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  1. I would like a mod, hopefully not too complicated, that adds all of the small anvil recipes to the large anvil. I want to keep the small anvil as an early-game option for making small tools, and later game for making small things on-the-go, but I hate how, with an established forge, I have to keep picking up a small anvil to do work when I've got a perfectly good anvil sitting there in front of me. If there's something that already does this, I'm also quite amenable to being pointed in that direction, but after perusing the mod boards, I haven't seen anything to do this, and it doesn't seem like you can edit the non-food recipes without a mod.
  2. Thanks, Cuddles. I'll give it a look when I'm messing with it next. Can I safely assume that 1.0 or 0.0 are about "normal" settings? I used to play on a server that had this mod, but I don't know where their settings were to even use as a baseline.
  3. Necro from hell, I know... Please don't feed me to a troll! Is there any chance that you plan on resurrecting this mod? Without having it to play around with I don't know if it does everything I want to do, but it seems like it'd allow me to do a bunch of it, easier at least than other methods.
  4. Hey @Cuddles How do your difficulty settings compare to Talor's? His were 1, 0, -1, whereas yours are float values (which I like; I was hoping for greater configurability) but I'm not sure where the guidelines would be. The file I downloaded had -10.0f as the default, and mentioned -5.0f for serious snow storms, so it feels like your initial settings were trying to recreate that "Beyond the Wall" experience. Similarly, if you can give any sort of scale to combattemperature or tempsourcefactor, that'd also be super useful.
  5. I honestly hadn't thought of navigation. I was thinking of this in the context of an established server, where you'd probably have a pretty good idea of where other settlements and such are ("Delivery contract to Agent_Mike at Thornview"). My first thought is tile coordinates, which would work for many servers, but not for servers without a livemap or players not using a compass mod to show coordinates. Something like the locate function might be good, especially for non-deeded NPCs. The Stake idea is also good; I just didn't want there to be a way to have a contract that's impossible to deliver. I suppose it still could be by placing the delivery location inside of an inaccessible location, so maybe having displayed coordinates as an option might help mitigate that, and beyond that I think it'd be on the server admin how they wanted to deal with such grief-play; Canceling the contract undelivered should probably be possible, or auto-canceling after a certain amount of time (to keep people from tying up a delivery indefinitely by not fulfilling it) Regarding shipment weight, I think that should largely be up to the person setting up the shipment. If they need 500 kg of "knife, iron" delivered, they could break it into 5 shipments of 100 kg, 10 shipments of 50 kg, or so on, and then people could take the contracts based on how much they can haul at any given time. Probably common sense to set a maximum weight based on what a strong character could hold in their inventory, to prevent someone trying to create a single 500 kg contract that no one could ever pick up.
  6. Not sure if this is the appropriate place, but given that you've got these three NPC mods, I thought you might be the person to ask about it. When I first saw the listing for Delivery NPC, this is sort of what I thought you had in mind. I'd love to see something that works similarly to the Stable Master mod, but for items. The idea would be to facilitate player deliveries of stuff from place to place. The idea is that you'd be able to place items into a "delivery contract" item, which the NPC could both 'sell' and 'buy'. The delivery contract would have the same weight as the packed items, but the player doing the delivery wouldn't be able to access the items 'in' the delivery contract. The process would go something like this: 1. Contractee places X number of items into a delivery contract with the NPC at the pick up location. Contractee sets an optional collateral payment that the delivery contractor must pay to accept the delivery, and the payout amount upon delivery. There may be a nominal fee paid to the NPC upon creation of the contract, configurable by server owner; presumably part or all of this fee would go into the kingdom coffers. There would also be a 'Bill of Lading' number, visible only to the contract creator. 2. Contractee or a third party would create a point of delivery with another of this delivery NPC for this contract, using the Bill of Lading number. Creation of this point of delivery would require that the amount of payout deposited with the point of delivery NPC; Theoretically, you might even allow for multiple points of delivery, but that might get weird. The delivery contract will not become active until there is a point of delivery set up. 3. Delivery contractor goes to NPC and "purchases" the delivery contract with whatever collateral is required, if any. They can then place the delivery contract into a cart or whatever they need to, and go to the point of delivery (the delivery contract should probably show the point of delivery when examined) and then 'sell' the delivery contract to the point of delivery NPC and receive the payout amount in return. 4. Contractee or third party (whoever owns the point of delivery NPC) can then redeem the delivery contract for the items that were put into it when it was created. If this is more than you want to do, that's cool... But I figure it's not likely to happen if no one asks for it. I like the idea of facilitating delivery of larger items, but your current NPC removes some of the player interaction from the process; some people may want that, but others want to encourage a more player-based economy.
  7. This is a caveat I can totally get behind. Having the items stick around forever with no one there to maintain them does sound like a legit problem (how does this work with the taxidermy mod?) but this feels like a fair and effective way to curb that problem.
  8. Hey bdew, What with placing things on surfaces being a thing now, would it be possible to ask you to extend taxidermy (or another mod, if you feel it doesn't fit with taxidermy) to allow objects to be set to never decay, so they can be used as decor? For balance, I would expect those items to become permanently unusable (food wouldn't be able to be prepared/cooked/eaten, tools wouldn't be useable, etc.) if the 'taxidermy' process is used on them. As I understand it, there's a way for GMs to do this, but not everyone is a GM, so having a way that everyone can have essentially permanent decor would be nice.
  9. So I have an idea I'd like to implement for a server, but I'm not sure how feasible it is. I know that there's a mod that allows you to completely revamp available spells from a deity, but what I'd like to know is if it's possible to completely revamp the existing gods, or remove them and replace them with new ones. I am perfectly fine with using the in-game assets (Altar of Three, statuettes, etc.) But I want to rename and change various aspects of the 4 default deities, to include their recruitment speeches, descriptions/inscriptions, their favored domains, sacrifice materials and their Faith bonus/aura abilities. Is it possible with GM abilities or modifying values with DB Browser to do any of this? I'm already planning on using the Spellcraft mod to change the stuff it can, I'm mostly asking about stuff outside of its scope.
  10. I click Esc to open the in-game menu, then click Quit, and confirm the "are you sure?" (or other random text) dialogue. Someone over on Reddit suggested I use /lotime. I noticed when I did it immediately after logging in, outside of my deed, it was 300 seconds. Seems normal. When I did it again, shortly before logging off (after about an hour or so of gameplay) on my deed, in my house, it was much higher; something like 241000 seconds. I don't have a bed yet; I need one more sheet, so I'm waiting on my next cotton harvest to finish it up.
  11. I considered that as a possibility, but I don't know how I would check, or what I would do to fix it. I did notice when I used "reallyquit" that I saw a disconnect message in the server console that I didn't see when I quit using the GUI, but when I checked back, I was still losing food doing it that way, as well.
  12. Hey all, new player, only 38 hours in-game (and probably some of that is time spent AFK dealing with a kid or something) I've been getting some help over on the WU Reddit, and I've done a lot of digging around in forum posts and wurmpedia, so I think I've got the basics down, and I'm well on my way toward mastering other things; I've got a small/medium house, a blacksmithy, a small-but-growing garden of veggies and cotton, and a mine with salt and LQ iron, so I feel I'm pretty established. Since I started playing, I have been playing on a off-line server, just by myself. Usually whenever I am done playing, I turn the server off. Lately, I've been experimenting with leaving the server on, so that things like crops would continue to grow. My understanding is that this is normally how you would play, with a persistent server and people logging in whenever they have time to play. However, I've noticed something rather dismaying when I do this; Namely, that if I log off for even a couple hours, I come back and my food need has dropped significantly. At this point, I'm afraid to see what would happen if I were to log out for a full day; I'd probably be starving when I returned. I can't help but feel that this is not how it should be. Being forced to play throughout the day, everyday, or be starving every single time you login. For instance, I logged out for no more then 30 minutes, and lost 9% food. I logged out for a few hours after that, still leaving the server on, and I'd gone through several fasting cycles, and my nutrition was down to the low teens. This hardly seems sustainable. So my question is this: Does this look right, or is something hinky with my client/server setup? If this is correct, how the hell do you deal with this?