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  1. I cannot drink from a stack of water skins in inventory, nor from a measuring jug in inventory. Both show Drink as an option when they contain liquid (no option when they are empty). There's no message for the measuring jug, but a single water skin reports: [16:32:43] After you finish meditating you will start drinking. This does NOT happen. A stack of (2) water skins reports: [16:30:48] After you finish drinking you will start drinking again. This also does not happen.
  2. Hazelnuts are on your list, yet the Supreme Hazelnuts I sent were returned. Is the list out of date?
  3. I don't know how this works. Should I continue to troubleshoot (try different things and then report what causes the issue and what does not)? Will there be a posting after it is believed to be fixed (signalling a point at which it should be re-reported if it still occurs)? "...should be fixed next server update" only works if I know whether the "next server update" has occurred.
  4. It is still not fixed. Has there been no server update in the past fortnight?
  5. I'm sorry to lose my favorite sprout purchaser, but also very glad you are still in business overall. Bump.
  6. I was making papyrus inside my house on my deed. I moved around a bit, putting away supplies, then I moved about 1.5 tiles, took a drink, dropped the rug, started meditating. The phantom movement showed up 32 seconds after starting the meditation. No movement, no looking around, no touching the mouse or keyboard, no actions queued up, no other alts on line. 10th meditation of the day, first one since logging in about 30 minutes ago.
  7. Why were a rare sprout and a rare camellia returned? Both are on the standing buy list. Have you shut down?
  8. 35 seconds into my meditation, after I had turned away from the computer, the movement glitch happened. No tabbing, no second alt, I had been harvesting but stopped to drink, drop the rug, then meditate. This was first meditation since logging on (third time for this server day). Head bob is turned off.
  9. in the past 48 hours, my meditation has been interrupted 7 times by the message "You must not move while doing that." The character is not moving. Usually, I am not touching the keyboard or the mouse and often I have already turned away from the computer to "multitask" for 2 minutes. I did not record when the latest update happened, but this issue seems to coincide with that. Additionally (and this may well be the RNG, not a bug), in my last 9 meditations I have received only 1 skill tick. This is dramatically lower than the pace I've seen over the past month. (My skill is 89.69. I'm using a 1ql exquisite rug with 90+CoC, affinity timer, and sleep bonus.)
  10. Wonderful program, seems quite easy to use. I was comparing the predicted results with my own recipe/results and see you are missing Maple Syrup as an ingredient. I believe it is a +17 (one less than Maple Sap). Thanks for your work!
  11. Sorry for ghosting you on 1/22 I got very busy with RL. I've managed to make 24 barrels of unfermented white wine. I'm quite certain I cannot provide all 111 barrels in time, but if you can obtain/make some also, it might be enough to close the gap. I will continue making unfermented wine as rapidly as possible until I hear otherwise from you.
  12. Use crafting window to create enough small wine barrels to make a "pile of unfinished item" (it took 6 for me). Attempt to put one of the unfinished small wine barrels in the crafting window in order to complete it. No option for the item in the pile. No option for the pile. Taking one or more items into inventory gives no option for adding to crafting window. Dragging to crafting window gives "You may only use that item while it is on the ground."
  13. Ambivalent about #1. I can see it COULD be abused, but can also understand trying to schedule WURM vs. RL. #2. YES. Why should we punish a person (again) when something happens out of their control? #3. YES. Every paid toon has the same rights as every other paid toon, regardless of who owns them. #4. NO. If you miss your spot, you are being rude to every other person in the list. You have messed with every other toon's schedule. You should be removed from the list and added to the end only when you come back. At present, we have toons who stayed on the list even though they KNEW they would miss their next slot. They were rewarded by being somewhere in the list (not at the end) when they logged back in. Those who were honest about being absent were punished by getting added to the end of the list when they returned.
  14. I want to sugggest a system I found useful for sermon circles. A few simple rules: 1. (obviously) Add people to the end of the list when they join. 2. (obviously) When a person completes a sermon, they go the end of the list. 3. Any person who doesn't announce their presence at least 10 minutes prior to their time slot, is dropped from the list and their timeslot becomes "open". 4. When the current timeslot is "open", anyone may CHOOSE to fill it, with priority given to the one closest to the front of the list. That person's timeslot is then listed as "open". 5. "open" timeslots are never transferred to the end of the list. Optionally, for very small circles, or to allow people to schedule further out, "blank" can be used as a placeholder. Then people are added at the first "blank" or the end of the list, whichever is earlier. This system means you can depend on your assigned time, even if an earlier person(s) misses theirs. It also gives preference to anyone currently online and to those who have waited the longest. Note that if there are fewer than 6 people in the circle, a newcomer (at the end of the list) will automatically be the only one eligible for the first "open" timeslot.
  15. Rare Red Cherries, Rare Green Grapes, Rare Cheese?