Valrei item named Shiny Shards had the server-wide progress reset to 1 complete. There were 4 of us in my village who had the mission done, and I found several more throughout the alliance. I believe the mission was nearly complete as of yesterday. Expiration date was changed to today, 6 days after opening. The expiration date for the Champion Crocodiles mission was changed to today, 6 days after opening. The mission for sacrifice large wooden shields was closed as failed even though it opened yesterday. (I know of 4 contributors.) The mission for making small tables was closed as failed even though it opened yesterday. (I know of 2 contributors.) The mission to kill deer is gone from the list (not closed, not open, just missing). (There were no contributors yesterday.) Several older missions had their expiration date changed to "3/26/20 8:49AM", even though that would make their active time as much as 13 days. They are listed as "FAIL", although I don't know what their actual status was when they really closed. Thank you for looking into this. SB and Mission Participation are important to us.